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  1. This experience was definitely a treat. My picks:
  2. Bard Apple Epic Beats ESQUARIA: Everlasting Nap
  3. Writing this without looking at Garison's comment, since I already formed my opinions... Necrofantasia [The Daffodils] [Vocal Metal Folk] Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon Apparitions Stalk the Night This round slaps. Unironically and totally. And only one of these was one of my submissions! (guess which one)
  4. Whoops, I'm the last one. Thread notifications are weird on this site... Esquaria - Emotion thingy Unlike Humanity, this one is listen-able the whole way through, which I appreciate, but the melody and instrumentation are less memorable than Humanity's good parts. Rating: 6/10 Jazz Paradise I enjoyed this one more on second listen, so thanks @Garison DeCrick for pointjng out how catchy you thought it was. Weak on the melodic development, but it's a fun background listen. Rating: 7.5/10 Myourenji House Set My favorite of this round. The chiptunes and the swing beat
  5. Dork Pegasus The Perpetual Snow Of Komakusa Blossoms – ZUN FGO thingy? with FIftTP
  6. Me, looking back at my previous ratings: Boy, I didn't remember rating that song quite that high...oh well. Jazzter Spark White Spirit, Ultra Red Fragrant Weeds
  7. Gensokyo Past and Present (Jazz) Maiden's Capriccio Beware the (Latin) Umbrella Left There Forever Reactions
  8. Jealousy Fire Apparitions Stalk the Night Nuclear Fusion
  9. Ah, this is cool. Too bad I missed the sign-up cutoff, but these remixes are pretty fire already. I'll enjoy listening. The OTOMEKAN one reminded me of the mix for the Hell of Blazing Fires course in Gensou Skydrift. It does feel a bit background-ish...
  10. So glad this finally got a translation. Downloaded immediately.
  11. I'd join the band. I love music. - Play a youkai instrument OR - Have Kogasa live in your house
  12. 100 Clownpiece-sized moons; they're just a bunch of rocks. Would you rather: - patronize Mystia's fried eel stand? - patronize Cirno's shaved ice stand?
  13. You know, teaching fairies to read and write doesn't sound like that bad of a job. I'd definitely take it over a loveless marriage any day. Would you rather: - Become a shikaisen (and if so, what would your soul container be)? - Become a hermit, but have to fight off the shinigami every weekend?
  14. this demetori album available for download when Seriously, I want this song for my download library.
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