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  1. Might be fun if you play some of the fighting games together, if they like fighting games.
  2. I found it just fine, it opens up the file with the unis000, the unis000dat, The application, and the application data. I just want to know which file in which to stuff the file you provided. Also do I keep the file zipped or unzipped? Like I can see this, but from here what do I do. I know, I'm kinda stupid when it comes to this stuff.
  3. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I tried using the file, but I have no idea where to insert it... I'm kinda unfamiliar with the whole game directory... I'm stuck on the darn blue wavy screen.
  4. Sometimes the game slows down, I think it's an issue with the Danmaku rush? Like swapping the slowdown with the regular speed. It only happens after I use Danmaku rush. Sure, it makes it easier, but a bit boring. Does this game have slowmode? Did I accidentally turn it on? Addition: I found some stuff out about the issue. Some small remedies. -Some of the slowness can be fixed by putting the game on fullscreen. -Cirno's fight slows down the most. -Turning off anti aliasing helped my slowness issues. -Not doing premature danmaku rushes on bosses/midbosses stops most iss
  5. I think it's an error with fullscreen, because when I put it into window it works ok, but If anyone knows a fix for fullscreen, it'd be much appreciated
  6. Mine was running fine, but when I opened it later, instead of 60 fps, it was running 25-30. It starts at 60, and every time I exit and rejoin by hitting the windows button it's at 60, but after a few seconds it always drops to 25-30. Any ideas how to fix?
  7. Never mind, figured out my computer was just too weak to handle it.
  8. For some reason, when I try to download, I get a huge wall of text and the page won't respond. Is it a glitch? Or can my computer just not handle it?
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