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  1. Hello. I am developing a dammaku shooter in a japanese setting, called "Maiden Deity: The Dragonfly's Dreams", similar to Touhou, thus why I am making an announcement here. I'm looking for programmers and sprites\interface\backgrounds\etc. artists. Please read documents belove if you are interested. I will be grateful If you will advise me other forums or Discord servers to make such an announcement. Thank you. - Development proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/195gb4m9HmHnr0hX5YIgugtkH1rzperfDkjm4jagVbVA/edit?usp=sharing - General Concept (without spoilers): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DDptEHU8ngvjHsz1TqGj0tLc_dk4FVXioNOdlPhmy4w/edit?usp=sharing Belove are: Sketch of the 1st stage boss, Shaggygaicho, wings will be removed Close to the final version art of the 2nd stage boss, Lady Yvetta Mizushi, there will be number of changes, especially about tail
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