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Found 9 results

  1. Voting acceptance period: Sunday, January 27, 2019, from 00:00 to Saturday, February 2 23:59 Results scheduled release date: Schedule for preliminary report on Sunday, February 3, 2019 Guide: (Credits goes to: https://imgur.com/a/KSac2hS ) Form main page: http://toho-vote.info/ Then, you have to go back to the form main page, and click to the start button http://toho-vote.info/ or directly to http://toho-vote.info/form/ You can use this tool to automatically translate character/music/work titles: (Credits goes to: https://twitter.com/drakeirving ) http://drakeirving.github.io/touhoudict/ You may: Method 1: Userscript (Tampermonkey) Method 2: Copypasting (Browser's console)
  2. Alright, if we want to add more music soon, it might not be the best idea to squeeze everything into the same broad category. For things to look nice and making it easier to find, we need to organize that stuff. My ideas are either dividing them by genre or the artist. Both options have pros and cons. To keep it somewhat short, I'm just going to list the disadvantages that I could think of. It might not be the absolute truth, so a discussion about the pros and cons is welcome. Possible problems for the division into genres would be: - Some artists could play in different genres, sometimes in the same album and sometimes different for each album, making it difficult to put some of them into a specific category. -The same artist could be split up into different categories due to that, which could be inconvenient for people wanting an overview of the circle (Even though the discography part in my descriptions of the albums can help with that) Possible problems for the division into artists would be: - Bad for people searching for certain genres without having a clue about the different circles. - Probably annoying to add new categories every time a new artist is being uploaded. - List of sub-categories could potentially fill the whole screen as more content is being added.
  3. Since this is actually a topic of discussion with the contest as well, we might as well have a place to talk about it in general. For those of us that play the main shooter series, what difficulty do you play on?
  4. Weekly polls are back again! This time, let's talk about the locations in Gensokyo. While the locations don't get a lot of specific attention in the series, the games have gone to a lot of different places, some very unusual, some more down to earth. If you actually had the chance (hypothetically, obviously) to visit, what would be your number one place to go?
  5. (a day late, but no one will notice) So, this week, let's talk about the characters that have only appeared in the fighting games (or originally).
  6. Swords are a popular weapon aren't they? Despite all the magic bullets and lasers and who knows what else, some of the cast still make a big deal of using their sword in battle, even if not exclusively. Do these girls catch your eye? Do you have a favorite? (yes, I know there are several others have swords or use magic to make swords or sword-like attacks, but that might make this list too big, so we're sticking with these)
  7. There's been a handful of different styled shooters in the Touhou project, some of them specifically being spinoffs. 4, actually that use something different from the rest of the shooters. Is this good or bad? What do you guys think? ( yes, this was a day off, but I was moving yesterday/today)
  8. The residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion were, for a while, pretty regular recurring characters. Since they kept coming back, they have better defined personalities than many other characters. They're also a pretty diverse and varied group, and have some very distinctive members.
  9. So, hey guys, this was an old idea of the forums that's been brought back for this one. It's pretty simple, every week one of the staff puts up a Touhou-related poll. At the end of the week, the poll closes, and we see who/what got the most votes. We'll start with the most of obvious topic, who's your favorite of the playable characters of the main games? (I haven't played the last couple of them, by the way, so the last couple are based on what the site says).
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