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  1. <Would insert catjam gif here but i'm too lazy>
  2. Welcome there! i hope you will like your time spent here!
  3. the fact you mentioned or even knew about it got me all suspicious here lmao (especially winks and nudges part)
  4. damn, that's a lot of time but about month till next tournament maybe i dunno about deleting posts i have no idea either
  5. i lowkey suspected organ picks are your as well honestly Who else could it be, unless i have a impostor!
  6. 1. Ok, while i more or less liked previous piano ones this one is just out for me for me it's quite bland, also what was that at 2:05 lmao 5/10 2. This one on other hand sounds great for orchestral it's "majestic" enough while also feeling good to listen to and hey it's SWR best theme 8/10 3. Ahh i love this one, i remember storming thru all Tsubaki albums to find something like this and never succeeded this one is just great how mysterious and kind eerie/ominous it is vocal in this case is really fitting too imho also i rarely listen to midtempo metal it's chiptun-ish quite a lot but it even makes it better while guitar is cherry on top, and let's not forget about themes, Riverside and Fate Sixty Years is all good but what i really love is Another Dream (could argue it's one of the best of credit roll or even themes in general in entire 2hu for me but unfortunately SA Future Daybreak exists and i just can't pick between those) also 5:58 is just so amazing that it always makes me shiver when it kicks in 10/10
  7. 1. Ahh, This Rolling Contact album is really something and it's hard to comeby in 2hu music which is already kind of accomplishment considering how wide 2hu arranges variety goes this (and whole album honestly) feels really good to chill with it's synths tickling your ears and also it's Infinite Nightmare 9/10 2. This is quite nice and classical to Shinra Bansho Ayaponzu vocal this has quite the instrumentation (?) for a metal track and vocal is quite nice, not a super fan of theme (it's probably just me but i prefered older touhou themes waaay more than more recent ones) at first i expected it to be Hanipaganda rip off ngl but it turned out to be decent on it's own 7.5/10 3. And this one plays quite nicely too but it's a little not in my "go to zone" i usually avoid purely acoustic arrangements (unless acoustic support is a part of something bigger so precisely plays as a support not a main dish) so i'm probably going to rate it as mediocre to me (also, hey it's a Lullaby of Deserted Hell so) 6/10
  8. Jesus it's from a fresh album but daaamn it's been a while since i heard such good and long banger
  9. 1. hmm that's something new and while it starts pretty decent it gets repetitive way too fast (i don't mind repetitive songs and in some cases may even prefer them) but this is too much i appreciate unique idea but that ain't for me 5/10 2. this one's quite good, maybe not to bang your head to but i could really see it as some mysterious (forest-ish perhaps) location in some game it feels quite calming and soothing thus why 7.5/10 3. oh no it's another folk-ish climate, and i bet it's a one of Genso Wanderer games ost but it doesn't sound that bad, i'm not that familiar with Sumireko's theme but 7/10
  10. 1. i like rock (in most cases) but this one ain't my type sadly, it's not bad but i just can grip around it and listen to it for more than a few mins, don't get me wrong funky rock in plenty of cases is more than enough for me but this just doesn't hit as hard as some other does 6/10 2. Drunken has a point here, although i'm going to rate it a little higher that's for sure, i really, really (and REALLY) like Complete Darkness and it's played nicely here, i'm not piano expert and i usually don't listen to it much especially when it's solo like in this case but i can say it's decent enough for me 6.5/10 3. oh, i know that song now i recall how could i listen to it quite a bit with loop enabled just because it was good this was also one of the first song i heard from GET IN THE RING so it made a really good first impression on me (later diminished by listening to other stuff) regardless this one's good and mixed along with some a lil older memories so 8/10
  11. and now about my rates because we got offtopic a little 1. Surprisingly this one hits quite hard, i really could see it used in some kind of fangame it just has that vibes of Faith is for Transient People which i like quite a bit when it comes to originals (i also quite like the claps here) 8/10 2. oh, it's Tsukasa i remember how i adored Sound Online circle mostly because her but after it got disbanded (?) i really stopped looking further for her works. now i'm not huge fan of eurobeat in most cases despise it's a electronic music however that would be quite good for some more intense and fast paced games also vocal is quite good 7.5/10 3. now about funkot, it's quite simple music usually not complicated and with a lot of sampling, it doesn't even seem that hard to do when you know what are you doing honestly, however in this case i would say simple can be much better than complicated, it's just that something what causes that i can listen to funkot all the time and it's not even that it's catchy as heck, i just can't explain it 9/10
  12. as far as i recall electronica is just "unusual" electronic music so not exactly something you would listen to in a club or during a party example: in my opinion when it's done by experienced artist it may turn out goddamn amazing just like this one above and by that i just meant that i wouldn't really count funkot as electronica (at least that's how it is for me)
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