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    Youmu Konpaku

    i made another one because i couldn't add to the other one
  2. Mine too is an odd one. Around 2016 I was really into super old games, and so I had the original OST for Touhou 2 appear in my recommended. Very interested, I searched up for Touhou 2 (I already had a PC 98 emulator) and I *believe* I got it from here. However, Touhou 2 is notoriously... not the best. So turned off from the series as a whole, I deleted it and didnt think of it again. That lasted only for a few months. I was also really into the Geometry Dash community at the time. One of the songs that had recently been beaten and was causing controversy was a level called "Yatagarasu" which used the song "The Flawless Wings of Yatagarasu." This was, unknown to me, a remix of Birb boss song. I later played another level with a remix, that had the real song's name in it. I YouTubed it and groaned at "ugh touhou again, those games are trash." And almost a year later, another level in Geometry Dash was released named "Subterranean Animism" which caused a little bit of controversy. Going through videos on it, I found out that was the name for Touhou 11. Surprised at how many Touhou games there were, I came back to here and downloaded a few, curious as to how such a seemingly bad game could last so long. I played Touhou 10 and haven't looked back.
  3. ChibiWolfi


    So colourful, fits Marisa perfectly
  4. God bless you for giving me this.
  5. Excuse me brother, Flandre is also a vamp, where is her parasol
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