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  1. Added The Miracle Mallet by Urin to Fan Print Works.
  2. 4 downloads

    Release Information Artist: Urin Release Date: February 9, 2019 Synopsis: A three chapter doujin which follows the story of Seija, Sekibanki, and Sukuna.
  3. Added Days Woven From Illusions ~The Wind Charmer Shrine Maiden~ by Gensoukoumuten to Fan Print Works.
  4. 3 downloads

    Release Information Artist: Gensoukoumuten Release Date: April 29, 2010 Synopsis: In a modernized Gensokyo, where things progress at similar speeds to the outside world, where do forgotten items go? Note: "Days Woven from Illusions" is a series done by Gensoukoumuten which takes place in a relatively modern Gensokyo with its inhabitants having adapted to the world around them.
  5. Added To the Country of Trains, by Personal Color to Fan Print Works.
  6. 9 downloads

    Release Information Artist: Personal Color Release Date: December 30, 2013 Synopsis: Renko and Maribel visit the country of trains, which have been forgotten.
  7. From all the doujin circles and groups, there's a bunch of touhou music with vocals. From those, do any circles or even songs in particular stand out to you in terms of their lyrics and content? For me, RD sounds and their "嘘と慟哭(Lies and Lamentations)" song stands out a good bit. And their recent "Song of Corpse" as well. Shibayanrecords has some neat ones as well.
  8. Added Suwako and Husk(Niy) to Fan Print Works. Edit: I'll be uploading some other things shortly. Sorry for the break.
  9. 15 downloads

    Release Information Artist: Niy Released: April 21, 2019 Synopsis: A look at the experience of a youkai, which attempted to cross the barrier to reach suwako, who fades into fantasy.
  10. Yuyuko's plate of food. The most we've really seen of what she's like was probably SSiB and she seemed like a reasonable person there. Flan on the other hand. Please god no. Would you rather. Meet Rumia at night. Or Letty in the winter.
  11. Added Sanae Miracle(Karaagetarou) to Fan Print Works.
  12. 12 downloads

    Release Information Artist: Kaaragetarou Released: December 30, 2012 Synopsis: Sanae continues with daily life and wants to produce a miracle. Mostly a series of short interwoven stories with interwoven gags. Notes: Has some fun Star Wars references. And a nice story between chapters about Nitori and Chewbacca,
  13. Added Parasol and Evening Dress(Toriisumi) to Fan Print Works
  14. 15 downloads

    Release Information Artist: Toriisumi Released: September 28, 2011 Synopsis: Renko and Maribel meet under the night sky, with a parasol.
  15. Added Mimesis Dolls(Nakatani Nio) to Fan Print Works.
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