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Found 6 results

  1. Ever listen to Adagumo no Saragimaru's theme and wonder... What is the "Mono Eye" she's referring to. It's easy to mistake it for the Eye of Senri, considering Jynx's profile picture, Tsubukara's relation to Tsurubami and overall how frequent "eye symbolism" is used throughout the series. http://lenen.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Adagumo_no_Saragimaru But, here, it refers to Yamata no Orochi's eye from which she was born out of. Orochi is a dragon with eight tails, not to be confused with the Hakurei Dragon that Touhou fans specualte whether or not exists. https://en.wikipe
  2. Hey guys, so I've been waiting for Buskerdog to do the Remix Tournament, and while waiting, realized that I despise Touhou now. So I realized, what better way to celebrate my divorce with a Len'en Remix Tournament! You will have 1 second hours to submit your submissions Let's get the submissions! 1) Shall We Dance 2) Shall We Dance 3) Shall We Dance My Reviews: 1) Shall We Dance Interesting take on Shall We Dance, it's like a hip hop take where the type of dancing is funkier. It's also got the "Amen Beat" drums in the back, that amplify
  3. Tsubukara Enraku and Tsurubami Senri. They're names both start with the letters Tsu. But, if you didn't know about Len'en, how would you fill out the rest of the "Tsu". For anime fans, they might think of the "tsundere", being a combination of tsun, to reject in anger and dere, to fall in love. For weather fans, they might think of the "tsunami", a natural disaster caused by a series of waves in a water body. For other people, they might think that it's pronounced "ti sun", but obviously it's said like "soon". So there's a lot of different opinions of Tsubukara
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Artist: JynX Circle: Trick Nostalgie Year: 11/18/2013 Track Count: 18 Track List: 01. Repose That Detests Even Good Luck ~ Need umbrella! 02. Unfailing Piety ~ go to work...? 03. Crimson Boots 04. Deep Waiver 05. Slimy Umizoumen ~ Act the FOOL HAHAHA 06. Though the Way Home Is Lost ~ KEEP IN 07. Prismic Accelerator 08. Lick the Bran to Reach the Rice ~ What's the matter? 09. Dime-a-Dozen Moneymaker 10. Radical History ~ Memories Engraved in the Eyes 11. Haniwa Sumo ~ End of immolation 12. An Eternal Sleep, a Passing Instant 13. Below a Deep Vanish
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Artist: JynX Circle: Trick Nostalgie Release: 11/18/2013 Track Count: 19 Track List: 01. To the Village That Isn't Real ~ chain link? 02. Exotic Crystal 03. Melanin in Black ~ Colt Snake 04. Tendency That Sways Even Anchors ~ Lost Anchorage 05. Churning Solid Diamond ~ Let's Joke! 06. Extra Mind 07. In This World ~ Monochrome eye 08. Wings That Transcend Spacetime ~ M theory 09. The Frozen Heart is What Has Thawed 10. Air Master! ~ Soul Dualism 11. The Untruth Patronizes the Truth 12. End of History 13. A Star in the Palm of One's Hand 14. Empir
  6. Just got into modding Smash Ultimate awhile back, so here's some stuff I've done. Changed the Smash Ultimate opening to an edited version of the 2nd opening from the fanmade Touhou anime "Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories of Phantasm". https://gamebanana.com/guis/35814 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAjn4C2In5Q Ripped 90+ Touhou Stage Builds and 60+ Touhou Miis from Smash Ultimate's online "Shared Content". Nintendo automatically deletes all content in "Shared Content" that's over 3 months old, so I made a backup. (AKA you won't find these on "Shared C
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