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  1. Yeah, i am Turkish. If i could find some other people, i could organize events. Can't do it myself only, that would be boring XD Also i just looked at some prices of the figures and the least i found is 130 TRY. The wallpapers are around 80 TRY. Fumos are around 190 TRY. It's really goddamn expensive, lol. Though this was a quick look, maybe i can find some at discount, even though i probably won't find any.
  2. That's so cheap! Around 26 Tukish Liras. I wish i could find some figures like that here too, but it's literally imposibble since no one knows about Touhou here. Only ways i can get them are probably Amazon and AliExpress (if figures are there).
  3. Hah, this is actually a good try. I wonder if i can do this on some other discord server?
  4. Welcome! Hope you have a good time here.
  5. I will need to get a new Discord account as my only account was suspended. The reason is not very important (it's both unfair and a bit my fault), but if you want to know why just message me. Hope that is not a problem I'm fine with closed source, the reason i recommended open source code was for getting faster bug reports and more easy debugging for players. But that can be solved by implementing debugging mode into the game, i believe. Yeah, it will probably be hard for me to translate while also doing programming. Was just thinking about it, setting up something like Weblate would be a better idea for this.
  6. I'm kinda interested in this, have wanted to work in public for some time. I can help in programming, i have used C# a lot with Unity, and i have been using Rust a lot lately. I'm actually developing a danmakufu alternative in Rust, so helping a game come true will probably help me in my own project. I can also help in Turkish translation, if that matters. I don't do art or music, so can't help with that. My concern is, will the game be closed source or open source (with paid version on platforms like Steam?). The software (the code) could be licensed with something like Apache 2.0. Artistic works can be licensed separately. I believe code being open would accelerate development. Other than that, the game sounds quite great. I haven't read all of those long long pages, but i got the base idea (i guess). EDIT: I have *just* read some of the notes (i haven't seen programmer's notes for some reason). The part about copyright probably means that code will not be open source. Which is okay for me. As i only want to help, payment is not really important for me, i'm just trying to get my hands dirty in something like this, mainly to make a portfolio for the future. As you probably noticed, i'm all in for open source stuff, so that's why i recommended it :D.
  7. You said it worked just fine a month ago, do you have a restore point that is one month old? Restoring to that point may help. Or, if you can remember what you installed / changed / updated one month ago, that can help too.
  8. Seems nice! Unlocking more things are good cause you get more choices. I will just go Easy and then finish the game so I can practice. Thanks for the explanation!
  9. That's a good choice for a distro. In all *buntu distros, I always liked Xubuntu. The default look of that is nice, and it is pretty lightweight. My favorite DE is Plasma/KDE with Fluxbox window manager. What distros have you tried before? The only decent distro I haven't tried yet is Slackware. Other's are either based on Ubuntu/Debian/Arch. Also tried Solus, Nix OS. I currently feel like I tinkered with Linux a lot, so I'm moving to something else as my tinkering OS. Either BSD-based, Haiku OS or Redox OS. Yeah, good music should be listened every day. One thing I listen to is "Magus Night", Marisa's theme from 13.5. Whenever I listen to that, I get a feeling of dance. Good stuff.
  10. I didn't really know what a "1cc" was, but yeah, I meant beating the game without using a continue. Otherwise it doesn't count for me. I'm already playing 8, didn't play lots yet as playing Touhou really makes my eyes tired. Focusing to that small hitbox while still trying to go between those bullets is ouch. So only a little bit everyday. That mode sounds great. I guess it is like dodging Spell Cards only?
  11. I usually don't interact with any fandom, but this place seems peaceful enough to do so. So here goes my attempt to say "hi". And find some people to talk, I guess. I heard the name "touhou" first in 2015 I think. Not sure. I didn't play the game at that time, simply because I thought it wasn't interesting. Anyways, 6 months ago, while I'm listening to something on SoundCloud, I see something called "Native Faith" recommended to me. Usually those recommendations are bad but I don't have anything better to do so I click. I like it immediately, since it's fast paced and piano. Then I search about the song on the web, find about Touhou again. This time I decide to give it a shot since that music was pretty good. And it was a good choice. My first game is Touhou 10 (cause of "Native Faith"). Absolutely loved it, Touhou(s) are the only game(s) that feels fluid to me, after Dead Cells (which is an epic game). I also loved the art of the game, it feels like fresh air after all those "normal" games (xD). It looks weird, childish and cute at the same time, which i like. And the music is just plain awesomeness. When I first heard Sakuya's theme (Luna Dial) in game, it made me thought "Oh sh*t, she is going to kick my ass". As of now i have played 6, 7 and 10, but never finished any. Got to the last stage in all of them in normal difficulty, never managed to beat those damned last bosses. My only goal is to finish every game in Normal difficulty, other difficulties are near impossible for me (expect Easy, lol). My fav character would be Marisa, because I always wanted to be a (ordinary) magician as a child. She is the funniest too (and most energetic?) I think. Which fits me irl. So, that's it. BTW, I use Linux (Void Linux) only. Any fellow Linux users here? EDIT: Forgot to say, this website is really well made. Good job.
  12. That is a false positive. No way this has virus.
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