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  1. oh yeah the touhou! well i just so happen to have this here wallpaper from last year using some designs... here it is! i took the time to convert all of the original pixel art ones into adobe animate (which did take a fair while i'll be honest), but the end result was still worth it additionally i also did actual touhou fanart too! this is when i was really gettin back into aseprite. very good art pixel program but what do you think?
    you can spin cirno, instant five stars i am KEEPING THIS FOREVER.............. ABSOLUTE ADORABLE
  2. yeah i see what you mean there, i tried keeping a consistent style going while keeping the key details for which one is which note that im grabbing character details from the touhou wiki so some stuff may not be accurate or ordered properly thanks for the response!
  3. note: tUMG isn't a game hi, currently working on an art piece with the (majority) of the touhou cast in a hopefully unique style. not sure what to do with it once it's done but progress is fine as of right now total characters: 75 (roughly) let me know which design is your favorite!
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