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  1. it's a matter of how, you can have a more "accurate" translation that is all literal but it'll sound wrong that is the OLD translation (which I do prefer personally) but a more correct one would lose some of that to be written correctly (more of a general thing and not necessarily in this case)
  2. In all new downloads there is now a dx installer aswell that can be used (even if I think that the possibility of someone having 100MB on each of their DLs without knowing is much worse than putting all needed DLLs in the directory for the download, like I recall it previously being)
  3. Ah, just came back and was gonna say people say EoSD works perfectly with wine like the rest
  4. I can only really recommend using autohotkey or similar software, I can send a script with whatever bindings you want or a compiled version if you want
  5. I forget the exact reason for the message but I recall 32th talking about it before, want to say it's ISP related Shouldn't really affect you if you just want to play, it just means thcrap can't update as it can't verify the update it's seeing
  6. A run being legitimate or not is really up to them, the no hitbox isn't hard to learn, and pretty sure the hitbox patch provided is actually the inaccurate one (I actually have no clue where there is an accurate one as I started with even older games)
  7. 1cc, you need to clear the game on normal or higher without using a continue
  8. no problem, just weird keyboard things probably, can confirm with some other methods if you wanted to but odds are it just doesn't support that combo of keys all at once as they're "being read" in a way that doesn't support that many at once (it's hard to explain, but it's probably the board not drivers, these things are things not many end up with issues with as it's such specific things like this) glad you now know though!
  9. Open a notepad and try shift left, it should highlight, but you'd also have to hold z aswell which would be awkward to then test Just because it can type doesn't mean it won't have other issues, it could be based on how the keyboard scans the key presses, if you have access to another keyboard then try that is my only recommendation, it could be driver related but I haven't seen this issue in a while, if you want to try anything else then try some simple searches not mentioning EoSD
  10. My PC isn't properly working currently so i can't give a proper answer to anything, try redownloading, running the config exe, and make sure you're running "touhou06.exe"
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