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Suwako-Chan Cubic  

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Release Information
Type: Isometric Shooting Game
Developer: UTG Software
Publisher: UTG Software
Release: Comiket 82, 2012
Language: Japanese

Z: Shoot
X: Bomb
Shift: Jump (no focus in this game)
Esc: Pull up the pause menu
W,A,S,D: Mess with the camera angle-view thingie (I don't particularly care to mess with this, so stuff.)

Extra Notes: Also, if you're like me, and bad at these types of games, they also added in a "Very Easy" mode. It is in-fact, quite easy. Also, you can unlock Gallery Mode, by beating the other difficulties. So have fun with that.


Plot Point: I'm not sure, and from what I've played of it, I'm not sure if it has one. There isn't any talking in the actual story mode, so yeah. (Technically I haven't beaten the story either, but yeah.)

How it Works: Well, If you've ever played Suwako's Jumping-Shooting game, it's a lot like that. If you haven't then... 1. Imagine your standard Touhou game. Now imagine it if it weren't in 2D, or 3D even. 2. Now, look at the picture in the corner. It's like that. Enemies shoot patterns of bullets at you, and you dodge them, while shooting your own danmaku back. However, in this game, it's in a 2.5D (if that's the right dimensions I'm thinking of) field. What this means, basically, is that you can go under bullets AND jump over bullets. Also, this game has a really nice shield mechanic in case, like me, you aren't exactly the best at these kinds of games. If you are hit while your shield gauge (bottom-left) is at 100%, then you don't lose a life.

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fun but easy


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The game worked well, in very easy mode it was whilst being very easy and throwing extra lifes at you, still tremendously fun. However it can also be very challenging depending on which difficulty you might choose. It was fairly well designed, had a multitude of different enemies and different enviroments. All in all the game utilised the feature it had to it's advantage and was just fun to play.

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