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  1. This feature does not work for me, I get timeout'd every time it's loading
  2. This is a thing? dope, I will make sure to check it out and give my thoughts later
  3. Dunno if anyone has shared this circle somewhere in this thread yet but this german circle always gives me a good time and I really enjoy their vocalist
  4. I think personality wise it would probably go to Seiga, she fiddles with the dead and has one as a personal puppet of sorts, acts cutesy and fun while performing reprehensible acts like those.
  5. That's my plan! might just do one tomorrow.
  6. Sorry about the mess. Tons of my art stuff just laying around atm and I haven't sorted it out.
  7. Back in 2011, I had a friend randomly show me a video of a dude going agaisnt Flandre in Lunatic. I liked the music and the game seemed hard but I didn't really show much interest on it tbh. After that, most of my interaction with touhou for the following years were random posts online but MOSTLY the music of the series being used in Super Mario World Romhacks: Songs like these constantly plagued the hacks, I didn't know what they were from at first but after some time I could tell wich ones were touhou music just from the general style of the music writing... even if I didn't play the games, ZUN's music is personal and easy to recognize. This led me to look into the fandom a bit and I noticed they had tons of fun and produced lots of content, I told myself I'd try to get involved and play the games, that was back in 2014 or so and well... I did! 4 years later BUT I STILL DID! So here I am now, been drawing lotta 2hu and enjoying the fan content. Also losing my head everytime I'm playing the games and go OH I KNOW THIS FROM THIS MARIO HACK! lmao
  8. Heya, I'm Quarium! Fairly new to the touhou fandom and dedicated artist boi, I love drawing cute girls and cute things in general so touhou really came in damn handy with that. Other than that, I like games and the such so just your typical nerdy person! I especially love Smash brothers, sidescrollers and Mario World Hackroms! Pleasure meeting you all.
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