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  2. Hey bros, hope you are doing well. Today is a good day because today it is October 10th, the bday of the 61e. You bros already know how I feel about today. It is the birthday of the best regiment I have ever joined. The 61e, yup, thats right, the reg of BROS. How old you are wondering? 9 years to be exact. Weird to imagine that the 61e has been around for 9 years already. I wouldn't say time flies because if I look back at the days before when I first joined the 61e, there are many moments, names, events, happenings that I can recall that almost feel like they happened 20 years ago. If you ask me, I can recall things that happened in the 61e 3 years ago like 11/14 or the April 4th RCC merge can feel like they happened 10 years ago. I remember hearing once that in the internet, a month is like a year and so I guess by that logic, I am referring to something that happened 36 years ago in internet years. If you ask me, 36 years instead of 3 yrs feels to make a lot more sense in my head. I cant really convey how much Oct 10th means for me. Right now I am drinking a beer recollecting all the times 61e has been around so far. Sometimes I look back and imagine, how the fug did we even do it. If you ever read the 61e history book youll have seen me write that the 61e was never meant to exist. The 61e had a 99.99% chance of disbanding, yet it didn't. Basically every year if you look at the states, I am not pro staitcian but I would guess the chance of 61e disbanding every year is at least 50%. Any outsider with a brain would continue to bet against the 61e, yet you see, we are still around. I dont want to sound cocky, but I know some people will say oh well it was cuz of you macbeth. But to be honest, if you havent read the history books, I practically gave up on the 61e at three different occassions. Yes, I basically said yeah I am going on hiatus idc what happens to 61e. However, everytime (except for the 41st reformation) the 61e stayed alive. Event when I was on hiatus during 2016 and quit for like 6 months, there was still some form of 61e somewhat playing. So if you ask me, I feel even if I quit, 61e would still continue itself in at least some way shape or form. I want to go back to a moment many years ago in the 61e. The year was 2015 when I left the 61e and thought that I would never rejoin the regiment. Chinatown tried his best to get me back, but I was stubborn and didn't want to return over a petty dispute I had with my bros. I remember Chinatown begged me one day to get on the 61e Ts3 server for an important meeting where he wanted me to vote on the matter. There was me, Grozni, Matty, Folka, Lucretius, China, 24adrew, neon and like 5-10 61e 11 year olds. When I say 11 year olds, imagine people like senogi when he was still a squeaker or captain anoobis but actually as a captain (we were pretty dysfunctional back then lol). Chinatown sounded gloom, he told us that he would no longer be able to lead the regiment and that we all had an option. Someone would have to take over the 61e. He presented 3 options... 1: we disband the regiment 2: we merge under the 73rd (which was a regiment led by Grozni and KingKo) 3: we let someone in the 61e lead the regiment (folka was the only one who stood up to the challenge). The opinions were mixed in the chat. The older 61e members like me (keep in mind i was like 14 lol), grozni, china believed that it would be hopeless to keep 61e alive and I honestly thought that we would all vote 2 or maybe 1, but only like 2 people would bother voting 3. To my dismay when we all voted in the teamspeak group chat, all the 11 years in unison + folka voted 3. All the zoomers were like NAH WE KEEPING 61E ALIVE FUCK THAT. None of those dudes who voted 3 (except for maybe adrew (not sure how he voted)) are still in the 61e. Probably all of the people there who voted 3 already forgot about that vote, but almost every month I think about moment at least once 61e was supposed to disband at the moment yet it didnt because of some stupid zoomers. That moment in my opinion will always be the most important moment in 61e history. Even more important than moving to discord, 11/14, the merge, the first asian event, the 1v1 against 1ercaca or the 41st reformation. I have no moral or allegory to make out of this happening, I just like to think about it often. Anyway, I wish I could take the moment to thank all of you bros individually, but you all know, there are too much to count and honestly... I cant imagine forgetting to mention one of the 61e bros if I did make the mentions, so I just want to say thank you all bros for all of your hard work and commitment to keep the 61e alive. Its an honor and a privilege to call you guys my bros and everyday its rly a blessing to know that there are other people as dedicated as I am to keep the 61e dream alive. Who knows what will happen in the future, but I am confident 61e will stay strong, booming and btfoing as usual. And you know what, even if the tough times come, I know 61e has what it takes to get over it, so hey, let them come. Sorry for being so dramatic bros, but you know, its the one time of year where I get to say WE DID IT. We made it one more year! In honor of the 61e reaching 9 years old, I wanted to go around 61e city and ask the 61e inhabitants in their opinion, how did the 61e last so long? Here is what some of the 61e have to say - Well bros, I hope you all have a wonderful day and lets see whats in store for the 10th year of the 61e. ALSO Pls remember the 61e oc competition deadline is October 13th 11:59PM EST and that the BDAY event will be at October 14th 7pm EST. Feel free to dm me on discord if you have any questions about the oc competition /bday event. until then bros.
  3. HEY BROS long time no see. Sorry to take so long to send another issue of the 61e TOTT. I have no excuse to be honest, its not like I was busy or anything, I was just kinda lazy lol. I always have the TOTT in the back of my mind and its something I like to look back at and go "huh, guess that happened" when I look at what I was talking about. I was talking to my investors and maybe what I think would be a great way to encourage me to be more active and make more 61e TOTT issues would be if people start making comments/posts here instead of just me.... I know I cant force anyone to do it.... but it would be kinda epic to see what people got to say for 61e news... Also Fred, Brado and harvesting, if you make an article of what I think you would do, then I am going to delete it. Sorry bros, that just the law of the land. Anyway, that all I gotta say for the intros, time to talk about some cool news. 15 DAYS UNTIL 61E 9TH BIRTHDAY!!! Who would have thought bros.... 15 days, ONLY 15 DAYS until this regiment becomes 9 years old. I wonder what people have to say about this great happening in 61e history. I remember back in the old days of the 61e like in 2015 or something, we would have conversations where we would guess how long the 61e would last. Everyone agreed that there would no chance that we would be playing Mount and blade in 2023 and that bannerlord would be out by then so we though that maybe the reg would rename or something or maybe it would eventually disband. Who would have known that we were so wrong... so wrong..... I think this 9th year was a pretty good year, alot better than the 8th year we had where we were struggling to stay alive while BCOF just came out. However, I think we can all agree that shit is not looking as good as it was at the beginning of the year outside of the 61e, especially in NA. Last Saturday event the 61e brought 27 bros to the event while the event altogether had at most 65 players. Yeah, not much good to say about the overall attendance for the NA events, but at least 61e is still kicking it. I wonder how 61e manages to do it while the other regiments are struggling to pull anything... Maybe they dont have the 61e drive.. They're too tourist brained.... Also, if you have not noticed, we have an event currently going on in the 61e... THE 61E OC COMPETITION!!!!! Please read below for more information about the competition, the source to this post can be found at the 61e discord. As you can see per image above, this is a competiton (FOR 61E BROS ONLY!) to submit their OC. You guys can submit anything you want as long as it does not breach the rules I included above. I encourage all 61e to take part and just have fun. If you suck at drawing, feel free to think of something else, maybe make a short story. If you dont want to make short story, maybe take a video of something. Or maybe make some weird modern art where you stack a cheese on a chair and say its some 61e post modernist meaning lol. Just pls have fun and dont go too overboard this aint a real OC competition where ESPN will be recording you at the end. Some region specific news: 61e-ASOC Within 61e HK, I would like to say that there are some interesting developments. Its a really odd political discourse externally. Within Asia NW there are essentially two spheres. The Mainland sphere and the HK sphere. The Mainland sphere consists of chinese regiments that saturday events within the Chinese Mainland (IIRC Shanghai) then there is the HK Sphere which consists of chinese regs, 61e, RKR and Pubs which is hosted by us, the 61e, in Shanghai. The reason for these two spheres is primarily because of there being several chinese regiments that are banned from the Mainland sphere and thus play with us at the HK sphere. Personally, I think the best solution would be if the Mainland regs that have banned the chinese regs in the HK sphere could reconcile with one another and then unite to play events once a week in HK and then the other week in Shanghai. This would probably be the most equitable agreement, but there seems to be some really deep hatred between the Chinese regiments within the spheres. I honestly cant explain why, but I believe the biggest source of this of this tension originates from the tension that is caused between the 36th and GM. Honestly cant say much else since the information is hard to acquire and Jcor and I agree its better not to go full negotiator mode and find common ground since especially Vertkcat of 36th has said it probably wouldn't amount to much. 61e-NA/SA Well, as I said above already, the attendance of this event has really seemed to dwindle. This is primarily caused from the BCOF events gaining some traction due to an event which will probably return back to normal and because of the ERB having trouble with being able to attend the NA events. According to the ERB, they are having a hard time being able to attend the Miami event since to their preference they would prefer to attedn tthe events something like 9PM BRT. The issue is that 7pm EST will be 8pm BRT until the first sunday of November so we still have some way to go. The other big issue is that BL native is gaining a lot of traction and it seems like the game is actually starting to become something. Event the Sword and Musket NW mod is starting to make some progress which is really good news. We will have to keep track of whats going on and I will let everyone one know that once the Server files for S&M Get updated to include the maps we requested, we will finally have our own 61e S&M Server up 24/7. If you are interested in financially supporting this venture please feel free to toss some spare change to the 61e fund.. all donations can be made anonymous through Patreon. At the moment, 80% of 61e expenses are paid via my pocket which is not bad for me, but anything helps if you are willing. 61e-EU Out of all the regions, externally outside of 61e, EU as per usual is doing the strongest. If you have been attending that 19th SAT event this would already be pretty obvious information for you since that event has been hitting on the regular 200 attendance. Nothing too much to say about this region really apart from two things. 1: we may start doing a cav event every thursday. If this happens we will probably have to move Bartegs Commander battle event to another day (probably Wednesday). It would be up to Barteg but I think it would be nice for the regiment if we could do another Cav event. Please let me know what you think about this 61e bros. 2: AS I HAVE ALWAYS SAID THE 61E WILL NOT BE PLAYING SWORD AND MUSKET IN EUROPE UNTIL 2025!!!!!! EUROPEANS/PPL WHO PLAY IN EU WITH 61E THAT ARE NERVOUS THEY WONT BE ABLE TO PLAY BL ON THEIR CRAPTOP AT THE MOMENT, DO NOT FEAR, WE WILL NOT BE PLAYING BANNERLORD IN EUROPE AT LEAST UNTIL 2025!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or unless NW in Europe dies before then which is VERY UNLIKELY!!!). Also in other news within 61e city I would like to mention some of the following 61e misc news: Selic, who is currently under deployment IS ALIVE AND WELL. Please take the time to pray for our bro Selic that he can come back soon while he is currently serving outside the country. 61e has been way more disciplined without him lol but WE STILL MISS THAT MOTHER F*CKER!!!! Shrine Maiden Luka is back from her Hiatus, feel free to say hi to her Congratulations Ozan on your knighting! Since Questly is currently on break with his OC (dont worry, he working on something for the 61e OC competition) I wanted to take the time to showcase some OC made by Dtalha. Dtalha... one of our 61e bros from Turkey has recently showcased some of his hidden talents in acrylic painting on wood. Personally I dont know anything about it, but he did show me some of his skills and I gotta say, these are some of the things id image where you travel to a very fancy manor in where then the lord of the manor will tell you a story how he got this tea table from one his great adventures to Turkey. Maybe one day I will have something like this myself... custom 61e made Also, SPECIAL THANKS TO REDDITGOLD for donating to the 61e and helping keep the regiment alive. Thank you Redditgold for your patronage. Special thanks to our other 61e Patrons: Liu Bananaman Rochar Squiddy Stubbo. Think that is all I have to say for now, hope you all have a great one bros. see you.
