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  1. I suppose I probably should as well lol, I own the joint afterall. Anyways i'm a HUGE denpa fan, so i'm going to share the first denpa song I was ever exposed to

    This song holds pretty special value to me as it introduced me to my favorite genre and some of my favorite artists as this was a duet between momobako and nanahira, both amazing denpa artists.

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  2. NGL I really love Chrono Trigger's OST. So many good timeless pieces with a random battle theme that you just wanna dance to because its so catchy. And the OST just had so much life to it.

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  3. Mines a weird one, so probably around freshman year of high school i believe i was super obsessed with this mario game making engine called SMBX, some may have heard of it, some may not have but i'll get to the point, a lot of the "episodes" i played on that engine used music from the touhou games, though i didn't know it at the time. I also happened to be part of a fire emblem community known as serenes forest at the time and good friends with someone by the name of elfirelight who currently resides in our discord funfact. Anyways I basically asked him if he knew anything about these kickass themes and he said they were all touhou themes, at which point he reccomended me to give them a shot starting with imperishable night. I played that until i got an easy 1cc then decided to give touhou 6 EOSD a shot, at which point i got completely hooked on touhou. TLDR thank Mario and Elfirelight for my touhou obsession.

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