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  1. Consarn

    The True Buffet

    The meaning of life is to get yourself a meaning. Also, who do you main in the fighting games?
  2. Consarn

    Touhou 15.5 Not Working?

    Oh, yeah, here's all the framerate issues I can remember. most of them are just my old brick lmoa Most spell cards drop the FPS to ~20 (I haven't tested it with Joon yet) That fucking train drops it to 6 The concert drops it to ~30 The outside world drops it to ~40 (which bugs me even more) Having a slave on screen (outside of dialogue) drops it to 30 Tenshi's legend (isn't it some HAARP thingy?) drops it to something random Strangely enough, they don't bug me that much. Mostly because I use simpler shit, like Nitori vs. Mokou on the Dream World. And Last words almost never dropped it at all. by the way i love how a debt thing has more animation frames than every other last word sprite
  3. Consarn

    Touhou 15.5 Not Working?

    yeah my version was crashing a lot too and some other issues i guess like shinmyoumaru's name on the winner thing isnt translated the select screen still calls byakuren by her last name first the framerate is hella gay most of the time especially on the outside world and every single frame with a spell card thing or a slave (but those might just be my shitty notebook) mokou is either extra aggressive or has some weird difficulty bug going on (like she's always one difficulty above) shion should be a fighter ;_; most of the text is off-center (not the subtitles though, but they didnt bother to do futo's thing with them) sometimes the original text and the subtitles say completely different win quotes one win quote (i think it had something to do with futo) wasnt translated outside of the subtitles they should have kept bullying joon after she fled the options are just kinda meh (could use some more capital letters i guess)
  4. Consarn

    Touhou 15.5 Not Working?

    og yeag thank
  5. Consarn

    Touhou 16.5 announced

    is that is that eternity not looking like a total joke
  6. Consarn

    Touhou 15.5 Not Working?

    yeah man i wouldnt mind getting rid of mega thing doesnt let me download shit
  7. Consarn

    Touhou 13.5/14.5 Issue

    I think it's some PC thing. The computers at my school couldn't roll Soku either.
  8. Consarn

    Favorite Music Made by ZUN

    Mine? Not fucking Clownpiece's theme. but patchys theme in soku was pretty good kinda reminded me of antasma
  9. Consarn


    The subtle changes in the wind told me that this thing might just be like the past few fighters, which are good. But I can't play it. Big ol' Mega don't want me to. And then there might be some framerate issues, but whatever. Either way, if it's like the others, it's good.
  10. Consarn

    What achievement are you most proud of?

    I save them all. I bust two on Clownpiece (now one because i got the hang of the stripes) and the rest on Junko.
  11. Consarn

    How did you find Touhou?

    First I heard of Touhou Mother (being a huge EB fan), and ignored the shit out of it. Then it kept haunting me, and I kept ignoring it. When I looked at it, I was addicted to those McDonalds you-know-whats, and September First. Now I think you know where this went.
  12. Consarn

    What do you listen to at the moment?

    Though I am an old slave both to Pointdevice and this "easy modo", I have yet to beat her.
  13. Consarn

    What do you listen to at the moment?

    Clownpiece's theme. Just try and guess why.
  14. Consarn

    What achievement are you most proud of?

    I always bust a bomb on Hell Eclipse. That just ruins everything.

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