  4. GOOD AFTERNOON 61E BROS!!! Hey bros, I hope you are doing well. I felt like writing a new issue out for the 61e talk of the town where I can talk about the 61e law of the land and fill you in on what is being talked about in the bustling streets of 61ecity. Me? Oh I am doing quite well myself, cant complain. Been a bit busy with work but you know, work is work after all so cant complain there. I think after this week the work will go back to being way easier thankfully. Anyway, on to the talk of the town news. 61e-NA Selic is back home bros, and you know what that means. I am going to get harassed for an EU4 game to play with the 61e. Well I have been a bit mixed, the last time we played Eu4 in the 61e, Gray nuked the game so hard, I mean 2 gps were gone right off the bat, ending any balance of powers. I believe next Eu4 gae can work fine but we will need Gray to play as a minor or a less relevant power and maybe we will need selic to go back to playing as persia and conequering everything in Asia but in a very noble way. Its hard to explain but if you are in the eu4 games, when selic plays the muighals he is the pendulum that will maintain the balance of powers alongside the noble Danish Empire. Eu4 is a world of terror and its up to the oble countries to maintain the eace from the evil forces such as brado when he plays as a country that blobs without control o when a pubcomes in to play another major and then starts a grea gigga war. "idk why we let him play" says Hessian talking about Gray in Eu4. Jerry interjects and says "yeah I agree hessian he is right". These are some very interesting takes. As for the NA eveents, a few more regiments have signed up for the NA events. This is really news. The HRE has confirmed they intend to come play at least weekly and while that is ahppening, the RSL has also appeared to an NA event. I do believe that we can one day get a new NA and strong NA. An NA that works with SA together to keep NW in the Americas MEGA and BOOMING. 61e-SA It looks like shit is not going that good in SA. Yesterday there was a hug altercfation between two regiments. The CSC and the 95th. I am not sure what is the reason for this alteration between the two but it resulted in one or both of the regiments getting temporarily banned in the SA event. They were both on the opposing team of the 61e in the SA event and so we got an easy win after that round, but a lot of the 61e bros were surprised to see so much tking from NAS regiments. Could this the beginning of something? hopefully not bros. Anyway, the SA events have been going downhill, they are just getting smaller and smaller. the two Brazilian regiments, the ERB and the 1aGIB, they are have beein declining quite the bit. Honestly, it almsot seems like the NA community brings more people to the SA event itself. There was a period when this was not the case, but now it looks lie the SA community is starting to dwindle out. This is very concerning and I really hope the SA regiments figure out a solution to kepe their regiments a live. Especially the ERB, many SA memebrs in the 61e are very anti erb,, but I believe at the end of the day we need the ERB to stay alive to keep NW alive in the Americas. There was a period when the ERB only about 6 months ago could bring about 40-50 people in a linebattle. Professional NW analyst Franco believes it is because in ERB they comitted to too many SA events. They tried doing events for mods and both Native and although it added a "diversification" for events, the events were always incredibly small which created a loss of interest for the players. 61e-EU Last Sunday, the event was crazy. The 61e EU Cav was phenomenal, Grozni Apollo and Cheese were at it playing cav and racking up kills like crazy. Apollo seems ot be a really special hussar, his skill knows no bounds, he is in a league of his own, when the 19th cav engaged our men, the 61e cav could just not be touched. As long as the 61e cav amanged to get into contact with the enemy, there would be nothing the enemy could really against the skill of our hussars. I feel that Grozni has a very special style of Cav combat that you dont see form the casual cav regiments in EU and thus grozni is really able to make the best out of the EU cav. Cheese is also a newer 61ebro, he didnt join as a cav player, but he did join as a originally a native player. He is almost what you would consider to "the real ex native pro". Cheese definetely has a special style of combat that is different form the rest of the crowd but he is certainly a good player. 61e-AS Nothing too new really in Asia NW. We have tested the dual server capability in that region and it does seem to work. If you are curious to learn more about the NW dual server, feel free to talk to me about it on discord for more information as I still want to work on the program more before I say anything to the public masses. As you may know, the 61e talk to the town has been around for a while and so we have decided the 61eTOTT team to talk to the inhabitants of 61ecity to better udnerstrand 61e TOTT's impact on 61ecity as a whole! The reason you see I added this video because today marks the 1 year anniversary of the 61e TOTT issues. Well, I have made 18 issues in 1 year, alot of them have varying quality, but I am happy I atleast got myself to somewhat commit to something for a year. I hope you all enjoyed the posts so far and I will continue to make more for sure well bros, thats all I have to say for today, I hope you all have a good day wherever you may be bros. until then
  5. GOOD MORNING BROS OF THE 61CITY I HOPE YOU ARE ALL DOING WELL TODAY AT 61ECITY WHEREVER YOU MAYBE from 61ecity to the reserve to 61eheaven to 61ehell I hope you are all chilling, drinking good water, sleeping on a nice bed and eating some really good food with whoever you find nice to be with. I am here happy as can be drinking some san pellegrino my mom gave me. I love pellegrino, I really do, its some really good fucking sparkling water and honestly to tell you the truth i cant get enough of it. I dont care if normal water was here, if el dios from the sky above told me that I could only choose between two things, that the sea have only pure fiji level drinking water or the water of san pellegrino, I would go to the latter any time of the week. Anyway, thats enough about me. I just wanted to make a quick 61e Talk of the town to keep all the 61e bros in 61ecity up to date. 61e-NA Nothing too special in the 61e side of things that you should be aware of besides the fact that events are still going to be held at 7pm EST as per usual. However, this may change to 8pm depending on what happens in the coming weeks with attendance. To early to say and we will see then. Some great things to happen during the last NA event, man it was something crazy. I know I might be biased because I am the colonel and all but damn that was some fun event. If you consider how everything turned out, it was like a... dare I say it.... an IRL WAR. It was awesome, when the enemies all brought rockets firing straight down at us, we continued to march to them anyway. We were not afraid and we withstoof all everything the had to throw at us and once we finally engaged with the 84th, we made a valiant charge with the cavalry. Just in the nick of time when once we clashed and things were beginning to seem sour BOOOM!!! the 61e arty bros come to carry the day the 61e artillery crackshots FLY and Jerry made some of the best arty shots I have ever seen. Their firing was so precise, and while that was going on, some of our best bros, Selic and Hessian were holding out the horde the best they could. Ahh, I wish I could remember who it was, near the end of that moshpit of devastation and carnage that melee was, only a handful of players from both sides remained, I cant recall who it was there, the last 61e, he may have been a cavalry players, lets just callhim bro X, X was there with another friend, bro Y were both outnumbered against the much more capable 84th meleers. Y managed to take down one of the enemies before getting killed himself. Then X managed to take one opponent down. Then when we realized it would come down to a dramatic 1v1 to decide who would win the round, a cannon flying from the sky, probably guided by the shrine maiden herself went straight to the last opponent. A beautiful shot by fly, a photo or video could never portray the absolute beauty of that shit at the last possible second. All of the 61e was cheering and we knew that we had won a very important round. All in all, it was a great event besides that, but damn that was something really great to see. Also as a quick note, we have released a new NW server called FASTEST CAV GROUPFIGHTING. it is just a normal cav server but finally na now finally has a cav server with the fastest speed. Finally... 61e - EU With the EU side of thigns, many of you who are active with us will know that there has been a bit of a Cav resurgence, the cavalry are back in EU. The cavalry bros are largely led by Grozni as he merges his regiment of the 10thRH into the 61e. Personally, I could not think of a more fit person to lead the 61e EU cav in battle. Grozni is a battle hardened NW players, a wise man, has seen alot of shit of NW and has been a part of the 61e for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of Grozni were of him and his friend twisted coming to merc for us in a cav event while I was still a little ranker in the 61e and he proceeded to kill everyone in the enemy team despite having over 140 ping. Grozni didn't care about ping, he didn't care the speed was fastest as he was accustomed to medium. He is a brave warrior. Anywho, I ask you all to please be welcoming to the 10thRH bros when you see them. To someone I can mention, Ciaphas Cain is someone who I have been seeing join the 61e VC every now and then. He is a very polite guy and seems keen to become one of the bros with us. To that, I have to say I am very thankful for his willingness thus far to learn the 61e ways. The cav also the past few weeks have really been great, I didn't realize alot of the 61e bros would do so well at cav in EU. Honestly, I feel like I underestimated you all and have to congratulate you all bros. 61e - SA Nothing new hear really, if you have not noticed, Arlo is helping me again with everyday 61e tasks. He is essentially the second in command of the regiment but he is more of maintenance of the 61e, helping me with 61e shit. You can thank him for finally getting the fucking fastest cav server for going up. 61e - AS In 61e Asia, there is a new event that has been released, THE 61E HONG KONG EVENT. The opening of the event raised up to 80 players at its start and I have to say I am absolutely excited to see what the event brings for the future of the 61e. I believe the 61e has the chance to really shine in this region in events with more people. The events will be ran by us which I think is really important so we can keep the non slay FOL bot instead of the harsh autoslay FOL bot the chinese continue to use. Furthermore, I have to give a huge shoutout to @Thorn for he did extremely well the last Hong Kong event. Thorn during a charge managed to take down an entire regiment by HIMSELF. this was no minor regiment either, this was the 42nd, a very large regiment of many capable members. I was stunned to see him do this, there was a charge I called where many 61e bros were slain and slaughtered, one of the few to make to the enemies position was Thorn who took on the 42nd with nothing but his musket bayonet.... and his bravery in combat. We were all in awe, nobody could believe Thorn did it! That is all I have to say about that, thank you all bros for being grand and I hope you all have a good day, until then 61e bros.
