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Fixed even more fangames

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I've been at this all day so I probably don't have this list entirely right, but here's what works now:

RemiFura Supirittsu
PAD Attack
Myon Musou
Atai no Ken
Atai no Ken - Youyoumu Hen
Chiruno Kuraimaa
Boho Koymakyou -Scarlet Family- 2
Hashiru! Sakuya-san
Han Tamashii Takeshi Geichou
Touhou Koukayaku - The Game
Endless Sakuya - Tokiwokakeru Meido
Touhou Senkitan - DrunkTankies Battle in the Eastern
Bouhou Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~
Cirno Smash Climbers
Castlemaze - Ojousama Kara no Chousen
Cirno Climbers
Endless Alice - Nanairo Mahoutsukai Kikiippatsu!
Boho Youyoumu
Endless Marisa - Shirokuro Mahoutsukai Kikiippatsu!

...And that's all the 2D platform fangames. Can I get back to making my game now?

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