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  1. Ahh, Scarlet Curiosity was such a fun game.
  2. Ahh when i hear song like that all i want to do is bang to it, such one of the reasons i love trance so much
  3. Yeah, Welcome there and i hope you will have a good time
  4. Yeah that may be actually a thing, but that's not literally same topic 3x over again since we have other, touhou and also odd music discoveries (odd is also pretty much dead for now i think) it should be fine... i guess
  5. oh yeah you are right it was so dead i just genuinely forgot about it lmao
  6. It may be not related but i think we are missing channel for music in general not just other games or 2hu music so i decided to post it here instead
  7. It may be related somehow but i honestly doubt it i literally can't hear any theme in it also no metadata like original song/game etc which most of touhou arranges have only thing that's related is fact it's created by ENS which is one of more popular 2hu circles especially trance/electronic wise
  8. And while i'm here gotta post this i guess It's not 2hu yeah but EastNewSound is circle that also created lot of touhou stuff in past it also includes PV which is quite good at least in my opinion still main dish is song which i like so damn much even tho it's one of my newest discoveries
  9. ey~! it's one of those times that occurs once every thousand years i guess
  10. Yeah, while you are right it's also much faster than uploading to Youtube (assuming no one uploaded it yet) as long as you can stay in site upload size range
  11. I've always wondered, can you attach mp3, ogg files on site and listen to them because that would probably be super useful for me (even for next tournament) so imma probably check this out in this post Edit: Yes it works but you need to save on quality since site upload limit is 4.88mb, still it probably will be useful 11.SILVER.ogg
  12. Yeah i will be out for presumably 2-3 days (starting from tomorrow) and i doubt i will be able to get all picks anyway so
  13. Makes me wonder if i even have 3 2hu tracks somewhat related to halloween (but i'll check what i can do about it) Edit: On other hand i probably won't be able to participate in this tournament since i might be absent for a few days
  14. Congrats Buskerdog! So yeah it was a lot of fun, pleasure and i'm looking forward to next tournament (more for normal not haloween one tho) also hopefully maybe i'll be more unpredictable next time Since my picks are clear i doubt it will be necessary for me to reveal them I swear my library got a little bigger meanwhile and i appreciate this just because how often i'm listening music
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