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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everybody! Today I'm happy to share with you a remake of my first touhou fangame, since I learned a lot of things from my third fangame, I decided to update the first one a bit. Name Touhou Trap World Description Plot Point: Yukari has prepared a series of test that you have to complete. How It Works: You'll travel throught eight worlds by going right while evading traps. Saving: This game autosaves everytime a stage is cleared. Release Information Type: Platformer 2D Publisher: Kira - Games&Stuff Language: English
  2. Yeah, I uh made a thing. its not good but I cant really actually code so scratch was my only way of really showing how much I like touhou. sorry again if its bad lol. I tried XD I update it a lot right now as I'm working on boss functionality. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/453527983 Enjoy!
  3. 80 downloads

    Type: Shooting Game (Danmakufu) Publisher: NRT Release: September 13, 2014 Track Count: 13 Track List: Fragments of Memory The God's Opinions Girl's Sealing Bluff Wavenumber Fluctuation ~ Kayser Kaiser Screen of Morning Mist The Equations that the General Loved Gathering the Memorious from All Around Japan Recollection of Gravel and Dust ~ Vanishing Memories Our Opinions Gathering the Mysterious from All Around the World Rainy Torifune Shrine Pass Through the Front Line's Wind ~ Flow Scale Princ
  4. Hello everybody! I've been messing around with the 3D engine in Unity and I made a little touhou fangame in it: Name Touhou Treasure Hunter Fairies Description Plot Point: Cirno lost a race in the Fairy Forest and the punishment for it is to collect items around Gensokyo. How It Works: This is a item collection game, with local multiplayer support (player 2 can join as Daiyousei). You'll travel around 10 different places on Gensokyo, looking for the needed items while the other fairies patrol the stages. If you get caught you lose (on multiplayer both players need to get
  5. 50 downloads

    Type: Shooting Game (Danmakufu) Publisher: Team Dreamcatcher Release: 23 June, 2017 Track Count: 27 Track List: Gale of the Sky ~ Thunder Roars Fairy Swarm ~ Endless Paradise Lunatic Rabbit ~ Red Alert Fliht Over the forest ~ Condensed Wilderness Fire Spirit of the Forest ~ First Ignition Peaceful Tribulation ~ Over the Garden Sakura radiance ~ Blooming Elegance Melancholy of the Cloud-Painted Sky Arcing Fault ~ Reaching the Flash boundary Where the Stars Fall Jewel of the Flashing Scales Cyclone of t
  6. I made a fangame lads. This time it's a small casual mobile Touhou Fangame about a drunk Marisa trying to dodge danmaku and kill fairies. Always wanted to make a game about her lmao. it has art by this hella cool lad: https://www.facebook.com/rainbowsuccs/ This hella cool lad: https://twitter.com/hogwashdev This other hella cool lad: https://twitter.com/tzumazaki And this also hella cool lad: https://twitter.com/meakersneakers give them all a follow if you can, they all have really neat projects right now. The game has the shittiest Touhou Remixes made by yours truly.
  7. Hi everybody! I'm happy to share with you my third touhou fangame (the best one so far...): Name Touhou Incident At The Shrines Description Plot Point: A huge explosion ocurred on Gensokyo and you'll have to investigate what happened to solve the incident. How It Works: The game is full on English so it's easy to understand it, you start off with 100 HP and 50 MP in the middle of the forest looking for a way back to Moriya's Shrine. You'll travel throught fifteen worlds by going left and right while searching for any clues about the incident. Saving: There's only
  8. Hi everybody! Today I'm happy to share with you my fourth touhou fangame, this time is not a platformer one, it's more likely a strategic one. Name Touhou ReiMari Tactics Description Plot Point: Nitori made a game and asked Marisa to test it, then she asks Reimu to play it with her. How It Works: You'll travel throught five worlds with isometric view, defending yourself and your shrine from enemy waves. Saving: You can save everytime you want on the ingame menu. There's no autosave on this game, so don't forget to save before closing it! Release Informati
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