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  1. Youmu tends to be little more interesting to use gameplay wise but I've always enjoyed using Sakuya more myself
  2. Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. From what I understand ZUNs comment was directly a response in terms of her strength and why Reimu/co was able to fight with her at all, so him saying she's more powerful than anyone in the lunar capital does seem to explicitly say she'd be stronger than them unless I'm missing something?
  3. I thought ZUN stated Hecatia was beyond the level of anyone in the Gensokyo or the Lunar Capital?
  4. HRtP is almost as hard for me to work on as LoLK, SA and UFO are because of how psychologically stressful being killed continually by your own attack is
  5. You mean that game where I spend hours getting killed from my own weapon?
  6. I recently picked up a ton of touhou art books by Miyuki Ruria https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=997454 Absolutely gorgeous artwork
  7. Yeah, from the sounds of it you fell in love with this series in a similar way as myself. This is the kind of series that can keep you busy for quite a while. I've hardly even touched the PC-98 and fighting games myself yet. And yeah, SA and LoLK had my favorite stories, especially LoLK. It's one of those games that if you try to explain the plot to people it can sound utterly ridiculous, but it has a TON of depth to it. Plus the game really pushed me to my limits which I can appreciate. And ty! I hope yours comes along nicely as well ? One of my best friends went to Japan and then shortly after my sister and her husband went there too. I got my friend to pick me up a bunch of the games while he was there and my sister to grab the rest when she went (minus the PC-98 games). It was a good deal because they only cost around 13 dollars each there compared to the 40+ I'd be spending per copy on getting the physical copies imported over here. That said I'm still super glad more of the games are coming to steam. Touhou is the kind of series you really need to go out of your way to discover and get into in the west, and having the games on steam will open the series up to a larger audience I hope. I'm considering buying the games a 2nd time when they're released on steam just as a show of support in the hopes that they'll continue making them a bit more available to western audiences. One thing I find with Touhou is this series has a LOT of completely brokenly overpowered characters, a lot more so then first appears. That being said I also think this particular matchup worked out well for Sakuya do to her experience with vampires.
  8. Yeah I finished this last weekend. A tad bit short and there's not a ton of replayability but otherwise it was a very solid metroidvania. Very much worth the money imo. Looking forward to the extra stage.
  9. I remember the Dio vs Sakuya video. That was shortly after I started myself. I liked both characters a lot but I admit I was rooting for Sakuya so I was pleasantly surprised at the end loI. haven't played many of the fan games but I did recently complete Luna Nights which just got its full release on steam recently. Very solid metroidvania if you're interested. I'd definitely recommend it. It's funny coming into this series as a newcomer. It's like jumping into this massive ocean. I've been obsessed with this series for the last 8ish months or so now and I still have tons and tons left to experience. Despite having gotten all the games from this site I ended up picking up an entire physical collection of the games, that's just how much I love this series. I still need to buy the music collection and printed works though. Btw have you played 15 yet? That game in normal point device mode for the first time is an experience hahaha. I think 11 and 15 are my favorites so you might also like it as well if you haven't tried it yet.
  10. I guess my lunatic 1cc with MM in 9 would probably be my highest achievement. I think beating 15 in point device mode normal for the first time or even the first normal 1cc I ever got (PCB) might be the proudest I actually felt at beating a game though. Seriously, looking back now normal PCB might not seem that bad compared to many of the other Touhou games but for someone starting out with hardly any experience in bullet hells it took a ton of time and dedication to get to the point of even being able to do that at all.
  11. SA, UFO and LoLK are the big 3 for me. I can't compare them in lunatic or hard mode much since most of my experience is with normal mode but between those 3 I definitely found LoLK PD mode to be the most harrowing. I've been told going from LoLK normal to lunatic mode is much less terrifying then switching difficulties like that in the other Touhou games so it's probably not the worst for Lunatic if you do it correctly. Also I don't see it mentioned a lot but I find 9s difficulty can be frustrating at times too. Not so much because it's hard (which it certainly can be) but moreso because of how inconsistent its difficulty can be. At one moment your stage 6 normal Sakuya could be pushing well into 4 minutes well your screen is just getting spammed in death, and then in another moment your stage 7 lunatic Aya goes down after 30 seconds ?
  12. Yep, I just recently got my first lunatic 1cc in Phantasmagoria of a Flower View with Medicine Melancholy, quite pleasing to be able to go from not being able to do an easy mode Touhou game 1cc to being able to complete a lunatic run in only the span of a few months. I still have tons of goals I want to reach like beating Yukari in PCB but it's still extremely satisfying to see how much I've progressed with this series but as it stands now I'm sitting at around 45 different 1ccs over the various games/characters/shot types.
  13. For me it's a tie between Pure Furies and Suwa Foughten Field
  14. The music in this series is definitely a highlight. I'd say ZUNs one of the best there in the industry and I know it's one of the things the series is most well known for.
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