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  1. Razy ransomware is a computer encryption virus that encrypts the files on your computer, changes the name of the files, and adds a new file extension to the files it encrypts http://botcrawl.com/razy/ imo dont dick around with it to much at this time the mod team shold check the game and see if they get the same thing if so they will need to take down the game and find one that is not with razy
  2. you know what fuck it i'm in but some one controling the game shold add me on discord too so i they can PM me if they need me to take my turn or something
  3. it is fun but you have to keep a eye on the game keep track of everthing
  4. "It was some kind of paid premium service Proboards offered that locked features unless you bought a Super Key. I don't know the specifics, but suffice to say it was not well-liked in the community." I know it was I bought the keys and that good this meens you guys will be able to do way more then the old frourms thank for tell me this
  5. i think Rnoku , AllStache or traxe
  6. so you don't need that stupid Super Key System anymore? i was not asking about the content lost i was asking about the lost features
  7. so I kind of know why we had to move but I would like to know what features we are losing / getting didn't really see a place to put this so I hope I put in the appropriate place
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