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  1. Alright i remember i already said it in other post but im a fan of RPGs more than other genres so i can give you few options to try Labyrinth of Touhou 1 & 2 but 2 is MUCH better imo (can be grindy as heck sometimes but if you plan to 100% entire game with plus disc prepare to spend hundreds of hours) Sengoku Gensokyo is Strategy and Gensokyo war simulator (can be fun if you like these types of games) [requires JP Locale] Strawberry Bose's Trilogy (Genius of Sappheiros --> Devil of Decline --> Nightmare of Rebellion) (Game with mixed opinions but i personally enjoyed it still may be hard and some bosses gives anxiety along with few bs fights) [all three requires JP Locale] Fantastic Danmaku Festival I & II (Danmaku Games) this is for now but i may edit it soon to add few more games!
  2. Is it really that hard to run? from what i remember with Locale Emulator i got it working first try maybe im just lucky i dont know
  3. I see you mentioned Genso Wanderer so i assume you are into RPG's a little am i right? If so i think i can recommend few games that i personally enjoyed to help you a little with getting started - Labyrinth of Touhou 2 (i really like this one although it may get grindy sometimes and story is not that good) (Dunegon-crawler RPG kinda oldschool type) - Sengoku Gensokyo (not THAT good but you may like it if you like strategy games too story is not high tier but its fine imo. note that game is actually short but you can unlock special mode after beating it. Note: game needs Japanese Locale to Run) (SRPG and something like gensokyo war simulation) - Genius of Sappheiros (RPG that i actually enjoyed even of there are mixed opinions about it story is decent but sometimes it gets ridiculously hard and gimmicks may be obnoxious especially if you are not using certain character its still worth a shot imo. Also remember about downloading version with Weekend expansion if you decide to try it out Note: im not entirely remember if it requires Japanese Locale to work) (RPG) - Gensou Maroku Devil of Decline (Its a 'Sequel' to Genius of Sappheiros and its produced by same studio (Strawberry Bose) game is quite much improvement compared to GoS and i enjoyed it a LOT more than previous one but there is one catch. Story is not translated so it lacks one of your points also every game from this studio like everything else has it fans and haters so keep this in mind. Actually imo DoD has best soundtrack from entire Bose Trilogy as before keep in mind to download with expansion if you decide to try it out Note: game needs Japanese Locale to Run) - Nightmare of Rebellion (Third and Last RPG from Bose Trilogy i am currently playing it so i cant say much about it but one thing is. This game is TRUE pain in butt to get due to how Bose secured it with stupid DRM system so i dont think you should even bother with it for now) TPDP SOD aka Touhou Puppet Dance Performance (SOD - Shard of Dreams aka Yume no Kakera is expansion) (Its decent pokemon like game if you are into stuff like that. Note: if you didnt heard about it its not one of those GBA Touhoumons. Game is good is translated along with expansion if im not wrong its possible to multiplayer fights without port forwarding its very easy to find and download too although configuring it to work and patching it on your pc may be a little harder and it even can be randomized along with expansion so its definitely worth a try Note: game needs Japanese Locale to Run) About Genso Wanderer that you mentioned i heard its quite good but personally didnt tried it yet so i cant give my opinion about it game is actually quite expensive so im not sure if i would buy it just to check if its good but thats really not my bussiness
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