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  1. Added Faster Than Paradise to Fan Printworks, by Vivit Gray.
  2. Version v01

    1 download

    Release Information Artist: Vivit Gray Released: December 9, 2013 Synopsis: Keine becomes intrigued by Ran's lesson on lightspeed travel. She wants to learn how to ride a bike with Mokou.
  3. Added Sake, Food Stands, and a Nightmare Girl to Fan Print Works.
  4. Version v01


    Release Information Artist: Yomoyama Released: November 18, 2018 Synopsis: Maribel and Renko celebrate New Years.
  5. Added Desire Electric Wave to Fan Print Works.
  6. Version v01


    Release Information Artist: Kitsune Released: November 24, 2013 Synopsis: Nitori finds a broken cellphone with a single message. Notes: Also known as Wind Song.
  7. Added Omoito to fanworks.
  8. Mrrp


    Version 1.0.0


    Release Information Artist: Morino Hon Released: August 14, 2010 - December 30, 2011 Synopsis: Hourai gains sentience. Although this is one of Alice's main goals- creation of an autonomous doll- it seems that this wasn't her doing.
  9. Updated files for Wild and Horned Hermit, now up to Volume 9, as well as adding cover art for Volume seven.
    Second favorite after Silent Sinner in Blue.
  10. Uploaded a file for Forbidden Scrollery now containing volume 7. *Quick note: Vol 7 is FS's final volume.
    AoCF soundtrack is godly.
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