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  1. Hello, I was wondering how do you implement the score file to Touhou 6 to get the Extra stage?
  2. @buskerdog Forget it, i fixed it
  3. Touhou 6 has been repeatedly crashing and I do not know why, It just says its stopped working. How do you fix this and or is there a alternate reliable download site I could use instead, thank you.
  4. @buskerdogSorry for the late reply, I didn't see this in my notifications, But I did run the Jpaanese Version of the game!!!!!!!
  5. Very Fascinating!!! I would love to know more about this project, but unfortunately, I can't help you on the interview side, I'm a newbie.
  6. Okay everyone, every time I fucking try to play Touhou 13.5 it always crashes when I'm about to start fighting Kokoro, why is this? and how the fuck can i fix it? Thank you all for dealing with my ramblings
  7. Oh! here I was with my ignorance!!!! thank you
  8. I downloaded Touhou 12.3 hoping to get the full roster of characters in the campaign and yet the only character I can play as is Sanae, I attempted uninstalling and reinstalling yet it still didn't work, why is this and how do you make it work again? thanks
  9. where do you go when you have an issue with your game?

    1. Drunken_Flower


      post any problem here with as much detail explaining the problem as possible

    2. Rosebud1941
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