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  1. I'm training for a touhou Hisoutensoku tournament this saturday. I want someone to help me train and to have fun. Post a reply in this discussion if you want to help.
  2. i've rather go to the past and become junko.Becuse I'll learn from my past mistakesand reconcile with myself to live in harmony. Would you rather: Beat Yuyuko in a eating contest or Beat Suika , Yuggi and Kasen in a drinking sake contest
  3. I've recreated all the levels in megamari on megamaker there not 100% accurate . It took a long time to recreate them. Hope you like them. If you want to give any feedback on them , please be sincere. here is the links to my megamaker forem posts: https://megamanmaker.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7511 here is the 8 bosses.(to see my levels go to"Now i remade my levels i hope you guys like them" to see them) https://megamanmaker.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8409 here is the fortress(or castle)stages.
  4. My power will be Mirror Manipulation , Reflection Arts and Illusion Manipulation(Basiclly magic that has to do with mirrors).Becuse I can create illusions(to hide and fight), transport(to anywhere i want in gensokyo) , reflect damaku(and some spellcards) and have creative spell cards.
    This is the first Official touhou game i've ever play and its very good . Out of the touhou fighters this one and Hisoutensoku are my favorites. Also I like game series that has some spinoffs that change the style of gamplay from the main games.
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