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  1. ๐Ÿ’™Arche Princess ๐Ÿ’™

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance



    Release Information Type: RPG Publisher: FocasLens Developer: FocasLens Release: ??? Language: English Patched Keyboard Controls Arrow keys - Movement (Z) - Select (X) - Cancel (C) - Swap Items (A/D) - Navigate Menu left/right (S/Space) - Open Menu Gamepad Controls Direction Pad - Movement (A) - Select (B) - Cancel (X) - Swap Items (L/R) - Navigate Menu left/right (Y/Start) - Open Menu Description Storyline: Touhou Puppet Dance Performance (TPDP) starts off with the player character being transported to Gensokyo through unknown circumstances by Yukari. Seemingly there to help solve an incident that occured recently that involves mysterious puppets that seemingly came out of nowhere. These puppets represent all of the maidens of Gensokyo, and its up to the player to solve the incident whilst finding a way back home. Gameplay: Plays heavy similar to Pokemon. If you've ever played Pokemon, you'll quickly grasp this game. A few key differences though. All the "IV" stats are now shown through Ranks (C-S+) "EV" stats, movesets, and even abilities can be changed on the dime using the PP that puppets receive throughout each fight. All "HMs" are replaced by key items that serve the same purpose. Puppets are caught through something called soul threads, these require you to set, then KO the puppet to catch them. Completely opposite to Pokemon. A whole new type table (See "Other Sources" for info on how to see this type table) Other Sources: A good site for extra helpful information on TPDP is of course, the TPDP wiki. Link here. Here you can view the puppet dex, type table, abilities, and even the locations for the puppets.
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    Youmu and Kokoro <3

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