  6. Hello bros, its been a while. I hope all of you are doing well. I really apologize for taking so long to make another issue. Especially since I have skipped out on so many great 61e events... So many to count... The renaissance or Cordoba, The 61e Olympics, Bannerlord..... Too much to say in such a short time. Also, NA-NW survived 2022. Its hard to believe that we did it, if you asked the me of the past if it was possible for the 61e to stay active past 2022, I would probably say as the romans would, aint no way. I am excited to talk about whats been happening in the regions and also whats been in Minecraft! Many interesting things to say.... NA-NW As you can read from above, the 61e in NA has survived 2022, we did it. I dont believe anyone else can take the bulk of the credit than the 61e, I wondered what were the opinion of some 61e and so I did, I asked Brado "What do you think kept the NA scene active?" Brado said "I have no clue, but Minecraft kept me active." I asked the same question to Gray and he said "uh yeah when the NA events happened I just say you know fuck and then proceeded to attend the NA events". Such inspiring quotes by my fellow 61e bros. Yup, some of the best over here. As for other news, there is not much to say besides, after discussing with the NCOs we have decided to continue hosting the NA event every Saturday as we normally do and it is unlikely we will be stopping anytime soon despite the fact the Bannerlord exists now. I would also like to take the moment to congatulate Bananman for winning the clutch medal having won a 1v6 in an NA event. Those are real difficult to do and he has done this regiment well. EU-NW Nothing really new has been happening in EU. To anyone that is wondering, the commander battle event hosted by Barteg is still alive! I am honestly real suprised he has kept it alive for so long and I really have to give hm kudos, I know I may have said this earlier in another issue but I believe he deserves twice the kudos I have given him before. I also have to give credit to the EU ncos where its due, they have been really picking things up especially since I have a job now again that is during the bulk of EU events making it impossible for me to attend most of them. Regardless, the EU NCOs have proven they can do it without me and I believe there are many EU bros nco or not who have been doing real well without me. I am really happy to hear about this, Barteg even told me at one of the events a few days ago, the players were pretty well behaved. I was ecstatic to hear the news and I am looking forward to hear about them recruitng next. (i wish lol) In other news, we are currently in talks of getting access to the RLB scripts. Should we get access to the RLB scripts, we would be able to share these scripts to the rest of the world in NW. Imagine Chinese RLB events or NA RLB events?? OR maybe SA RLB events... Really something that makes me curious. SA-NW Well in South America, there has been very little changes. however, in South America there was a meeting between all of the South American regiments in which they discussed the future of South America and Bannerlord. It was decided unanimously that all SA regiments would be staying in NW. This is due to a multitude of the factors but mainly since many SA players are unable to afford Bannerlord and so it seems the dream of there being an SA bannerlord community is nothing but a distant dream that wont come to fruition for many years. AsiaOC-NW With regards to whats been going on in 61eASOC, The Singapore event is still going strong. The numbers the 61e bring honestly have not changed a bit. However, it seems unlikely that we will be continuing to attend the Bannerlord OC events. Many 61e bros in Asia have complained to me about their inaccessibility to play Bannerlord and that they should use the day for an NW event instead. Thus we are deciding if whether its worth to play in China every Friday once again.... Please let me know how you feel about this by replying below bros.... Next issue, I am planning to stat talking about Bannerlord perhaps as a seperate section. Now bros on to the long awaited 61e next edition of 61e curations. Well bros, due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be no 61e curate due to there being no 61eOC posted.... If youre interested in making some sort of OC for the 61e that can be curated PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT SOMETHING AT THE 61E DISCORD SO YOUR WORK CAN BE MENTIONED!!! Well bros, that is all for me tonight... until then bros
  7. Hello bros, I hope you are all doing well. I am doing well myself as I am just chilling on the chair typing some shit on the computer. Yesterday I went out to a Mexican shopping center, and damn, I forgot how good authentic Mexican food is. When I was a zoomer, I would eat Mexican food all the time, tacos mixto and de carne are my favorites. But for a small restaurant, you'd expect cheap prices.... but they fucking charged me 3 dollars a taco! Are you fucking kidding me, what a rip off. If it was up to me, I would say 2-2.5 is what makes a fair deal. Anything more than that is a bullshit price. I ate them anyway, and yes, they were good. Now on to some 61e news: 61e-NA The last of the NA NW regiments have recently just left BCOF and returned to NW. If you ask me, it looks like the struggle to keep nw alive form BcOF has been a success, the conflict is basically oer and now what we must do now is decide how are we going to rebuild NA after 6 months of the great 61e struggle to keep NA alive. People from all over the world who took part from China to Australia to Russia to Bolivia worked together ensure the survival of NA and ofcourse the other regiments such as the 6te, 60th, Nr9 and the ERB that sticked it out until the end. We are Sergio about what does it look for the future of NA, he says this: " I think in the future, the NA company will hold on until the inevitable of Bannerlord, then we will go to Bannerlord...." The Last NA event had 130 attendance it looks like things are doing better. Most of the NA regiments are getting accustomed to the new way of things and it looks like it things in NA will be fine until the release of Bannerlord. Also congratulations to the new Chvl of the 61e Mango, he joined the 61e from Holdfast and has sticked it out to play with us in NW as well. 61e-SA WE HAVE WON THE SA CAMPAIGN, THE BATTLE IS OVER.... AFTER 1.5 MONTHS OF THE SIEGE OF SAO PAOLO, THE 61E HAS WON THE SA CAMPAIGN FOR THE FEDERALISTS!!!! Yes bros, you have heard it here... THE WAR HAS BEEN WON. At September 25th, the 61e finally broke the last line of defnse of Sao Paolo with the Federalists side and have finally forced the Empire to surrender. Peace has been restored in SA and the 61e with their Federalist allies can now celebrate their roles as victors in the war. The 61e came into a campaign where there was a fierece deadlock on both sides, but as the Federalists with their Republican values called the 61e in the struggle to free their people from the clutches of the tyrannical Empire, we were able to tip the scale and help the Army of the North march down to Sao Paolo. Well done to all the bros who hav helped us in the war and thank you for your valiant and noble work in this camapaign. I asked Hessian if he thought we could have won the campaign, he said.Man, just living in the present dude, you know just there... I didn't even know what side were fighting on. Sarsfield says, "we dont care about the cause, we care about the fight, and we are glad we won, But its time for me to go to the VA and collect some benefits" Sergio, glad to have been able to see the day where 61e flag flows on the capital city of Sao Paolo, says "It was like a real life war, at that cliff... So many bros charged and fought all their might, but so many fell down that cliff and they will never be able to 61e city.... and see our shrine maiden......" 61e-EU The 61e in EU also has been making progress in the EU Campaign, at the NRP Campaign, we engaged the Rhodok army at the state of Jamiche. The day before the Sarranid amy there had been tattered in a devastating defeat of 4:1 but as the 61e came to help in the conflict, we were able to help the Sarranid army take back our pride in a close 4:3 victory. Much of the Sarranid spirit has been restored and many of us agree that although the Sarranids have taken a terrible beating at the start of the war, the war is far from over! 61e-AS Not much to say in Asia, we have been getting a few recruits which is always good. Last Saturday, the 61e Asian disembarked under the command of Jcor and Macbeth to the Chinese event where we fought in the map of strangefields where we managed to hold back a massive assault from the Chinese 大明 army and from many other power regiments of China. It was a tough battle, but managed to hold them back. NTW- The 61e has been getting quite into Napoleon Total War and so some of the bros have considered about doing an NTW tournament, I was thinking it would be a pretty cool thing to do and so if anyone thinks its a good idea, please let me know! And so in conclusion, September 25th has been a successful day for the 61e, we have won two battles, I got a good grade on my quiz and so we will continue marching on to October, ready to see whats in store for us as we rebuild NA and OC, continue our struggles in EU and celebrate our victory in SA Thank you for reading bros and ill see you next time.
