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  1. Hell yeah! I know most of those Syrufit songs you posted but i still like them all
  2. it was a while but i decided to leave it there for peoples that likes DnB and electronic stuff in general
  3. i'm constantly finding songs i like and never heard them before so i could even do daily post or something lmao Exactly song that i found today when checking older alstroemeria records albums:
  4. PsyTrance I really like beat but i don't like German vocals that much otherwise would be better than decent song imho
  5. Not gonna lie i realised genre like this exists maybe like month ago (thanks OTOMEKAN and Richiter love ya) I'm not Indonesian but i still really enjoy it so. Also thanks for your posts i'll check them all
  6. I think i only heard Sariel theme metal arrange from Unlucky Morpheus (not like i don't like them just rarely listening their stuff) Also this is so eargasm
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMi6TW7MV7o&feature=youtu.be If someone is interested there is a live from Flowering Night 2020 concert i didn't expected it will still go after i wake up but welp
  8. Well Hip-Hop is one of very few genres i don't like (there are obviously exceptions) Also:
  9. So apparently ZYTOKINE released 3 albums during C98 (05.05.2020) and for now im done with DiGiTAL WiNG so if someone likes/loves/is a fan of ZYTOKINE im gonna upload most of songs from their new 3 albums (most of them if not all are not uploaded to YouTube yet so those may be first) Just telling you guys so those who likes their stuff wont miss it! Thanks and have a good day!
  10. Ooo it looks pretty neat even though i see this game first time i'm a big fan of JRPGs (and all 2hu RPGs lol) so i may play it soon as well (20 Hours gameplay seems pretty short for someone like me lmao) About uploading it to site i'm not that new here but i still never been uploading any files besides images and i don't know if uploading bigger files like games is restricted to Admins/Site Editors only or nah so but i hope this post will get some attention soon and game will be uploaded to site!
  11. Eika Ebisu still reminds me fetus deletus meme it's rather hard to make me disturbed because stuff i already seen makes me way more resistant to it although i would say Hmm maybe seki even though she's cute she's a Dullahan and according to Ireland Mythology Dullahans were Riders without heads and peoples who look into their eyes will become blind Maybe Reisen or Clownpiece that can make you just go lunatic if you look into their eyes, (Reisen) torch (Clownpiece) If PC-98 counts as well then Kana Anaberal is poltergeist possibly along with our music trio Prismriver Sisters Komachi is literally Shinigami so no wonder she may be disturbing/scary Hina even though she's friendly and social you probably would end up dead (or worse) due to misfortune surrounding her (i'll rather pass) Kogasa (no one should be surprised here) she is basically free infarct ticket Hata no Kokoro kinda similarly to Koishi emotion wise etc.
  12. This song is so good (and cute) (If someone wonders about my nickname same as YouTube channel yeah it's my channel, dont take it as try to advertise tho i just want to share song)
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