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  1. It runs on my computer fine, but its not on fullscreen and for some reason the music won't play. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  2. The unexpected visitor looked over Mima to see her pieces and smirked. This game between the specter and her was quite the sight. He wondered what would her next move be. He also thought to himself what would happen when one of them loses. "Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough."
  3. "Nice game you've got yourself into. Mind if I watch?"
  4. The gameplay really is solid. It gives you a run for your money even in normal difficulty. The satisfaction when you pass the stages and beat the bosses is also great.
  5. Which games are the hardest to play even by Touhou standarts?
  6. It would be nice, but honestly I don't think the time is right. As some have already pointed out, the franchise isn't very well known in the west and there are other characters from more popular series that have a higher demand to be included. Maybe it would be better, if all the Touhou games so far get realized as it would expose more people to the games and then Reimu could get included.
  7. Hello, nice to meet you guys. I'm glad I finally found a place about Touhou, I'm probably the only person whose ever heard of the franchise here? Anyway, I've been playing some of the games since I registered here and I gotta say, it isn't easy at all. WAY HARDER than most games I've played before. But it's also pretty fun, love those colorful patterns. Also, helpful tips and advices are very appreciated, especially from the pros around here?
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