  8. Hello bros how are you all doing today Ia m doing well, currently I am running off of like 2.5 hours of sleep at the moment and so that means as you can probably guess that I am pretty fucking tired lol. Well no matters about that I am still able to chill and while I am at a class I know eveyrhting about I thought now would be the beast ime in the world to get into the matters of talking about the epic shit that is going on in the 61e hoorah. Before I begin, I would like to make an announcement about a new game that came out. No before any of you ask, I am not being paid by the company to write an aeticle on Moriya shrine about the game just so you all know but I tstill think nonetheless the game is strill worth talking about. The game I am talking about is a game vcalled Isonzo. Isonzo is this new game that came out I think like 2 days ago or something that is about the Italian front of WW1. Since the game is called Isonzo, I guess you can all imagine what the game is going to entail which is the grindy terribly fun IRL WAR EPIC KINO that the war is about. I know that the game is quite intensive on the pc and that a lot of you will not be able to afford or be able to run the game at all. NA-NW With regards to the current status of NA NW, there is somethings that need to be said. As /I have said in an earlier issue, BCOF as a game has been struggling and in the Crpg Discord servers seceral people from the BCOF community ae flocking there telling of the tale of the game BCOF having died. Obviously this is an exaggeration as people still play BCOG ofcourse but it is true alot less people are playing BCOF as the last event had about 150 ppl. Meanwhile for NA NW we are bringing 110, so we are not doing any better iether lol. But sadly it looks like the poeple who are leaving bcof asd it looks like a game that may be dying, the players who are leaving dont really seem to be moving back to NW at least not yet. With regards to the 61e internally, there is not really much to say, I apologize to the bros for I was unable to attend the event last saturday because I had to go to do some shit in real life and so Iwas unable to attend. But I would nonetheless like to make an introudction to anew nco in the 61e. This nco has recently helped the 61e 2 weeks ago at an event in the art of kicking ass while we were platyiying skirmishers. The name of this officer is Ginga Josh.. Ginga Josh is a washed up ex commander of a regiment known as the 2ndhan. He is a very pasisonate drinker and a very passionate pisser of the bottles. These are very defining characteristics of him. Although Ginga as he said himself is not the man he used to be, that is not to say he does not know how to lead well in battle, and I have daith that he has the ability to kill the bad guys to help 61e win again. EU - NW Barteg is at it again with his commander battle event. The event is still going well and people are still playing it. Last Tuesday while I was at class, I thought about sneaking in a mouse, but I realized bby accident I brought my ultra gamer 2000 with the really dumbass locking flashing lights coming out of it. I didnt want the class to know that I am secretly a hardcore gamer so I just decided to just see how the bros fight it out in the event instead. also for news with EU, the EU campaign has started. For those that have attended the 3pm EST aka 9pm GMT + 0 events last Sat and Sun would know what I am talking about. First and foremost, I would like to thank all the bros who have attended the Sunday 9/11 Campaign event. That shit was unlike most lbs ive been to and I had heaps of fun. It doesnt look good though i'll admit it. When we missed the campaign last saturday, our side lost 4-0, and when we came in to help last sunday, this werent much better it seems. Looks like the organization of our side is un well and we will need to reconsider some things if we are going to be able to turn things around. Right now our side lost a good dose of manpower, but if our reorganization goes well, we could be able to get things to work and improve. SA - NW The campaign in SA has also been very static, not much change in the effort to take the capital city. Although we were somewhat closer in the siege, we are still ways to go before we are going to be able to take the fort and get this campaign over with. However, I believe that this Sunday will be the final push to finally take Sao Paolo once and for all. Our side is consistently getting better and we are getting foreign volunteers from across the world to help in the effort to win the final battle. If you are reading this and are able to attend the Sundya event at 8pm EST, please do so since we desperately need everyone to come help. AS-NW Nothing much new in Asia, things have been same old as usual. I have been talking to some of the Chinese regiments though about the prospects of maybe being able to organize a Singapore linebattle once again. The chinese regiments I have met with seem interested in taking part of the event and it looks like something good might come out of it this. I know that in this asian company that ping is a real problem for the people who play in the events. Well this is why we have been making plans of hosting a new event, a new event in Singapore. For South East Asians, expect ping from 80/50 to as low as 10, especially if youre in Singapore. Even people from India can chill with ping as low as 70. The idea is to rehost a joint OC/CN event in Singapore similar to what we had last year when we made the Australia vs China events. Expect to be updated about this info soon as we are making progress with talks with other regiments So that is all I am going to talk about for today bros, the issue when you fail to make posts for a very long time is that the draft you were working on can get very out of date which is the case for now lol. But now I have class so I stop for now, but when I go to class, I am going to be stuck in the school library for about 4-5 hours so I plan on making a new post then or maybe instead ill work on the 61e history book.
  9. Hey bros, how are you all doing today. Before I continue with anything, I want to say that I have decided to change the name of the Talk of the town for the 61e to 61e Talk of the town. Why? Cuz it sounds cooler imo and I think it makes more sense than the former. I hope this doesnt bother anyone in the reg but if it does, then sry i suppose lol. As to other news about my personal blogging, I do gotta say I have been listening to more epic French Marches. If you know me, you know I am a big Frenchaboo and after listening to a few soundtracks again, I am getting the vibe again. Who knows, you might even see me change my Discord profile picture to epic French Hussar again or perhaps some Parachutists. If youd like to talk about some epic french marches regardless of era, feel free to dm me as usual. Now on to the news NA-NW In NA, several more regiments from BCOF have decided to start attending NW events once again. This is great news since this means our events will get to grow even more once again. The great question now with NA is that will we be able to have a second event? Some regiments are very keen in having another event in NA meanwhile other NA regiments just do not seem interested at all in the prospect. It seems the great issue with NA is that alot of regiments have become complacent with mediocrity in the sense they will never be able to see themselves grow past a 6 man line again, so they would rather just remain with what they are. guess it must suck not being 61e, but thats just speculation. With regards to NA internally, nothing really new has happened. However, I have noticed alot of oldschool 61e have been returning to NW events which is awesome. Its good to see Jerry, Nachtel and Sarsfield come back to play with the 61e. Even Person took the time to attend an event or two which is just awesome news for me. I am looking forward to it all. SA-NW The Campaign has been getting more intense. The Federalist side (our side) failed to take the province of Sao Paolo from the Imperialsts and the general staff are unsure if we should advance once again and burn our resources. To those that were there at the last campaign, you know what it was like that battle. Many 61e bros, surrounding a well built fortification, we built a wall to prevent projectiles from hitting our men, but it was not enough. The enemy had muskets, cannons and really anything they could their hands on to delay our advance. Thanks to our Artillery, we were able to make a breakthrough at the first fortification, but our artillery and sappers failed to make a second break at the second fortification save for a very thin passage to the enemies last defence where enough blood was spilt to make any sane man tremble from the sight. Needless to say, the assault failed, we are still besieging the capital but it seems unlikely the Imperialists will surrender unless we take their Capital through an assault. To make matters worse in the campaign, one of the Federalist armies have betrayed the Republican cause and join the Imperial forces. During a battle up north to defend the supply line the route to the Imperialist Capital, we Federalist troops clash against eachother in a frenzy of confusion and terror. Personally, I had no idea what was going on. Not all is lost though, we do have a new fresh batch of recruits from the FEB that is ready to fight for the Republican cause. We will have to wait for Sunday and see what is in store. EU-NW Congratulations to Barteg for his work at the Commander battle event. I keep hearing from people that the commander battle events are good fun and a great way for the bros to duke it out as commanders. I wish I could attend them but unfortunately, I have class every Tuesday so it wouldn't be possible for me. But maybe I might skip a class and attend anyway.... For events, I want to congratulate Sword and Barteg despite not being NCOs for stanidng up to lead during the Sunday Linebattle. During the intense heat of combat, many of our officers died and instead of letting the regiment fall into commotion and dismay, Barteg and Sword both stood up at different rounds to lead the 61e. AS-NW Not much to say with regards to Asia apart from the fact that we attended an amazing Chinese Ceremony event. It was an event to celebrate the Anniversary of one of the regiments. Some lore for you folks who dont know, in China, it is customary for all Chinese regiments to celebrate the birthday of a regiment together and not doing so would be an insulting blow to the regiment who is celebrating their anniversary. Unfortunately we had no idea about this ceremony and we were pretty confused on what to do, but like all andrew tate hustlers fake it until you make it. OC-NW Bad news for the region bros. Australia does not seem like it will be returning anytime soon. Although our Australian players are still playing in the Asian events, the Australian community overall seems to be meeting its end. MOV look unlikely to ever host events again. I have been trying to see if perhaps we could revive OC with the assitance of the Chinese community and recreate the Singapore Events, but talks have no been going well. We will have to stay hopeful and wait for what may happen. Until then, it seems that the 61e is the ONLY remaining active non-chinese regiment in Asia and Australia. That is all I have to say for now bros, thank you all for reading the current installment of the 61e Talk of the town and I hope you all have a good day bros
