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  1. god damn i was really waiting for this, even tho i dont know shit about the story ill learn trough this
  2. When will description come, a brief explanation on the economy system wouldnt be bad
  3. How old is your pc? (please stop using that embed stuff after the messages its painful)
  4. i dont know, i really want to see how, multiplayer controls are very weird, at least for me
  5. Thats what im talking about we need to ask ZUN in the next interview
  6. I know but is there something remarcable, i mean Yukari can manipulate limits, Erin can fucking seal a planet but i need like something to compare it
  7. So i've been searching troughout the web to see about 2hu's powers and then i see Hecatia is the strongest of all because ZUN said so but, ¿What makes Hecatia that poweful?. I know that shes the godess of hell and that she haves three bodies but, ¿Can that make her stronger than Yukari, Erin or Okina?
  8. bro my favorite band sekkenya, rock, punk all you need is there and they even got original music
  9. im thirsty of a new phantasmagoria, those are of my favorites
  10. sorry for making you wait, how many it'll be?
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