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Talk of the town for 61e 3


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Hey bros, welcome to issue 3 of the Daily 61e. Today I will talk about some cool things I hope some of you will be interested to hear about.

Before I talk about nw, I wanted to shed light on something in real life that happened. I dont know about you bros, but I have to ask you all. Has anyone else been getting $175 hold charges when they go to the gas station to get gas? It happened to me a few days ago when I went to get gas. I spent about $32 filling most of my tank and really thought nothing of it. The next day, I notice a charge of $175 on the balance!! I was like wtf. Honestly, I thought for a second I left the gas pump running or something or that maybe some guy snuck in and used the gas up on the tank while my card was still active. Unlike a rational man, I dont always wait until the end for when they prompt if you would like a receipt. In retrospect its pretty dumb that I had any of those theories, but it made me nervous at first. I decided then to just do the rational thing and decided to call the gas station and say WTF IS GOING ON. They then explained to me this is something that a bunch of banks are doing now across the US. Crazy stuff and they cited the exploding gas prices as the reasoning for this. 

I thought I would share this just incasse anyone has this happen to them and so I can save them the trouble I had earlier. 

Now on for the NW stuff... Well in 61ecity, we dont really have events monday.. or Tuesday... So nothing is really happening ? so I dont have much to say for anything new happening.  So I thought I would go talk about an interesting event that happened in the 61e a long while ago.


A long time ago, there was a napoleonic wars event in China that the 61e attended. Incase you didn't know, we do Chinese events every week and around that time we generally did them 2 times a week. This was a special chinese though that we went to, because there was "a war" going on that we did not know about. Anyway, apparently a massive coalition was made against 1 chinese regiment where all of the other Chinese Regiments for a massive team of 140 players to fight against a small regiment. I have no idea what this 1 chinese regiment did but since the 61e was the only regiment that no idea wtf was going on, we would have to play on their side as well since we were considered "neutral". 


https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Rb41147df - Chinese perspective of the battle



^61e perspective of the battle


Well, ill tell you how the battle went from my perspective. Basically, 120 people charged us right from the get go and our measly army of 30 where half of the team had over 200 ping could do nothing by just scrap off a few kills before becoming totally overwhelmed. At the end of this, the admin said something in chinese that I didnt understand and then proceeded to ban the entire Chinese regiment that the coalition formed against. I asked the admin wtf is going and then he proceeded to tell me in purple chat "they wanna a war" and from then on, I just took that this must have been one of the greatest battle in Chinese history. 

I highly suggest you grab google translate and look at the comments on the bilibili comment section, theyre pretty funny to read and also, when they mention the word "americans" theyre talking about us.  


I just thought this wud be a cool story to share, please let me know if you liked it and feel free to comment about whatever, also like I said I encourage everyone to make their own blog posts too! 


Also its time for me to curate one of @cpt_colluvies pics
source: https://twitter.com/cpt_colluvies/status/1521194784735612928?s=20&t=L3ehQSpO4HsUl1bkBLkaCQ


When it comes to the questman genre, I like it when there are 2hu characters doing stuff. I mean, what do you expect, I love me twohous and this picture is just one of the good ones, the title of this pic is GECS concert and I have no idea wtf that means, but the idea of Marisa in a concert like this made me lol pretty hard. It has a very soul feel to it and I like it tons. I guess if I could have a criticism to the picture would eb that I think maybe the background to where marisa is going woah should look more vibrant but maybe GECS is like an edgy evil band where everything is gray so maybe that is why it looks like that.

But overall, I like these questman pictures, when the 2hu character is doing something like playing vidya games, going to a concert or just drinking a beer cuz theyre le depressed 2hu it always gives me a good lol like if I was looking at a garfield comic strip at the morning. This one is no different so I give it my Macbeth seal of approval should that warrant any merit (it doesnt).


Anyway, thats all I have to say for now bros, until then

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