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  1. Error message pops up for both original game and patched ver. (except for Touhou 7), I tried playing Touhou 8 and 9 and it doesn't work. Images :
  2. Oh cool. I saw it on my recommendations. Though, it's disappointing that those types of Touhou games are the only ones suitable to Soeedrun.
  3. Nice to see the progress you made. Great job!
  4. Huh? Platformer spinoff? ..Did I not know the genre of game 17.5 was suppised to be until now?
  5. So, after watching "The World Record Progression of [Game]" type videos, I went into incognito and searched Touhou Speedrunning. It actually seems quite interesting. Your guys' thoughts? My thoughts about it are... mixed. I don't think anything too interesting will come from it because of the linear nature of the game, but it still has a slim possibility.
  6. So, I finally got a (used) laptop and decided to play PoFV... (Cropped to decrease file size)
  7. Whoever said that* ran away. (*"Wait, Yukari is a karen?")
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