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  1. URL 'cause I'm lazy. https://tohosort.frelia.my/?IwVgbMBMkJycAOA7ABgQHwCwpgZkkulCsMCSuaWdZZORfTdc2RayS7dXXSdA1F5s+0QW1Z1upXtF6lKIoWVlUGKivHjt5VWZpU9Nqybr1E25hhyo2rdu0A I stuck with only games I've played + print works. So many ties...I'm really indecisive.
  2. Achievements have been added! Apparently I beat Remilia without starting the game.
  3. Would you rather: - be incurably plagued with fairies? - have all the tools and furniture in your house be tsukumogami?
  4. Work for Shion, because she has a more virtuous personality and because poverty is good for the soul. Would you rather: - sneeze danmaku uncontrollably in sunlight? - be unable to distinguish fairies from muffins?
  5. What button do you press to get to the character status screen? I cannot figure it out.
  6. F Fire Emblem games, my dude. I feel your pain.
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