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  1. I am highly interested in it ! I ripped a few albums through the games themselves and I am interested to see whether there's a high difference in quality between the two. I also manage a soulseek library, so I would be also uploading them there if that's okay with you.
  2. I wouldn't consider it odd but it's definitely something you don't hear a lot lmao, surprisingly enough, the trappy style actually blends fairly well with Céleste's OST. (celeste is a great game btw check it out) I've been listening to a lot of D'n'B (not sure if it's considered odd tbf) and the drums on that song are just based
  3. Source : https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/37240795 Warning ! Artist is *very* NSFW
  4. My monitor is fairly large (40x30cm-ish) so it's pretty open
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