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Release Information
Type: 2D Fighting
Developer: D.C.S.
Publisher: D.C.S.
Release: Comiket 75, on December 29, 2008
Language: Japanese


Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! - Hakugyokurou-hen, literally translated as One Two Meiliiing!! - Part of Hakugyokurou, is a simple fighting game developed by D.C.S. and based upon Yie Ar Kung-Fu, a 1985 fighting game developed by Konami. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! features Hong Meiling as the protagonist and she must fight all the five characters from Touhou Youyoumu to win the title of Grand Master. She has a variety of punch and kick blows usable by combining the punch and/or kick commands. Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! - Hakugyokurou-hen is the second game in the series.

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