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  1. I would rather be tiny, since hitting me would be harder and i could basically take a small needle and torture my enemies by stabbing them with the needle. Would You Rather? Live the life of aunn, and you are forced to protect the Shrine for the rest of eternity. OR Live the life of kyoukou, and be forced to confront trespassers and be responsible for the cleaning duties of myouren temple.
  2. be the person in charge of making sure a very dangerous girl doesnt escape the basement. i could just create some sort of artificial dimension or something and lock the girl in the dimension, or supply her with stuff that will make her want to stay in the basement. Would you rather? Live in the Dream World, and be a dream dweller. OR Live in the Myouren temple, and be a monk.
  3. be able to 1cc any lunatic, since i can't last till stage 3 or 4 on most games, even on easy. Also i couldn't get on extra due to how much i suck. Would You Rather? Serve As a servant for Doremy in the dream world. OR Serve As a servant for Satori in the palace of earth spirits.
  4. have the 2 billion score ransomware in UFO, since i am too confused on picking either. Would You Rather? Work For Shion, but have never-ending poverty. OR Work for Jo'on, but have never-ending financial ruin P.S. The Choice For Shion Means you can work for her, but are cursed with poverty, but it cant be removed. and the choice for Jo'on means you can work for her, but are cursed with financial ruin, but it cant get removed.
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