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  1. Ahh, as much as I like alcohol, I think I’d just be wasting Suika’s gourd.(Just one beer knocks me out, ahaha...) So I’ll take Kaguya’s five Impossible treasures. That is, long as I don’t have to fulfill her requests. Would you rather save all of Gensokyo with no payout. Or watch Gensokyo burn, but you become incredibly wealthy?
  2. That would depend on their response. I think Tewi might take slightly less offense if I took her carrot. Unlike Ringo, who is both a glutton and a soldier. So I’ll go with Tewi. Which would you rather be? Immortal. Or Undead?
  3. Honestly, I was going to write an essay to describe which game is my favorite. But I don’t wanna bore the readers with my rambling that everybody’s already read over ten years ago, so I’ll get to the point. Imperishable Night. Subterranean Animism. Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. All three appeal to me the most because the gameplay, soundtrack, and storytelling are equally superb, in my opinion. Course, I’ll admit the sprites for IN made me laugh more than they should. Especially Sakuya’s derpy eyes... Sorry ZUN. Do Fangames count, too? If so, then Disappearing of Gensokyo ranks high, in my book.
  4. Honestly, much as I’d like to be a Child of Miare, I’d dread having to remember every single detail of my past lives. Especially if I had endured some hauntingly tragic events. So I’ll go with being an Amanojaku. Least the worst they do in this series is say the opposite of what they mean, cause anarchy and (depending on the breed, I guess.) shift fate towards the opposite direction. Now, would you rather have the ability to eat another person’s nightmares.(Like the Baku: Doremy.) Or make other people relive their worst nightmares? (Like Satori.)
  5. I suppose that’s plausible. Okay, moving on. Would you rather: Personally serve Flandre. Or personally serve Kaguya?
  6. I looked through my own set of download files from this site, and SA is the only game with any replays by this TAO69 fella, as well. I downloaded each game as a Guest, but I’m not sure if that has any effect on downloads.(Wasn’t even aware there were scorefiles linked to each game until I sifted through this site’s pages again.) Sorry for barging in. But as one bright side; I got to listen to my favorite track from SA with zero effort. ’Cause I suck too much to reach Koishi myself.
  7. I’d love to write a new Touhou story. Even though we’re now seventeen games in. (Plus the spin-offs, and of course fangames.) This series still has thousands of potential stories waiting to be told. And plenty different Youkai that need exposure.(I might make a topic about any unused Youkai later on.) Now, would you rather rule the Youkai Mountain. Or all of Hell itself?
  8. Think I’d like to be Tewi’s parent instead of Cirno’s. Course that would also mean I’d be around 1300 years old... Would you rather keep records of all your life and past like’s history, like Hieda no Akyuu. Or be able to read every written language, like Kosuzu Motoori?
  9. Templates like that are forbidden. I would investigate the Moriya Shrine Conspiracy. Only because Kanako is almost always indirectly involved in some of Gensokyo’s most notorious incidents. Would you rather: Take Eiki Shiki’s place as the Yama. Or take Komachi Onozuka’s job as the Shinigami?
  10. I’d rather lose to a fairy. If we’re thinking of the same fairy, then there’s no shame in admitting defeat after having a moon hurled at myself. And speaking of... Would you rather fight Clownpiece. Or fight Mai & Satono.
  11. Cap’n Murasa


    Only Reimu can find a way to get pissed while getting paid, haha.
  12. Yikes, this one’s tough. I’m leaning more towards Remi ‘cause she might kill me quickly than Hecatia, maybe? They’re both devils in their own respects. Would you rather hand-feed one of Kanako’s snakes. Or play with Cirno, as a frog?
  13. It’s me again with yet another decision-esque game. The rules are simple: Just come up with a two choice scenario for the user below to answer. Then it’s the next user’s turn to make another conundrum, and so on, so forth. Without further ado, would you rather... Play with Flan. Or, take Yuyuko’s plates of food away from her? (Good luck!)
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