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  1. I tried few months ago as well, then tried again today. No matter what, the extracted file can never open, while the original file continues crashing while being played. TH7, TH7.5, and TH14.5 still works perfectly fine from the past few months, but I could never get TH6 to work.
  2. Here's a wild idea. Thunder said "Say, only Touhou-related RPs or anything goes? Story-focused only or more "gameplay-ish" rounds (such as Mafia Games)? Integrated profiles to use certain OCs every time possible, or creating a new character case-per-case?" It made me think, no matter what, it's going to have some kind of story/exposition anyways, so how would we go about it. What do people think of when they think role play? They think things like Cops and Robbers, Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, etc generally. Then, Cejic said "don't create new profiles to do new characters," which lead up to the idea. What if WE don't make new characters, but the Touhou characters make characters. In many stories and plots revolving around Touhou, there's always some sort of gathering taking place, so why not have them gather to try a game that Marisa or someone would've found in the Forest of Magic? We could use a real game name, or we could make our own simplified rendition that takes out dice rolling and complex stats on our part. Just in case anyone is lost so far, think of it as we're role playing a Touhou character, who is role playing their own character for this. It doesn't have to be just them role playing, there could be moments of Gensokyo world conflicts going on that might perhaps interrupt a session, such as if Suika were to barge in with her sake, or Cirno and Daiyousei eavesdropping and coming in just as it's about to start. They could be a bit of comic relief, or a way of new people joining in throughout the "hopefully long-term" role play. And technically, who's to say that humans can't join in, which could be a mildly canon or original interpretation of an OC in that sense? This is just an example I'm giving, also inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8D4Y-FaXQM which is pretty funny. Overall though, I think it would be good to have two or three independent role play threads going on to try to attract attention to sparking role play in this forum, which I'm sure the administrators would love to see a surge of constant activity if it does succeed.
  3. No problem. Do you know approximately when they'll be fixed? Within a couple months are so?
  4. I just tried PCB which works perfectly. It did have the .zip at the end of the file name, although I'm still not sure if that actually means anything. Update, only the Japanese extracted file works, not the English patch. The base files makes it unable to control the keys, it'll scroll through the menu and options on its own.
  5. I should probably add that I am able to play the music files without an issue in EoSD, but I haven't been able to do the same on anything else.
  6. All of the files that I tried from both modern eras do not work for me. I noticed a pattern in the file names, none of the said .zip at the end. When I tried IaMP from Classic Era, everything seems fine, but when I downloaded EoSD, a few issues came up. Again, it didn't say .zip at the end, but the game worked to an extent from the main file without extracting it. When I use the extracted file, it doesn't work at all, which the computer itself put a warning about the resolution (size) not matching up. I'm not sure how I would be able to fix that. The issue from playing from the main file is that everything is sped up and can only be played in full screen without crashing the computer. After each level, which I was only able to get up to level three in this case, the timer kept exponentially getting faster. From the very first level, it was already much faster than when I played it a few years ago. To put it in perspective, level one was doing a little over one second on the timer per real life second, level two was doing about three seconds on the timer per real life second, then level three was around 6 seconds on the timer per real life second. I'm about to try PCB to see if the same problem is happening there, but so far I've only been able to play IaMP without issue. most other games aside from IaMP and EoSD haven't been able to even pull up the game screen, regardless of file.
  7. Most of the official games aren't working for me. Only IaMP so far. I checked 10, SWR, 12, and every fighting game after that.
  8. We can easily get a role play going on, we just need to reach out to people outside of this site and bring them here. Perhaps there are active role plays going on pertaining to touhou. If there are, it's not happening here, which is the simplest solution to the problem. There's also the "risk" of people who dislikes other people's rp style, given that there are a multitude of formats. Then there's the "risk" of people who don't know much about touhou versus people who may perhaps have dedicated free time towards learning about Gensokyo, the outside worlds, and canon vs non-canon plots. I'm sorry if I do not respond any time soon, if at all, I'll most likely have moved on to other things.
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