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Kirisame Escape

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Release Information
Type: Horizontal Shooting Game
Developer: GEN
Publisher: GEN
Release: Comiket 88, on August 14, 2015
Language: Japanese


Marisa has a secret project, therefore she wants to steal valuable items from all girls in Gensokyo. 

Described as a runaway shooter, Kirisame Escape plays like a Touhou shooter in most respects. The player controls Marisa and must destroy enemies using both wide area attacks, a limited supply of spell cards which damage or destroy all enemies on-screen when used, and magic points which is a smaller version of the spell card attack. The player's bullet power increases on a linear scale as the player collects power-ups dropped by enemies. The player can also use focus which slows down the player's movement and makes the collision box visible. Unlike another Touhou shooter, in a certain stage the player may only deal with one or two boss battle before advancing to the next level. Each game begins with three lives and the option to continue is given when all lives are lost.

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