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  1. It seemed Touhou 15.5 was not working. I've went back and fixed that link (and tested it worked on my end). It should be all up and running!
  2. Alright. I've reuploaded it and tried a download test, it works on my end now, it should be working for you too now!
  3. I have fixed Suika to Hyakki Hei's download link as reported.
  4. So I've went and Fixed these following download links Seihou 1 Seihou 2 Seihou 3 Riverside - よひむすび
  5. One quick browse around the 2.D Action category shown three games that had a broken link. I've corrected these games: Tempest of Heavens and Earth Sanae & Momie - With Ikabarakasen Shin Touhou Musou.
  6. "The Genius of Sappheiros Weekend" download link was reported broken again, as such I've went and fixed it!
  7. So I've fixed the following game: Ikusaaaaaaaan! Just fixed from a report, and marked as complete. Game is now working again 
  8. So far I've fixed some music songs. Here's a full list xi-on - Touhou Shisou 1st Spell -Airstream- xi-on - Touhou Shisou 2nd Spell -Fullmoon- xi-on - Touhou Shisou 5th Spell -Changing Times- xi-on - Touhou Shisou 4th Spell -Gust of Wind- xi-on - Touhou Shisou 3rd Spell -Asteroid Orbit- xi-on - Touhou Shisou Ex Spell -Memory of the Past- xi-on - Touhou Shisou 7th Spell -Springhead- xi-on - Touhou Shisou 6th Spell -Undesigned Emotion- xi-on - Touhou Shisou 9th Spell -Cardinal Red- Magnum Opus - 東方幻有夢境 ~ depth psychology of unconsciousness ~
  9. So I've fixed a big batch of links for now. Here's the run down of what's done LotusCraft Reimifura Supirittsu 2 Reisen Youmu No Katsugeki Roku Quartet X Motto!? Fushigi no Gensoukyou Plus - The Dungeon of Dreams and Magic Motto!? Fushigi no Gensoukyou - Under the Moonlight Marisa to Muttsu no Kinoko - New Super Marisa Land Misuta Asaido ☆ Fueisu - Yukari's Crevice MarisaLa - Suupaa Marisa Rando Marisa no Bouken - Marisa's Quest Kouma no Kagi - Scarlet Devil's Key (yay) Kogasa Kuzusi Gyakuten Touhou 2 Gensoukyou Taisen - Sei
  10. Issues were reported with Windows 7, from experience it works fine with Windows 10. Being an early beta it should have the issues ironed out towards the final demo release.
  11. Here's Touhou 17.5! Added now, as it's beta it should be expected to have frequent updates and the description will be updated as more about the game is learnt properly.
  12. 8,107 downloads

    This game is in beta so updates should be expected. Information to be fully made soon as possible. About This File Release Information Type: Side-Scroller Developer: Team Shanghai Alice & Tasogare Frontier Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice & Tasogare Frontier Release: 2019 Language: Japanese
  13. The previous version of Touhou 17's OST has had song title errors. I have fixed this and reupdated the .zip with corrections made to them
  14. Thanks to your heads up, I've went and uploaded a 2nd version with all titles corrected
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