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  1. goddamn why i always can't help it and cry when i hear this after finishing this wonderful game one of the very very few games i've actually regret finishing
  2. sorry guys but i'm probably gonna be out of there for a decent while and right now i'm in kind of hurry so i'm just going to leave ratings and short notes with them i hope no one minds it that way 1. 9/10 i could call it one of my favourite SOUND HOLIC songs easily 2. 5/10 a bit too calm for my tastes even for orchestra 3. 7/10 this is rather kind of orchestral i would listen to, theme and traditional style are also pretty good
  3. oh damn i've always liked this song so much but never actually looked into lyrics and now i kinda regret it
  4. 1. Alternative Rock just like post-rock in most cases goes just ignored by me but since it's tournament, at least vocal is half decent but i prefer one from third song, well i just can't say much about this song and 1 thing i certainly wouldn't say is i like it but that's just me 5/10 3. when i see word rap i can only think about my native language rap songs which i just pretty hate, on other hand it's GET IN THE RING and it's pretty nice i like mixed male and female vocal (just as much as duo female vocals which i can mostly remember from some Yonder Voice songs) it's also typ
  5. Yup that's just psystyle in a nutshell
  6. 1. Pretty nice piece of work build is a bit long but i don't really mind and i especially like when it kicks in at 1:58 i like metal however i prefer screamo,vocal or plain deathmetal (metalcore also fine by me) it also obviously depends on song a lot, also theme that i really like gotta gib 8/10 2. Image isn't that bad imo lmao Since it's Akatsuki i knew it's gonna be stack as well but i if i have to i prefer to listen metal/rock arrangements instead, and with ballads, it's same about stuff like surf or post rock, plenty of orchestral stuff and plenty of low tempo stuff as w
  7. 1. i've heard this song several times as well as so much good reviews about it personally tho it's even even for me: - Male vocal is fine but i'm not really fond to male + english vocals - Eurobeat goes mostly from bad to mediocre for me this one may be just slightly above later one - big + for 98's theme tho 7/10 2. Orin theme was one of my favourites some time ago however not every arrangement of it was top notch then this one especially shines for me when 2:13 kicks in i like rigid paradise but this one is something i would rather listen to when doing something (exactly p
  8. 1. Yeah imho better than any previously posted stuff yet, i like traditional songs or when song has that "traditional vibes" (kinda reminds me of A.SAKA creations but they are usually more electronic with traditional addons) this one isn't really too calm for my preferences and is easily something i would listen to exactly in game it's also fairly long so 8/10 2. another orchestral woo, honestly i'm starting to get used to it a little it's one of my favourite themes from EoSD however it's not really better than Toyo Medley hence why it gets a bit lower rating but it's still pretty
  9. 1. Yo Ken it's pretty nice and calming piece of work, i probably could sleep to it even tho piano arrangements are just mostly decent for me (also about that title, i'm pretty sure there WAS a piano in SDM at least in most fangames) 6/10 2. Orchestra huh, it's pretty good and gets even better once music picks up a little in moments like 1:43 ngl i'm a bit more into orchestral stuff than solo piano and song is pretty good as well 7/10 3. oh no it's a choir, that's probably just me but when i hear choir only thing i can think about is church and i'm ateist so i'll pass
  10. Ohh that's good to hear happy that it's there again so a bit late but yeah imma join as well PS: When next tournament will be there i don't mind when someone would DM me on discord since i'm not coming to site that often and sometimes i'm not here for about month as well
  11. Ahh, Scarlet Curiosity was such a fun game.
  12. Ahh when i hear song like that all i want to do is bang to it, such one of the reasons i love trance so much
  13. Yeah, Welcome there and i hope you will have a good time
  14. Yeah that may be actually a thing, but that's not literally same topic 3x over again since we have other, touhou and also odd music discoveries (odd is also pretty much dead for now i think) it should be fine... i guess
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