  10. Good Morning, good afternoon and good evening bros, I hope you are all doing well today. I thought about now would be a good time to make the next 61e talk of the town thread where I fill you in with the latest 61e news. Some cool happenings have been happening these days and I am excited to share it with you all bros today NA-NW Great news at this side bros, we are doing the 61e Sat Event has been growing and more regiments are interested in joining the event. Really good stuff to consider when alongside we are having more bros attend the events than usual. If you havent noticed, I and some other people have been recruiting a bit more than usual to try and find some bros to join the regiment. The Last Saturday event we did was an event with us and the ERB against a bunch of other regiments. The battle was hard fought but it was fun nonetheless. I wonder if you guys enjoyed playing Skirms last week? I thought it was pretty fun but I wonder if we should continue going skirms or just stick to playing infantry. Let me know what you think bros. On the other hand, it looks the game BCOF is not doing very well, I have talked to some of the leaders from the game and they have told me that the game is basically collapsing. I think the collapsing part is a bit of an exaggeration on their end since there are still events going on in that game, but still nonetheless there are regiments moving out of the game from BCOF to move to either Holdfast.... or back to NW to play with us. I am sorry to the bros for the troubles of BCOF but I am going booyah to hear about the regiments that are coming back to NW. I wanted to ask you bros as well, please get back to me on this whenever you can. I have been thinking about bringing back the NA Thursday Trench battle event. Let me know what you guys think, to those who dont know what the event is, its an event where we use trench battle maps to duke it out in events where FOL FOC rambo and all that crazy shit is allowed. NA-HF I apologize bros for having to cancel the last Holdfast events, my internship was finisnhing and I had to really focus on getting an assignment done. But do not worry my bros, Holdfast events will be starting again in NA starting Wednesday again. Looking forward to see you all bros there. SA-NW If you read the last talk of the town, you would know that the 61e in SA is currently taking part of a campaign right now; but in case you didnt read the last thread, the campaign is based on an alt hist civil war in Brazil as the Federalists (us) are fighting against the Imperial forces of Brazil. So far in the campaign, we have been doing well. Shoutout to Stubbo for doing so well at the cannon at the first map, I think the highlight of the event was when the 61e infantry were marching to engage with one of the Imperialist lines and as we were firing at one another, just like that, the entire imperialist line was decimated. Thanks to Stubbo and his shot, he managed to wipe out what was a 10 man line in just one shot. You dont get to see those everydays and I remember in the voice chat people all across the line were in awe. Another great moment was when the infantry at the first round in the second map stormed a small village to garrison a key defensive point of the map. the village had several houses around the area with a bridge that the enemies would have to cross in order to reach their key objective; out objective was to prevent this from happening. So when the mentioned round started, we ran straight to the village on the left with no time to organize or anything beforehand. It was a bit chaotic, but right when we managed to reach the village, we realized that the opposing army was already preparing to cross the bridge, needless to say we had little to no time to prepare for the assault. I told everyone to hold either the front of the back home and prepare for the enemy army to engage us,. I decided to stay at the front house where I expected the brunt of the carnage would be. I still remember how it went, I ordered all the 61e within the front house to hold the second floor to avoid getting shot by rambos who would shoot through the windows and kill us, so we had some 61e firing out the windows from the second floor while another group of us were watching the stairway into the second floor. I took part in the defense of the house so I joined my fellow bros holding near the stairway. We were unsure what to expect until I heard a fizzling noise.... it sounded like.... TNT! I shouted at the top of my lungs, pissing off everyone in my house to get the fuck out of stairway and run to the other side of the room. Before I knew it, BOOM! At one moment we were holding a house, and then one second after the house we were defending was nothing more than a ruin. Thats when we realized, the enemy did not intend to take the house from us through man to man combat. They intended to turn the village we held into our graves. Most of us listened to my orders and ran with me to safe part of the house, but there were a few who unfortunately didnt listen to what I said fast enough and suffered from the explosions. The TNT went off a few more times, a few more bros perished, and the situation would only be made worse as enemy troops would proceed to fire rocket artillery at the front house. Nonetheless, the bros held firm and we managed to hold the position out of sheer will and determination to hold out the village until reinforcements arrived. The other federalist forces, after having heard of the carnage and combat within the village, scrambled to bring whatever they could to assist us. It was only a matter of time after our brave defense that out allies would come in time and help us in a counter offensive to kick off the imperialist forces from the village and then from the bridge. The battle that day was a victory, but it was certainly a tough one. We will engage the imperialist forces again Next Sunday where we shall see what is in store for us. EU-NW Unfortunately, most of the events did not happen this week since a good portion of the events had been canceled by the 19th since they had to do some meet up or something like that. However, I did hear last Friday, the 61e EU went cav and did pretty well. Kudos to Hessian and Barteg for leading the bros at the battle. AS-NW Not much to report on this side, the events were canceled last week unfourtnately as well due to me being busy with my internship. However, events will be starting again Friday 8pm Beijing time. I did want to mention though that id like to congratulate our newest Chvl, Enoch! Thats all I had to say for today bros. I hope you all enjoyed todays talk of the town. Some of you guys asked me why I didn't curate any of Questly's drawings last time and that was because he is currently taking a break. While Questly is on break, I was wondering if we would be able to find any 61e members who likes to make OC who would like to take part in the talk of the town curation. If you or anybody else you know would happen to be interested in uploading Original content pics to the 61e Talk of the town threads, please let me know! Hope you all have a good days bros, 61e forever bros!
  11. Hello bros how are you all doing today, many apologies for taking over a fucking month to finally make a post to the talk to of the town. But hey, here I am bros, better than ever. I have been kind of busy with my real job and trying to run that Minecraft shit over the last moth. But I think I am getting better at setting my priority traight. I will go for a goal of trying to make another blogpost within a 2 week time frame. Anyway, without a further a do, lets get down to the news 61e-OC Well bros, I have been news for this region, Hikkupz, basically the boss of the OC communtiy has pulled the plug on Australia, ending the era of Australian NW once again. All of the regiments from OC have either disbanded or left to Bannerlord. For us? Well, Jcor is trying to do Holdfast events in OC, but for the most part, we will just shift our focuses from AS-OC to Asia specifically since there is really not much to do in OC anymore. Anyway, this probably isnt a surprise for many since most of the AS-OC company consisted primarily of players from Asia. Please wish Jcor the best luck bros and pls consider helping him out sometime at the OC events in his effort to rebuild an OC company. 61e-AS We have been getting more recruits here, no big surprise but as the new says, we will be likely be doing 2 chinese events a week. I am quite happy with how the Asia events have been coming along, I thought that not that many people would want to play in china at firs tover the last month but it looks like everyone is enjoying th events are attendance is strong as ever. two weeks ago, we managed to bring 20 people to a Chinese event which that upon itself is a pretty big feat for the Asian compny. I dont think its the record or anything but it is a good sign that if we keep going at it, we cn make a really good team. Also! In even better news, we have been finding good progress in finding recruits from China which means we will be able to get recruits with good pig at the events and thus give us some melee capability! 61e-EU Nothing really has changed in EU. Vlalshmo and his friends are trying to make the Russian company which is an attempt to make a Slavic company for Europe where the line will speak only Russian. The progress of the Slavic Legion has been decent, but its too early to tell how things will go. They are a tough band of Russian bros, willing to fight at any situation and will not leave the battlefield without fighting honorably first! 61e-NA-SA A BIG NOTICE: WE WILL BE MOVING OUR NA SUN EVENT TO SATURDAY AND OUR SA SAT EVENT TO SUNDAY Last NA event, we managed to make a Spanish Line which is really good news for us, hopefully this means we will be able to find more South American members to come play with us along for the Spanish line thus making it more feasible for players across the world to come play with us. I am absolutely look forward to it bros and hope something good can come out of it. AND ALSO: We will be taking part in a big campaign in South America, as you bros know, when we fight in campaigns, key battles and great actions of bravery will award many members medals. This will be a very tough campaign, all of the South American Regiments and us will be taking part. Here is the campaign map, we will be the faction up north. Our goal is to help the Brazilian forces fight for freedom against the Imperialist Brazilian army, located in Sao Paolo. This means we will be fighting against the Emperor of Brazil while the zealots of the north will be assisted by us in their effort to push the imperialists back. It will be a very tough campaign, and this is why we are calling all 61e across the world to please consider assisting us in this campaign. In other news, I plan on updating the 61e Chronicles and add a few pages, spell corrections will be needed and o if you would like to volunteer in helping me with the spelling of my shitty grammar and writing skills. Pls volunteer and come help. Well bros, thats all I have to say for today bros, feel free to add whatever you want on your own side if you would like to talk about anything yourself. Until then bros and 61e forever bros!
