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Found 1 result

  1. I would like to take this to make a small announcement. In an attempt to broaden the Moriya Shrine name, I have decided to release a image hosting site! Now you're probably asking yourself "Why?! of all things!" To which I reply, why not? I mean there is so much one can do to advertise a piracy site anyway. lol Anyway, the purpose of making our own image hosting site is for a few things: -Anything can be posted, even loli. The only thing i ask is use common sense and don't post shit like humane gore, child porn and all that. Everything is securely stored locally and because of that, we are not regulated to any TOS. -virtually no limit as what can be stored Keep in mind. This is NOT part of the main site. It's completely independent of it. So while the main site does not allow NSFW, our image hosting does! So how does it work? Simply go to https://img.moriyashrine.org and start uploading...that's it. If you use ShareX and would like us to become the destination, do the following: -Open ShareX -Go to "Destination settings" -Under image uploaders, select Chevereto (that's the framework used) -Upload url is https://img.moriyashrine.org/api/1/upload -api key is fe50a674b6bdfa4b086c1dc5f0431f83 -Tick "Direct URL" It's still in it's early stages so stuff like tags and a decent search function is not yet fully ready. But it will be soon! Any suggestions or requests you would like me to add to it to make it more friendly, let me know and I will do what I can. Thanks! ????
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