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  1. not really a 2hu song but it's from EnS so let's say it is :D it's from one of very few EnS original albums and since i won't be able to pick it for tournament i've just decided to drop it here PS. Chata voice really is amazing, isn't it?
  2. Yeah it was super fun and it felt good to listen to those beats and i'm glad that songs i picked were also liked by few guys My picks (if you didn't found out yet) were: i'm already looking forward to next tournament, actually no i'm pretty much ready for next tournament already however i wouldn't mind if someone would DM me on discord when it happens because i can miss it when it's announced only on site and i 100% won't miss it on discord (my profile should be on my userpage iirc)
  3. Hey i just found out, There's 1 impostor Among us Whoever this might be he left comment on one of my videos AND APPARENTLY this video is song that was posted few rounds before i found you, you have nothing left but show yourself!
  4. very wild guess but is it a Apparitions Stalk in the Night?
  5. Speaking of which this is from ESQUARIA INST BEST 001 and i have no slightest idea why someone picked FGO image as background lmao
  6. also reminds me that i had to ask @buskerdog is it possible to change one pick that wasn't posted yet?
  7. Oh yeah i've forgot i have this tab opened lmao
  8. stuff like that is my daily bread though and i'm going quite nut this time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. ooh~ another lost soul to join in i'm looking forward to it, also guess Garison either was busy and only took a peek or he forgot to rate or idk
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