  12. Hello bros, It is I King-Macbeth, I have been away for awhile and I apologize for this bros. The truth is bros, that internship was honestly more work than I expected. I am still getting used to it all but I can say for sure now bros that things are getting better. Before you know it bros, we will be going back to normal with the 61e talk of the town threads, so stay tuned and comfortable bros. Also, to the new people that joined the club, welcome new 61e bros, please remember to consider joining our disco sometime to see whats up. Since now the 61e also plays minecraft, all minecraft news will be referred to as MC NA-NW Times have been more tough than usual, I wont say its due to numbers, the numbers in the 61e have been actually quite fine. Most of the NA events we attend usually bring +20 people per event pretty consistently so this is not a problem by any means. The real issue is that the 61e is having a massive shortage of people willing to lead. I wont lie bros, it has been very tough, there have been some events where I was the only Commmanding officer at the event and we coldnt even figure out who would be able to lead the cavalry for the event because I was already busy leading the infantry. Generally this happens o regiments because there are a shortagr of players, but in reality the amount of players in the 61e attending events is honestly not that much different to 2021, the difference is like I said, is the massive shortage of people willing to lead and stand up to rise to the occassion to help the regiment and lead/maintain the regiment in troubling times. There is no easy solution for this problem, I cant just force people to lead and there realy is no way to force people to become comfortable with leading. All I can say is that I hope over time people will begin to reconsider and begin to give it a go leading and then maybe consider becoming NCOs, especially in the NA region. EU-NW Not much has changed in EU really, same old story recently, however, I do have to comment that EU trainings are still a thing and although they are only once a week, it is a big deal that we are able to see that training are there and that people are able to improve through trainings. Its a big deal in my book and I am looking to see what the outcome of this will be in a few months once we have a much ebtter trained EU corps. MC Well bros, incase you havent heard about this, the 61e is now going to be playing Minecraft in the server known as "CivMC" CivMC is a big civilization server that just had its next installment this year for the version 1.18.2. The 61e founded a civ called Cordoba, far away from many of the bgiger nations where will be the deciders of our own fate. Alot of ups and downs have happened over the few weeks we have been playing, but I believe the 61e has the potential to make something really good out of this, but it will take time. If anyone from Moriyashrine is interested in taking part to play with us at Cordoba in the civ server, feel free! Ill be going more into detail about civmc at my next issue The Macbeth Curator:https://twitter.com/cpt_colluvies/status/1538615830631571456?s=20&t=dNaMXKB94AJ8Ud-lS1sH7w Questly is at it again with one of the greats. Suika as a steamer with her beer. I have no clue if its okay to drink alcolel on Twitch, but this is a pretty accurate take on what it would look like if Suika was a streamer. A very epic pic. I think Queslty I has been finding his art with Touhou girls on pcs playing video games. I feel like this is a very cool niche that he can cement himself in and stand out from from the rest of the crowd. I dont know much about twitter art and I really cant say for real what its like for the rest of the artists but I feel like the best way to stand out is to find a genre of art tat you can make a create loyal fanbase to make some consistency and go from there! If you think I am wrong about this, then well you are probably right! Well bros, thats all I had to say for now for the 61e talk of the town, I hope you all have a good day bros and enjoy the beginning of your shitty ass Mondays!
  13. Hey bros, I hope you are doing well. If you are interested in knowing how has it been for em, well I can tell you I have been fine myself. I bought some ramen noodles the other day so I have been cracking on them. I really like these noodles, and although I try to eat hem in moderation, I never really get tired of ramen noodles. Their MSG goodness is really just too much to handle. A guilty pleasure I have is taking the sheets of ramen that maruchan sells for about roughly 24 cents and eating them like they were granola bars. One time my parents saw this and looked at me with sheer horror. What can I say though bros, theyre just good. Before I begin the tak about the news of the 61e, there is something really important I need to talk to everyone about. In about a week, I will be starting my internship which will be me working full time for globocorp. Globocorp will be having me work 40 hrs a week, 20 hrs full time and 20 hrs Part time. I am not sure how this is going to impact the activity of the regiment but I am hopeful that everything will just be fine and all things will run smoothly as usual anyway. Now on to some NW/Holdfast NEWS NA-NW The numbers we reached duing the Sunday NW were great. 150 players at its peak! This is soething really good and is making alot of the players in NW very optomistic for the future of NW. I myself am optimistic myself, I believe if we can continue to keep moving to this right direction, we might be even able to hit numbers of 160 for the Sunday event and then maybe we will be able to run a potential Fridya event with the ERB. At the moment, the 61e can consistently bring about 25 if you include the 61e+13th and if you add the ERB, numbers could feasibly hit 55 together. To justify making an event Friday, we will need to be able to pull at least 80 a week which means we will need 2/3 more regiments to sing up which is feasible I believe. NA-HF We recently got a Holdfast server and although I am still trying to figure out how to fucking get the server to run, it des exist and I believe over a few more days we will be able to get it to work. EU-NW Shoutout and good job to Barteg for coordinating a training to help the 61e get better. Also, thank you Arlo for getting us those maps to facilitte the effort in training. Nothing really else has happened in EU yet since only until Thursday do we start to have EU events again. AS-OC-NW We have been invited to an event by the 36th. They told me they plan to make this an interesting event and asked us to come along. VertkCat and the rest of the 36th are very good friends of mine and I am very glad that they have decided to play some motherfucking Napo again. I will try my bes tto organize some bros for the Friday asin event, I know that this is not typical for us since we are now doing Asian events every Saturday now and no longer Friday, but just for this week, we may be doing 2 chinese events in 1 week instead. Questman Curations https://twitter.com/cpt_colluvies/status/1527348261149110273?s=20&t=tmsm3kGD2JggiYEWaOkXlg Senor Questman made a basic doodle of Satori. Yeah you may be thinking this is simple but for some reason I am really digging this doodle too. It kind of reminds me of power puff girls a little bit lole, yeah obviously Satori doesnt look like a powerpuff girl you bozo but it really does give me a small a vibe like that. Thats all I had to say for now rbos, I hope to see you all again at the next issue, please consider commenting if you have something cool to say! Thank you and until then
  14. omg I got mentioned in the 61e newspaper
  15. Hello 61e bros, I hope you are all doing well. Its for my talk of the town for 61e. If you were wondering, everything is going well for me, I had my birthday a while ago and the 61e made an epic birthday card for me. I am going to post it so everyone can see it. Special thanks to all the bros that signed the birthday card: What can I say bros, the card is HIGH in soul Anyway bros, time for some 61e NEWS EU: Europe got another training done this week which is a good sign that trainings can start to become a thing again in Europe. Queen told me attendance was about +12 volunteers to the training. I think this is fucking good news, its no secret that our melee in EU is not the best and trainings like this are the best way to increase our XP and be able to fight it out better against the other regs. The EU company has been growing alot so something like this is really important for the wellbeing of the regiment. So shoutout to my bros Queen and Scythep for working so hard to get those trainings done ? AS: It seems that BCOF in asia was not a success and that many BCOF regiments in asia are planning or have already returned to NW. It seems this is mainly due to the fact that th game really didnt seem to gain much traction in the Asian community. Am I surprised to hear this? No, I am not. In fact, I always knew that China/Asia in BCOF would only be a temporary thing for the following reasons. 1) intensive specs - basically, NW is an easy to run, and BCOF is not as easy 2) Niche era - From my experience, the civil war era was never really an era that anyone in the NW chinese community really seemed to care about so much. 3) The regiments that planend to move to BCOF (most of them) were regiments were sprunged up out of nowhere - Many regiments tend to lose steam and fail after their release, and alot of the NCOs of regs that sprang up to play BCOF realized they stopped playing the game because they are tired of this genre and then proceeded to lose interest. NA-NW Unfortunately bros, I have decided to cancel the Thursday Trench battle event which is something that you may have not heard about yet. It is a decision I decied to do realizing that i ti is not worth it honestly to continue trying to run all the NA events by mself, perhaps if someone is willing to host another event besides the 61e in NA - NW then perhaps we could be down to assis them in this endeavour, but at least for now it seems like we will not be hosting anymore NA - NW events for the time being. NA-HF After playing the Tues, Wed, and Thursday Events (Wed and Thurs being public). I have decided tht the 61e should def stick more to the public events scene than to private events. They are a great way to find recruits and are way more fun that the private events. In the pirvate events, people just stay in the back of the map and shoot each other 100m from each other. At least in the public events, people are willing to get close and fiht it out. I feel many 61ebros agree with me on this as well. I still havent decided if we will only be doing public events for HF, but it does seem likely that the majority of the HF events we will be doing for the foreseeable future will be public. 61e Curator- Some new art by a fellow 61e bro Questman https://twitter.com/cpt_colluvies/status/1527331174334734336?s=20&t=GQmdxhK2Usnr1tO-tbmnBg This picture really made me lol, very relatable picture. However, I do gotta say that I think Koishi would have been a lot more fitting for this picture. As someone who interns for le weed industry, I must say I approve with this picture Anyway bros, thats I have to say for today, thank you all for reading my issue and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERUMBRAS. May 17th my boy had his birthday and I wish him a good year. Sorry for the late post my bro. Until then, 61e bros.
  16. Dude my dad just got robbed here in chicago. I feel its amazing how in Bogota a supossedly more dangerous city, even when he had to go to some dodgy places he had no problem, he has not been robbed in at least like 4 years until now. At least he didnt lose much just his celphone and his wallet that didnt have much money. I guess this city is just trash.
