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  1. Revive this topic pls. I like Touhou music. But not just Touhou music. Right now , I will share to you my favorite Class Trial theme from Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc. I decided to share this Trial theme out of the others not just because it is good, but it also gives me more motivation to keep the Class Trial going until we find the culprit. Next we have some Ace Attorney music. I decided to share the theme Pursuit ~ Cornered from the first game, as I think it's better than the ones in the later sequels. I would also like to include an album made for the same franchise, Ace Attorney. The album's name is Phoenix Wright Jazz ~ Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul. I like it because it's Jazz and because of the album cover. And another album made for the same franchise. This album is named Phoenix Wright Orchestra ~ Gyakuten Meets Orchestra. I chose this album too because it's pretty good, and also the album cover. Now, we are finally not gonna cover an Ace Attorney album, but Persona music. Kimi no Kioku from Persona 3 and maybe Time from Persona 3 Portable? This post now feels like more of an essay than a post sharing my favorite music. This took pretty long to make. Revive this topic pls
  2. Hello! I am new here. My alias is Reversal Youkai, but you can call me something else. I came here because I was interested in downloading some new Touhou games. My list of Touhou games include (as of 1/14/2020): Touhou 7, Touhou 8, Touhou 9, Touhou 13, Touhou 16 and Touhou 17. I have unlocked extra for every single character and unlocked solo mode for everybody in Touhou 8. I beat Touhou 7 with 3 continues on easy mode. I did a 1cc with Reisen and Sakuya in easy mode with Touhou 9. And I did many more. Please welcome me into the community. Thank you.
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