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Touhou Bakuretsu Musume

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Release Information
Type: Action/Puzzle
Developer:  こすぷれ喫茶娘々
Publisher:  こすぷれ喫茶娘々
Release: Comiket 83, on December 30, 2013. Re-released at Reitaisai 10, on May 2013
Language: Japanese


Touhou Bakuretsu Yuugi, literally translated as Eastern Explosion Game, is Touhou action blasting game developed by Cosplay Kissa Nyan Nyan and based upon Bomberman, a strategic maze-based game developed by Hudson Soft. The game features seven playable characters and focus on battle mode where up to four characters are simultaneously running around on a single screen maze trying to blast their opponents while dodging bombs to stay alive. Unlike the original version, in this game all characters are equipped with a spell card attack as well as kicking to get rid of bombs. 

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I have to be honest, i'm a Bomberman enjoyer and i played lots of his games. But this game is a bit of a shame.

To start, it plays so wierdly, it just plays like the Bomberman Nes game but worse because sometimes i wanna turn to the left but i always end on turning on a wrong way.
The special moves are cool, but sometimes those moves can be annoying because it stops the game until the portait disappears (It is even worse on later stages).
Only Bomb up and Fire up equivalents, and i can only play the main game. There is not Battle Mode like option, so i can only play as Marisa and not with another characters. The cutscenes can be eternal, fortunately i can skip them holding one of the buttons but it still annoys me. Suika is in the game but i never see her in gameplay.
The music is... Fine i guess, it actually have nice arrangments of most of EoSD ost (not all of them, but it's fine). My favorite is the Patchouli remix. And the PixelArt is great.

I had so much expectations of that game, oh well. At least it's not the worst bomberman thing i played in general.

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