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  1. jealous so Parsee punched Alice
  2. Steal all of Flandre's toys. Sakuya can get her new ones. Would you rather : Have the darkest days of your life on loop or Have to feed a starving Yuyuko for eternity, no rest and no food.
  3. Now that was pretty good. Though, I don't think thief is spelled that way. Just me?
  4. , but then Patchouli punched Marisa
  5. This is just... It makes me wanna cry. Even without context, it still sounds like it should. A victory. A moment of triumph, a bittersweet one at that. I am well aware this game has been covered before, but the person who started the thread hasn't stated whether putting the same game is allowed or not.
  6. I like Akatsuki Records and ShinraBansho, I have not found another circle to listen to, so..
  7. Illusion...with a twist. Everytime you use the ability, the results change everytime because it changes the factors as well as how many there are. The colors of their clothes, etc. However, it'll also affect you. Not as much, though. You need a lot of concentration and energy to use it. Is mine interesting?
  8. Run as fast as I can, looking back as I dodge the danmaku, and exit the SDM with the goods. Flandre would be powerless in the sunlight, if it was at night, I'd hide far away from the mansion and wake up the next day. Fight Rumia Ex or Fight Advent Cirno?
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