  17. BEFORE I BEGIN I WOULD LIKE TO WISH A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BRO ARLO. Arlo I love you bro and its always a blast gaming with you dude, I hope the 13th continue to do well and I hope you have an epic 23rd year. You know dude we have a bday 2 days apart, this is like ancient lore that we secretly are like bros... What if the docotrs got our bdays wrong and we were actually both born in May 14th.... Hey 61e bros, I hope you are all doing well. I got good news to all of you.... Its my birthday soon... yup bros, 1 year older. If you want to really think about, its going to be my 7th year since I became colonel of the 61e for the first time. Time really does fly huh. Unfortunately I don't celebrate my bday anymore, but if you happen to see this post. To all my bros, pls dont buy me any gifts if you see this, the fact youre my bro is already a good enough gift. NA-HOLDFAST Enough about me, we just did our second Holdfast event today. So we have done 2 Holdfast events so far, a public Holdfast event and a private Holdfast event. If you were to ask me, I honestly thought the pubic holdfast event was way more fun, regiments were much more aggressive and they were much willing to get into combat to fight i out against the enemy team. Meanwhile the second event was more of a sniper event. I felt like we weren't doing much in that event besides shooting 100 meters away from eachother only waiting for the admin to announce all charge. Maybe this is how Holdfast typically works in the private event scene? Its too soon to tell. Apart from that though, I have been training my cavalry skills in the public scene. Sergio has a lot of reddit DNA so he was able to help me train cav in Holdfast very well. I think Sergio might be a natural at Holdfast cav, maybe he can use this to compensate for NW cav skill. I wont lie though, Sergio really had to teach a few moves at Holdfast cav, thats how lost I was. Now I feel good playing it, the trick is you really have to get good at timing your wings but because of that i feel that people who wish to play cav with +100 ping are really at a disadvntage since timing with ping over 100 just fucking sucks balls. EU We did the Trench battle event Last Thursday, it was as normal as it typically was. I got to meet again my good bro Bjurn. I am glad to se the EU company is still doing well even despite the issues happening in NA NW. It makes me confident that NW still has a lot of potential as a game that can stay alive until 2025 if need be given that banner-lord private servers dont come out by then. Will they come out by then? I dont know and I think we will probably never know. Questly Art https://twitter.com/cpt_colluvies/status/1524500171148697600/photo/1 Dude, this picture I think is one of Questly's best so far. This one is really awesome, I honestly feel like I am there with Kaguya with this picture. Does that sound silly? Maybe so, but I really think this one fucking rules. The detail of the mess and the how relatable Kaguya is to a NEET IRL is awesome. The Cup noodles, the monsters, the bags of trash everywhere.... its amazing! Something I gotta say that I find really cute and adorable about this Kaguya is. Okay before I say it, I know this might seem a bit weird, but Kaguya kind of gives me the cute monkey feel. I am not sure how to say it, but the ears that Kaguya has really does give me the feeling that Kaguya is also something of an imp princess. Is that strange? Maybe so, but I really dig and even if questly didnt mean to do this, this is something I really like about the drawing. To this I gotta give this a 9.69/10!!!! That is all I have to say for now bros, I hope everyone here has an epic 61e day until then
  18. Hey bros, I hope you all had a good mothers day with your mamas. I celebrated mine a day later because my sister just came back from out of town. What did I get for my mother? Energy drinks. Yeah I know you are probably looking at me like I am some freak, but my mom is a big fan of the Alani nu energy drinks. If you don't know what Alani nu is, theyre a company that produces energy drinks marketing primarily for women. However, if you look into it, there is not much difference form the alani nu to something like the regular Red bull I would say. I would say its mostly a gimmick, but I do gotta say the drinks are pretty decent over all. If I do have to drink energy drinks myself though, I usually stick to the ZOA energy drinks. GNC had some good energy drinks that were first brand but they always fail and never last that long. HOLDFAST If you guys havent heard yet, the 61e is now also starting to play Holdfast so we have been getting the regiment to get better acquainted to the game. The 61e used to play holdfast back in 2017, but we decided to drop from it and return to NW because the game just was not very well made at all upon its release. Now the game works id say 95% better. If you had to ask me which of the two games are better, hands down its Warband: Napoleonic Wars and anyone who has +100 hours at both games will most likely agree with me. But alas, all the zoomers want to play Holdfast and that is where we will have to ALSO play if we want to keep the reg going well. So we recently made the regiment and unit for the Holdfast game. Before we can really start to advertise our regiment it seems, we will have to increase the levels of our regiment via getting XP at the public servers. Honestly, I am mixed about this XP system, at one hand I can see it as a good way to encourage people to play on the public servers but on the otherhand I think it ruins it for private servers to compete with public servers since only public servers are able to give out XP to players basically making it so private servers have no utility in the eyes of XP. ASIA+OC/EU-AFME After talking a bit with Jcor, he said that it does not seem to be an entirely bad idea to also trying playing Holdfast for the OC region as well. We might try a few events then just to see how it goes and if its worth it or not. On the other hand, the new admins at the Chinese Event are seeming a lot more willing to just give me admin which makes life a lot easier for us to just make sure new recruits dont shit up the chat as some think its epic to do. For EU, there has been an interesting development in the 61e. We have recently got a recruit from Africa. Now recruits from Africa are nothing surprising, we have gotten recruits from Egypt Algeria Morroco and so on tons of times; however, this recruit is not from North Africa and not from South Africa. This recruit is from Nigeria! To many of you guys, you might be thinking "wow macbeth, but who gives a shit?" Well perhaps this could be a signal of something. There is a whole continent out there called Africa, but due to economic factors and distance, it is difficult to play games and get in contact with the sub saharan population through the internet. I have always wondered if this will be a thing of the past and we will see Africans playing games with us everywhere. I believe its only a matter of time before this is the case and I believe getting a recruit from Nigeria is just a hint of whats to come in the future. However, I could be wrong, Napoleonic era videogames could just be a genre that doesn't and will never interest Africans but maybe one day we will all be proven wrong. 61e OC Besides the Holdfast shit, a group of drawers in the 61e have appeared, They are the russian duo of Vl.Al.SH.MO and yuri. They have bother in the regiment for a while despite yuri formally joining the discord server today. However, they have been starting to post more of their art. Their art style consists of a anime-military-uniform aesthetic. Some of the drawings they made are really good and theyre interesting to see. I am going to leave a link to their deviant art if anyone wants to give it a checkout. https://www.deviantart.com/asya42vlalshmo https://twitter.com/cpt_colluvies/status/1523730302933549056?s=20&t=ONWQpxmJ2Elvlnhx-jg4GQ Here is the next pic of Questman's. So he did a drawing of a cosplay about a girl called shimakazuokeaioj I dont remmeber the name unfortunately. I am guessing its a girl from an anime cuz I got no clue whats it about to be quite honest with you bros. But I have seen ppl post pics of the girl before. Anyway, my opinion of the drawing is that its alright. Its honestly not rly my thing if I am going to be honest about it. Has anyone else realized how skimpy this girl's dress is though? Thats all I have to say for today bros, thank you for reading and like I always say. Feel free to make your own blogs or feel free to write a reply about your thoughts bros. Until then.
  19. Hello bros, I hope you are all doing well. I have been doing really well myself. Last night I had really good oven roast with potatoes and Onions. Yup, it was a real feast and prob some of the best grub I have had for a while. Bros, if any of you happen to live near a Publix, I would highly recommend getting a Rib eye there and throwing it in the oven sometimes. I know most of you will tell me that you shouldn't oven it, but it just tastes so darn fucking good. @ me if you must but it really is just fucking good. Anyway, besides that. The last Trench battle went alright, but honestly.. It could have gone better. I am been really thinking since the post I made a few days ago of me talking about whether we should stay in Nw and wait for bannerlord or try to partially transition now and play both warband and holdfast. Its a conundrum and both sides have great pros and great cons. I decided at the end that it would be best for the 61e that we face the facts. It is going to be very hard to continue the NA company itself in NW and we are going to need to think of something else to keep the regiment alive in NA which honestly is probably the most important region to keep alive sorry to say bros of other regions. So it is going to be likely official that we will now be doing 2 holdfast events per week (very likely every thursday and Friday but also possibly Tuesday and Friday) The BR and SP companies will also be taking part in this partial transition and will most likely play in the same events we do to keep a consistent schedule. No this does not mean we are leaving NW, all the regions will remain the way they are, so if you are from EU AF ME AS or OC, then there is nothing to worry about on your side, the regiment is running just fine at those regions and thus there should be nothing to worry about there at least for the foreseeable future. Anyway, for everyone in the Asia + OC regions, please remember at 5/7 We will be having our Asian linebattle. The attendance for that linebattle will be expected to be at about 160-200 (more likely on the lower side than 200 itself) so be sure not to miss out on some epic combat. The event will take place a 8AM EST aka 8PM /20:00 Beijing time. That is all I had to say about for the 61e, please let me know on your opinions about the Holdfast news. Now for the next portion to curating Questly's art. Questly made a new picture today and I gotta say bros, this one is probably one of my favorites. Really bros, wha tis there to see, its a fishing Cirno. I love the fishing hat that Cirno has and it really give the boomer vibe. I honestly wonder what a Cajun Cirno would be like. Would Cirno call it crawfish or crayfish or would she give it her own name? If you ask me, I think Cirno would say Crawfish but she would probably start getting in arguments with Daiyousei over the correct pronounciation as Dai would say its pronounced crayfish. Ofcourse Cajun Cirno would be a big fan of frog legs as come on, its a no brainer. I hope Questman continues to make art like this as this kind of stuff is my favorite. If I could have any criticism for the picture, I wish we could have a better idea of what Cirno's fishing equipment. I dont think it would fit well for this picture, but it would be real nice to see a story from the equipment that Cirno has. Like for example, is Cirno a decked out sea bass fisherfairy or is she really bringing just the bare necessities to get the fishies she wanna. I guess it would probably be too much detail to put in a picture and instead you would need something more complex to sustain something like that. However, thats just my take on it and ofcourse take it with a grain of salt. Well bros, that is all I had to say with regarding this and that. I hope you enjoyed issue 5 and I hope you all have a good day.
