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Hifuu Bouenkyou 1.26

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Release Information
Developer: ちゆうどう
Publisher: ちゆうどう
Release: 2014
Language: Japanese
Site: http://chiyuudou.com/bouen/bouenMain.html
*The game is patched up to version 1.26. Version 1.281 did not work, however it only offered joystick support and offered no changes to the main experience

Default Controls + Misc Info:
Arrow Keys: Navigate
[Z]: Select/Confirm
[X]: Cancel
[C]: View the combined movement range of all enemies
[V]: Enter character status screen of the focused character
C/V(Attack): Switch between attack items
[Shift]: Switch focus between playable characters
[Space]: Skip Dialogue

The sequel to Gensou no Keifu - Hajimari no Miko, Hifuu Boenkyou stars Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn as they explore Gensokyo alongside many allies, ranging from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil through Double Dealing Character. It features a different retelling of pre-existing Gensokyo lore, starting with a new take on the Vampire Incident. The gameplay is a more improved upon and balanced version of its predecessor, while still featuring many improved mechanics which made the original flourish. On the battlefield, the player and enemy take turns to order their units with commands available, such as movement, defending, and attacking. There are two game modes; Casual, an easy mode where player's lost character can be used in next mission, and Classic, a hard mode where the team members who have lost can not be restored. There are also varying difficulties, ranging from Easy, Normal, and Hard.

*Special thanks to MusouTensei9999 for helping find and archive this game here for the world to enjoy.

Edited by Juunimeta

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*We're aware of an issue when downloading, it will be fixed soon. Please wait warmly. It should be fixed now. We'll continue monitoring it for any further issues. Sorry about that, everyone!

It's here at last! Hifuu Bouenkyou is a very fun game, and I reccomend any strategy game fans try it out. However, there are a handful of minor issues with this version that we wanted to address. The first issue is that the full-screen mode is a bit janky, and depending on the device, it may or may not work consistently. Secondly, there is damaged art in the game, and while it's not obscene, it may not be to everyone's taste. Don't worry though, you can turn it off in settings. Lastly there is a fan site that exists in Japanese archiving all of the map and character data. Recruits and other miscellaneous information in this game is very hard to come by online, and this will most likely be your best source of information. https://seesaawiki.jp/boenkyo/d/%a5%c8%a5%c3%a5%d7%a5%da%a1%bc%a5%b8

Edited by MusouTensei9999
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I believe Juuni just reached out to you, he should be able to help.

And for those who's download progress is marked as a "?", but data is still downloading, let it continue to the actual file size (~800), it will still download the files. This has helped for some other individuals, and I hope that helps for those who need it. If there's any other issues, let us know, we'll do our best to handle it.

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