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Suwako-Chan's Jumping-Shooting Game

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Release Information
Type: Isometric Shooting Game
Developer: UTG Software
Publisher: UTG Software
Release: December 30th, 2010
Language: Japanese
Number of Players: 2, in fact
AKA: Suwako no Danmaku Pyonpyon Daisansaku


Plot Point: "Suwako has a lot of free time. Way too much free time, in fact, so she decides to go for a walk. And then, what was once in 2 dimensions is now in 3. What is this frog's specialty, that this 3 dimensional world has long awaited? Jumping, which  is now different than how it used to be. Danmaku is incoming, from now on you must jump to avoid it. Go~" (Note: this is what I got after much staring at the site's "Story" section. 'Twill not be perfect, so yeah.)

How It Works: Well, If you've ever played Suwako-chan Cubic (the sequel), it's a lot like that. If you haven't then... 1. Imagine your standard Touhou game. Now imagine it if it weren't in 2D, or 3D even. 2. Now, look at the picture in the corner. It's like that. Enemies shoot patterns of bullets at you, and you dodge them, while shooting your own danmaku back. However, in this game, it's in a 2.5D (if that's the right dimensions I'm thinking of) field. What this means, basically, is that you can go under bullets AND jump over bullets.

Extra Notes:  Yes, I did indeed copy-pasta that from what I wrote for the sequel. Tough luck. Also, since this game came first, there isn't a cool shield function.

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