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  1. Screw schoolworks!

    I'm back son of keine

  2. Thanks @Crusader Jerome! Been reading Malice and Patchy x Marisa for a while already, and have stumbled upon good ones. Thanks for suggesting!
  3. Let's try and kill EX Bosses again and restore a bit of my touch~

    1. Consarn


      oh god


      wait arent they just as hard as stage 4 on hard or something lmoa

  4. Definitely the music and the character. The music just goes so well with the stage to bring you the emotions that you need to get through that stage while also conveying who the character is, her personality or what she is, it's like after the dialogues the music is the next lines. The characters are also certainly interesting, they are quite mysterious for me as I haven't been looking through backgrounds that much, and the designs are so good too! Even tho ZUN always makes it with beer in hand . A suntanned ice fairy huh?
  5. I'm already proud to be able to defeat sakuya, man that marionette spellcard is really a pain...
  6. Just noticed I was free from the tag : Peasant, and have evolved into an Initiate

  7. Because of the Rabbit. I found touhou because of a friend, kinda got involved and wondered what the hell touhou is. So he passed EoSD to my computer and I was completely amazed at how hard it is yet satisfying. So, I coerced asked him to pass all his touhou files which starts at th 6 to 15.5. I downloaded 1-5 later on because I was utterly curious. Pretty sure some people got to touhou thanks to it's oh so wide doujinshis. And so beautiful fanarts.
  8. Since I started right away, Might as well as share this... https://dynasty-scans.com/series/bamboo_flower_sleeping_princess
  9. This is the only forum I have been active like this lol

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