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  1. I was trying to play Touhou 10 and all of the other games up to Touhou 16. I installed the .dll files, but everytime i try to run the games I get this error: Am I doing something wrong? (I also got this error with Touhou 7 & 8, but the files that were mentioned weren't the unpached .exe files, so I was able to remove the file and the game worked fine.
  2. I don't know if this would help anybody, but Here is what I did to fix the issue myself: I took a .dll file from within the game itself, or from another game (any .dll should work for this, but I used an .dll file from the game itself.), pasted it into the game directory itself (the folder with the .exe file in it.) renamed it to the file name in the error, and took that file and pasted it into the other games that needed that specific file. This didn't work with d3dx9_42.dll and d3dx9_43.dll files though.
  3. I just got "Moriya Shrine: The Game 0.6.4" yesterday, & when I try to run the game, I get an error. Did I do something wrong? Am I missing a .Dll file I don't know about?
  4. Thanks! The game works now! I have another issue with a fangame, but I'll post it in another thread.
  5. I'm Trying to play the English-Patched version of "Megamari - Marisa no Yabou" (megamari_e.exe) And every button is mapped to the Down key. How do I fix this? (If you need a screen recording as evidence, I can provide it.)
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