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  1. well so i just need to rate rest gotcha! on other hand i wont mind if someone know which is mine and which not so: 1. I always liked arranged of PC98 themes and Nana Takahashi kinda too so i would rate it: 7/10 2. Honestly i always had some distance for very calm songs (i still quite like this theme tho) with some exceptions to which this song unfortunately does not belong so sorry but because this theme my rate goes up to 5/10 instead of 4/10 3. Im not gonna rate this one. Guess why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. um i think i got a lost a little. am i supposed to rate songs even when mine is included on list or just skip mine and rate rest?
  3. @Kochi If you are still interested with downloading Ikusaaaan! then link should be now fixed thanks to Burnziie
  4. Hmm i see... then i assume link to it is broken right now because im also not able to download it so i think you will either need to download it somewhere else or report broken link to anyone from site mods (if im not wrong there was option for it somewhere)
  5. Is this error you can see? If yes then did you tried picking second link in game download section: This one seems to work and download as you can see on first screenshot i started downloading with it. From what i remember this site had some changes or something and some links are not working but im not sure about it i hope it will work and have a good day! Edit: Error may not look exactly same as one above due to Browsers Differences
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