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  1. Hmm i see... then i assume link to it is broken right now because im also not able to download it so i think you will either need to download it somewhere else or report broken link to anyone from site mods (if im not wrong there was option for it somewhere)
  2. Is this error you can see? If yes then did you tried picking second link in game download section: This one seems to work and download as you can see on first screenshot i started downloading with it. From what i remember this site had some changes or something and some links are not working but im not sure about it i hope it will work and have a good day! Edit: Error may not look exactly same as one above due to Browsers Differences
  3. Theoretically yes but actually from what i know few of fights wasnt "for real" Like im almost sure Eirin was holding back in IN or Yuuka fight which was something like "warmup" or just some fun to her Possibly same with PCB Phantasm stage Yukari Okina where we needed to fight her 2 times Possibly same with Hecatia (stated by ZUN as Strongest) Also from what i remember ZUN stated that Watatsuki Sisters wont be added to game because they are too strong and player is supposed to be able to win fight in game/clear it and that would be impossible against this duo (if im not wrong there was manga or something like that where Watatsuki Sisters fought Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya and Remilia at once and won without slightest problem)
  4. For me it would either be Time Control or being able to absorb infinite amount of knowledge very easily Why: - Time Control was always ability that i wanted to have its way too hard to explain how flexible is it and how much you can do with it tho - Easy absorption infinite amount of knowledge because its very practical one too and literally makes you most clever genius in the entire world just without doing almost anything (i always been lazy as heck so dont understand me wrong lmao) And i mean in real world not in Gensokyo or anywhere else so keep it in mind Have a good day!
  5. Im quite picky when it comes to music so: Shibayan Records Halozy East New Sound Yonder Voice (depends on song) Demetori DIGITAL WING Syrufit (Favourite along with Halozy) RD - Sounds Alstroemeria Records IOSYS (depends on song) did i mentioned Syrufit? also yes i forgot about Syrufit i might forgot about one or two but i prob wont edit it anyway Have a good day!
  6. I dunno but maybe VSync would help with it because i heard about cases (especially in EoSD) when it locks either on 30 fps or few thousands frames what causes to game be too fast to even pick any option in main menu (one of my friends case lol) from what i know every official game has VSync patch either downloaded with game or not (i assume its not pc fault because besides fighting games its hard to lost fps in touhou even on potato pc like mine) If thats not the problem maybe someone here more experienced than me would help you Have a good day!
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