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  1. ChibiWolfi

    Youmu Konpaku

    i made another one because i couldn't add to the other one
  2. come on guys add ex nihilo already it has like no bloat and can be easily avoided, there's 100+ mods and a lot of them are dumb you can limit ex nihilo in the config or smth just add it
  3. Good to see you! We always want new people into Touhou, regardless of how active they are. If you feel like you wanna talk to us more, be sure to join the Discord server.
  4. Nice to meet you! Most of us here aren't that good at the game either, not many people are. Be sure to keep active on the forums and discord server, it'll help improve your Touhou knowledge! Can't get enough of that
  5. They seem to quite closely resemble the characters, which isn't bad per se, but maybe have them be a bit more resembling the character's personality than their appearance? For example, Cirno's would be HUGE but also look very clunky. Youmu's would be quite sleek compared to the others, etc.
  6. Mine too is an odd one. Around 2016 I was really into super old games, and so I had the original OST for Touhou 2 appear in my recommended. Very interested, I searched up for Touhou 2 (I already had a PC 98 emulator) and I *believe* I got it from here. However, Touhou 2 is notoriously... not the best. So turned off from the series as a whole, I deleted it and didnt think of it again. That lasted only for a few months. I was also really into the Geometry Dash community at the time. One of the songs that had recently been beaten and was causing controversy was a level called "Yatagarasu" wh
  7. I think I'm gonna stick with Touhou 8 bcs it's the easiest one imo and the people playing it won't know real differences between the Touhou games. I'll have a £10 reward, and it'll be done with lives as a priority on easy mode. All participants will have to have their OWN Moriya Shrine account, not have a friend send in their stuff. There will be a month period where people are open to send in their replays, replying to the message I tell them to with their replay attached. I'll have a mini guide telling them how to do that. I will hold similar tournaments for the spin offs at a later date.
  8. ChibiWolfi


    So colourful, fits Marisa perfectly
  9. I was thinking main games; I may be wrong but I remember there being a way to gauge how well someone's done based on score, lives, bombs, difficulty, even game, etc. If that doesn't work, give one of each genre of the games as choices for competition: e.g only 16.5 in one category, only 11 in another. And if that TOO is also too complicated, throw it out the window and just do one genre. That would depend on how many people sign up and what genre they'd prefer to do. Edit: If there isn't a way to score main bullet hells like that, just go off score.
  10. As I've noticed from talking with a lot of my friends, Touhou isn't appealing due to the singleplayer nature of it's gameplay. Many people don't find it rewarding, which i find to be a shame as we all know Touhou has much more to it than the main games gameplay. Would anyone be willing to help set up a tournament for beginner Touhou players, as a way for them to get into it? Invite some of your friends who you'd like to get into touhou, etc. >Also need help judging, new to this
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