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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! We are announcing another art contest (since we don't have a dedicated person for that...yet) . This time it's for banners for Winter. These banners will be displayed on homepage and for the header image that you see above the site. We are asking for 2 banners, both need to follow the following guidelines in order for it to be accepted: -Must be winter themed (use your imagination) -Any form of art is accepted. (drawings, pictures made in Photoshop, etc) Just make it look great! -Must use Touhou characters, places, etc. -Images must be at LEAST 1280x1020 (larger is better) -No lewd of ANY kind. It might be obvious but just wanted to clarify. Now, even though we are asking for two images, that doesn't mean you have to do both. Let me explain. You have the option if you want to do both or just one, and depending on what you choose, it will depend what prize you get. First, let me clarify this: - You can only choose one option. Not both. The options are- Option 1: One banner will get you a $5 Steam gift card Option 2: Two banners will get you a $10 Steam gift card To enter, you must specify what option you want to go for along with your image and Discord tag. Deadline to submit all your entries is Nov. 30th. We will not accept any entries beyond that date. Submit all entries in the topic below: Any questions you all may have, reply in this topic only. Thank you and happy holidays!!! ?
  2. Greetings Shrine Denizens! We're making changes to expand the scope of our Touhou Official Games Contest to encourage more entries. Please check the following post for more information on rewards. On another note, if you wish to participate, don't keep us in the dark until you're ready to submit! We now require a minimum amount of applicants before we may give rewards. Apply early, and practice well, SAVE THOSE REPLAYS (and remember to use your name here or on Discord!), and submit your best.. Good luck, and Have fun! Our rules of submission have been changed! We now have rewards for each difficulty. In light of this, we will have the contest split into four tiers (Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic), and we are allowing for applying for more than one, however, you may only win one difficulty's rewards. This DOES include Easy mode, so don't feel intimidated, just do your best! We're going to be sticking with Legacy mode with the game. (yes this has been edited/changed a couple of times, since I haven't played this game and am relying on others to know the difference between modes) Winners will be chosen based on bomb and life count. With total high score from all stages being the tiebreaker. So basically, lives > bombs > score. The rewards for each tier are listed as follows: All rewards will be delivered via Steam credit, Humble Bundle games OR PayPal of the indicated value. Easy - $5 Normal - $15 Hard - $25 Lunatic - $50 Those that have already submitted, you have the option to stay within the hard tier OR submit another within the other tiers. CURRENT SUBMISSIONS (life count, bomb count, total score) =========================== PLEASE SEE FORUM INDEX PAGE FOR CURRENT SUBMISSIONS With these recent changes, we have also extended the contest to March 30th.
  3. Hi, everyone! If you do not already know, we have started a contest a few weeks ago to replace our site/forum logo. We have gotten some entries now and i would like to start a poll so that everyone can voice their opinions on them. As more entries are entered, i will add them here. Please remember, contest will end on Dec 18th. After which, we will no longer be accepting entries. 1 entry per person please. To allow everyone a chance to vote, voting will continue 24 hours AFTER the end date of contest. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW ENTRIES! VOTING WILL STILL RESUME UNTIL TOMORROW, THE 19TH. The winner will be receiving a Steam game(s) worth up to $35 USD. (winner will be contacted by me, tormentium) This is how it will work. The choices will reflect the pictures that are in this post, they will be numbered accordingly. Choice #1 Choice #2 Choice #3 Choice #4 Choice #5 Choice #6
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