  20. Lets just like stop watching lain boring af
  21. Hey bros, I wanted to do a blogpost before the day ended so here I am going to yap away. Tomorrow we will be doing events again in the 61e and I cant wait bros. Tomorrows events will be the standard Trench battles. We will do one trench battle 2pm EST for the EU and then 8pm EST for the NA one. Back a while ago, we used to have the first event of the week every Wednesday but ever since the 3e left to BCOF, this hasn't been the case for a while. Cuz of this, now we got 3 days of no events which in one hand can be nice to give me more time to do whatever I want like program some shitty programs and then play with my excel sheets. It does give me more time to do stuff like go outside as well and go for a run or play some football with some bros I got IRL but around this time, I will start getting the "itch". The itch to wanna play some more motherfuckig napo. Honestly, I know most regiments only have their regs do 3 events a week but I honestly feel we need to do more events per week, especially in NA. At the moment only two events are being hosted in NA which are both being ran by us Thursday and Sundays. I really cant stress enough how important these events have been to keeping NA alive in NW and keeping the 61e active in NA NW. Overall these events have been pretty successful but I still feel that we need to get one more event going. My guess is that the best day for this event could be hosted during Friday. However, hosing events now in NA has become rather difficult. Technically, the amount of Regiments in NA ahs not decreased that much, but the scale of each of these regiments have decreased a lot and their numbers will vary a shitton. For example, back in 2021, I believe the standard a regiment would bring would be around 10-12 or so. Now if you see a regiment with 7 people in their line, that is a regiment having a good day. What is the solution? Well I dont know, its a tough situation in NA and I dont believe NA can get anyway without working together with SA (and vice versa). This is why I have been considering to maybe try some Holdfast events. Holdfast is a pretty cheap game now its actually roughly very close to the price you get Warband+NW at G2A. However, it would be a big decision to really go play 2 games at once in NA although I do believe people would not be so against just playing both games. But maybe it could too late to do this move? I know Bannerlord has just released more custom servers to several eople and it really is starting to look like theyre getting closer to finally alowing everyone to make pirvate servers. If this does happen, thisll be real big news for us for we can finally move everything to Bannerlord and play there (obviously itll be more of a transition than a full on move). Let me know what you think bros through DMs or here, should we try playing some Holdfast alongside NW or forget such ideas and try to continue playing NW until Bannerlord comes out with private servers? Also Questman also recently uploaded some pixel art https://twitter.com/cpt_colluvies/status/1521990694814076931?s=20&t=jUSRCjyrDtMdQRk_39btfA Questman wrote that he recently rewatched lain. And I can tell you that this is true because I watched the anime with him and some other 61ebros. @Oppenheimer and @QueenElizabethII were there as well while we were watching the anime. Bros, I'll be honest, I thought the anime kind of sucked but Questman seemed to like it. Nothing in the anime made sense for me. If you asked me whats my favorite anime, I would say Reimu's Distillery is a classic despite it not being an anime and just an MMD. I think its absolutely soul and I love it. Despite my negative opinion of lain the aime, I gotta say the pixel art is pretty good, but I think there needs to be more background. When I think of a modern day lain's room, I want to imagine a dirty keyboard, energy drinks everywhere and and maybe unwashed clothing all over the floor. Why is this the case? Well a real life lain would actually be a dirty slob and I think it would be more relatable. Dont look at me like that, I promise I clean my room just how Jordan Peterson tells me to but how am I supposed to believe that lain doesnt keep her room clean? Well thats all I had to say for now, until then bros. P.S I should mention Questman also does requests. Doesnt hurt to ask if he will draw something you might like.
  22. DEVO and some couple old members have apparently left or became inactive within the regiment after my NW Burnt out phase. Its truly sad to see old members just to vanish one by one And one of his first messages upon joining 2 years ago Just a small post I wanted to make about the old members who vanished one by one specifically devo.
  23. Hey bros, welcome to issue 3 of the Daily 61e. Today I will talk about some cool things I hope some of you will be interested to hear about. Before I talk about nw, I wanted to shed light on something in real life that happened. I dont know about you bros, but I have to ask you all. Has anyone else been getting $175 hold charges when they go to the gas station to get gas? It happened to me a few days ago when I went to get gas. I spent about $32 filling most of my tank and really thought nothing of it. The next day, I notice a charge of $175 on the balance!! I was like wtf. Honestly, I thought for a second I left the gas pump running or something or that maybe some guy snuck in and used the gas up on the tank while my card was still active. Unlike a rational man, I dont always wait until the end for when they prompt if you would like a receipt. In retrospect its pretty dumb that I had any of those theories, but it made me nervous at first. I decided then to just do the rational thing and decided to call the gas station and say WTF IS GOING ON. They then explained to me this is something that a bunch of banks are doing now across the US. Crazy stuff and they cited the exploding gas prices as the reasoning for this. I thought I would share this just incasse anyone has this happen to them and so I can save them the trouble I had earlier. Now on for the NW stuff... Well in 61ecity, we dont really have events monday.. or Tuesday... So nothing is really happening ? so I dont have much to say for anything new happening. So I thought I would go talk about an interesting event that happened in the 61e a long while ago. A long time ago, there was a napoleonic wars event in China that the 61e attended. Incase you didn't know, we do Chinese events every week and around that time we generally did them 2 times a week. This was a special chinese though that we went to, because there was "a war" going on that we did not know about. Anyway, apparently a massive coalition was made against 1 chinese regiment where all of the other Chinese Regiments for a massive team of 140 players to fight against a small regiment. I have no idea what this 1 chinese regiment did but since the 61e was the only regiment that no idea wtf was going on, we would have to play on their side as well since we were considered "neutral". https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Rb41147df - Chinese perspective of the battle ^61e perspective of the battle Well, ill tell you how the battle went from my perspective. Basically, 120 people charged us right from the get go and our measly army of 30 where half of the team had over 200 ping could do nothing by just scrap off a few kills before becoming totally overwhelmed. At the end of this, the admin said something in chinese that I didnt understand and then proceeded to ban the entire Chinese regiment that the coalition formed against. I asked the admin wtf is going and then he proceeded to tell me in purple chat "they wanna a war" and from then on, I just took that this must have been one of the greatest battle in Chinese history. I highly suggest you grab google translate and look at the comments on the bilibili comment section, theyre pretty funny to read and also, when they mention the word "americans" theyre talking about us. I just thought this wud be a cool story to share, please let me know if you liked it and feel free to comment about whatever, also like I said I encourage everyone to make their own blog posts too! Also its time for me to curate one of @cpt_colluvies pics source: https://twitter.com/cpt_colluvies/status/1521194784735612928?s=20&t=L3ehQSpO4HsUl1bkBLkaCQ When it comes to the questman genre, I like it when there are 2hu characters doing stuff. I mean, what do you expect, I love me twohous and this picture is just one of the good ones, the title of this pic is GECS concert and I have no idea wtf that means, but the idea of Marisa in a concert like this made me lol pretty hard. It has a very soul feel to it and I like it tons. I guess if I could have a criticism to the picture would eb that I think maybe the background to where marisa is going woah should look more vibrant but maybe GECS is like an edgy evil band where everything is gray so maybe that is why it looks like that. But overall, I like these questman pictures, when the 2hu character is doing something like playing vidya games, going to a concert or just drinking a beer cuz theyre le depressed 2hu it always gives me a good lol like if I was looking at a garfield comic strip at the morning. This one is no different so I give it my Macbeth seal of approval should that warrant any merit (it doesnt). Anyway, thats all I have to say for now bros, until then
  24. Last NA event was a blast. I am real glad to have been able to be a part of that event. Everything felt like the good ol NA days believe it or not. Depsite us all being line which honestly kind of sucked in that regard, I dont really mind at the same time making a big line with the 61e bros and them mega smashing the enemy with our megatrain. I wanted to get cav for the event as well, but it would be impossible unfortunately cuz we didnt get it in time. At the event, 61e and ERB got together in the same team to duke it out against the rest. For the first few rounds we got owned, bu later on I think we began to work together more. ERB got alot of ping and so did our SA company of course because well, the server is in north America an not in the continent they're from. However, when we all got to work together we really did seem to get some progress and shit done. The chat was pretty funny to watch because the Brazilian players kept trying to tell me things in Portuguese in which I only understood about 50% of what was being said and I could barely come up with a response for the questions they asked. The melee at the last round was like an IRL war, when it was all charge, the 61e and a bunch of bros got together to hold around the artillery position and made a last stand against the horde. Their cav were way better than ours and so were their melee. We were just doing literally whatever we could to survive. At a part of the battle a heavy cav came in with his sword about to swing at me, in real life while I was playing I screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scrambling to block in time before my fate was sealed. Thankfully, he barelymissed me, I probably lost some hair from that swing, it was really that close. Some of the bros were loling at me, but I know that deep down the bros understood the intensity of the battle as most were still quiet and laser focused to btfo the enemy team. I forgot who killed Getty at the last round melee but I think it was Sergio where he went yeah woohoo so kudos to Sergio. Its good to see how much Sergio has been improving over the years and he is looking like a real 61e officer I can depend. When it was event time and I had to ninja AFK because my dad gave me a quick phone call, seeing Sergio take instantly takeover the line when he sensed I was AFK to move the line to safety was a very chad move and I was very impressed by his intuition. Might I also add, we hit 140 players? I was pretty impressed that we were able to hit these numbers and it makes me even more excited of whats to come. Thats all I can think of right now, it looks like I wrote enough to turn in a school assignment so I think ill just leave it like this and maybe continue on posting another day. Thank you bros for seeing my last blogpost and like I said, please consider making your own blogposts fellow 61ebros. Also some bros have asked me why is my grammar so bad when I type. Well bros, you see, when I type I generally just type as fast as I possibly can and then never look at my spelling mistakes. Why? because as long as the text is legible its good enough for me

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