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  1. Uuuuu. Awkward style for a Touhou-related game I thought; but really fitting for a mystery game. It looks pretty awesome. I love those types of games like "The Last Door" and stuff — https://store.steampowered.com/app/284390/The_Last_Door__Collectors_Edition/ — so I might give it a go. Did you ever try this out? What are your impressions?
  2. Wow didn't know about that. That's awesome!
  3. I have the first Forbidden Scrollery. They can all be found in Sci-fi book shops here in Sweden. Not too much other stuff though. Someone know any European online stores with Touhou stuff? Also would like to know some good store for buying doujin music CDs.
  4. Cool! I really like this game so far. It's harder than I expected. Was surprise-killed several times due to not paying attention in the area after the yokai village There is much you have to discover by yourself as well.
  5. So there are DLC:s incorporated in my version? I had no idea. I can find no extras-menu and the DLC List is empty But maybe it isn't available before playing original Reimu-campaign?
  6. I bought this game on Steam yesterday. Huge fan of roguelikes like Rogue, ADOM, Infra Arcana and so on... Even some newer ones has sparked my interest; Ananias and Golden Krone Hotel. So I thought this could be a nice game to get into. Haven't had the chance to play much longer than the introduction, but I'm definitely going to try put some time to it in this weekend. Does anyone here play it? As for the thread start: I'm not familiar with the problem and it was a long time since posted, so I'm just going to hijack this thread.
  7. Oh! Those are some good ones Reminds me that I did not think about any themes from my days of Nintendo console gaming. I then thought about Yoshi's island catchy swingy music. Now when I'm listening to it I'm feeling a bit nostalgic of course, but I also think about how irritating some of these levels was. I also hear the whining Mario-baby in my head. So there is mixed feelings about these songs And yeah! Also we have the Donkey Kong Country theme. Loved all the different settings and how the soundtrack was perfect fit with the backgrounds and stuff. Some highlights:
  8. Hey, let's revive this thread. Been listening to a lot of game music lately. Here are some of my top stuff at the moment: The soundtracks for early Blizzard games was really something special. Especially the catchy baroque-ish tunes from Warcraft 2 Tides of darkness. Played Warcraft 3 A LOT more because it was a great game and the campaign was one of the best campaing modes for an RTS I think, but I don't know if I can remember anything of the soundtrack from that game. Another one of those games is Diablo. Both the first and second games had really nice soundtracks, but I love the creepier atmosphere from the first game! Also, many Bethesda games — both early and new — do have great sountracks. The OST from TES 4 Oblivion is really nostalgic for me. Some tracks are very calming! There is much memorable music in the whole series, but one that especially comes to mind is the sountrack from the first game, Arena. I haven't played very much of it. Just some exploring and some dungeons and quests; it's such a hard game to play. But the soundtrack is very memorable and got some really catchy tunes. Here are some other faves; the soundtrack of Clock Tower. Great horror game too! Also the soundtrack of Halo and some really great stuff from Might and Magic 6: The mandate of heaven: So... I have shared some great stuff here! I wanna see more posts in this thread now Because I guess the Touhou community holds a lot of people with a special interest in game music and just music in general!
  9. Welcome! I'm also new to Touhou, have played 6, 7 and 8 and a lot of 7.5! Haven't been able to beat anything in normal yet either. So we share a common goal right now! See you around!
  10. One of my current faves are Suikas theme from Immaterial and Missing Power: https://youtu.be/n_4c1vzWvns?t=6558 Very exciting intro — Like "now, get ready for some intense shit!" . Then the build up with the piano and trumpet; lovely! It's quite repetitive, but the melody is so intriguing. It really got stuck on my brain when I first heard it.
  11. Haha! Cool. I deselected a lot of games tough, but in that way I got almost only the characters that I know. So thats good It looks like I've got many draws here Will be fun to do this again later!
  12. Thanks for welcoming me and taking your time to give me some interesting information I actually didn't know about the two styles of Touhou fighting games. I'm definitely going to check out those as well!
  13. I got introduced to Touhou like a month or two ago; on a game convention for board/rpg/figure - games mainly. There was a Touhou room though and I had never heard of it. I never explored Japanese pop-culture that much before, because I didn't use to think that it was my cup of tea — except for like... Nintendo and Pokémon. But I recently started to get into some animes and I guess that's why this Touhou game room appealed to me at this point. At first I didn't understand that all the games were with the same characters. My first impression was that this was some society of weebs playing asian arcade games. I tried one of the bullet-hell games, but what really got me was the fighting games. I played Immaterial and Missing Power and immediately the lovely music caught my attention along with the intro. Also the characters intrigued me. All characters were unlocked and Remilia was the girl of choice, the one that I first took liking to. Also the gameplay was very fun for a fighting game with all the projectiles and the spell cards. So when I left — I thought that this was something I had to check out at home! So that was my introduction to Touhou and I'm quite amazed by the amount of fan-content and spin-off stuff and the fact that there is such a following. So yeah, I'm quite a newbie around here. I currently play the classic era games. Excited to explore more games and other things related! Other than that; I'm a guy from Sweden, I turn 27 this year and I work as a software developer. On my spare time I usually do stuff like coding on my game-project, play music, drink beer, go to gigs, grow chili, go fishing. See you around!
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