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  1. I had to disable realtime protection. The game runs well. I learned that the Trojan virus is a false positive.
  2. It was a trojan virus. Severe level.
  3. I tried to download this title and it had viruses. Please get this fixed.
  4. I have confirmed that your file is bugged. I found this game elsewhere and it saved perfectly. Just a heads up, you might want to fix your file.
  5. I tried those. Nothing worked. I believe the game is bugged.
  6. But when I attempt to save, the game says "Error Number 2: Can't save." Going by what Japanese I know. How do saves work on your copy? Mine doesn't seen to want to save at all. Yes, I'm playing the English version.
  7. In this game, I click Save Game. But when I return, the save is gone! I tried everything but it keeps occurring. I think the game files are busted. Can you fix this?
  8. There should be an English version. Look for Th09 (thpatch-en) in your folder.
  9. Thanks, Kurzov! ^_^ The new file works perfectly! You have my respect.
  10. No, I'm not using any. I'm using Windows 10 but is windows XP compatible. Where can I find Free Download Manager?
  11. The file is not extractable without an extraction app, there is no music, and the game crashes when I click Story/Arcade mode. Please fix this!
  12. This file appears to be bugged. It doesn't play music and crashes when I try to start the game. Please fix this!
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