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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Circle: Yuuhei Satellite Production Date: 2019 Release Date: 2020 Track List: 01. Summer Evening Tournament 02. The Great Trial of Courage 03. Moon Liquor 04. Each One's Goals 05. Fog in the Bamboo Forest 06. Gensokyo, Summit Decisive Battle 07. Legendary Entaglement 08. Captive Rabbit 09. I've Been Caught 10. Now, Become a Bonfire for Someone's Sake (ED. ver.) 11. Enter the War! 12. Backside of the Building 13. Beware of Full Moon Nights 14. Preface to the Opening 15. Crest Confrontation, Settlement 16. We Have a Winner 17. Suspended Rabbit 1
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Circle: Yuuhei Satellite Production Date: 2018 Release Date: 2020 Track List: 01. Record of Illusion 02. Gate of Discipline 03. Road to the Gate 04. Full Moon 05. The Inevitable Catastrophe (Circle: Shoujou Fractal) 06. Girls are Resting ~ moon 07. Purple Epilogue 08. Enough Happiness to Illuminate Me (ED ver.) 09. Loyalty to the Shining Moon 10. Feast, Open 11. The Tomboyish Girl Left Behind 12. Unwillingness to Grasp the Truth 13. Connect the Boundaries 14. To Gensokyo . . . 15. The Mechanisms of Fairy-Tales (ED ver.) 16. Invitation to Eientei
  3. I couldn't let this wait. The aforementioned Anna Nguyen has created a playlist of all her commissioned music pieces, collectively known as Annaverse. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxNkcfIIKqHxx5Y7SDRKtp34bMM0z-l-i
  4. I'm still listening to Wanwan right now, so . . . I would really like Wanwan would add his previous work to Bandcamp; Life-Guiding Song in particular is one of my favorites. At least I've got Tri Focuser. Anybody else notice a lot of the emoticons on old posts have turned into question mark quartets?
  5. I'm here on an off-day, and I feel like posting some cinematic soundtracks. When it comes to movie music, I prefer epic melody-heavy tracks. Usually this just means the main theme of the film, but occasionally there are soundtracks like Lord of the Rings which use a variety of highlighted leitmotifs throughout. I could post quite a few pieces I've found, but for now I'll just stick with three.
  6. Officially rounding up this themed month, I present CotND's spin-off sequel, Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer feat. The Legend of Zelda. Cadence of Hyrule is everything its predecessor was and more. The music is a mix of remixes from the Legend of Zelda series and a few original tunes. I cannot do it justice in its entirety, but I think I can properly represent it. (also Shopkeeper ) There are currently six variants with varying coverage of the soundtrack, plus otamatone accompaniment as an alternate Shopkeeper. Daoust is not in the game, but he is currently work
  7. Just remembered that this video exists.
  8. I'm now seeing them being referred to as "Kaisendo Group." I don't know how official that is, but it's better than what I've been going with so I'll start using that instead.
  9. I hadn't heard that Infinite Blade Pavilion had released! I'll have to get to compiling it's soundtrack soon.
  10. @StrongFairy9 There's a website ZUN made in 2001 to archive a bunch of SC-88Pro compositions/remixes. ZUN's Strange Works is an EP of original tracks from that page. At least, that's my understanding.
  11. I should post more of Wanwan's works here; the quality of his work often rivals ZUN himself. This is a recent post from his Youtube channel, though the date in the description leaves me confused as to whether or not it was composed some time ago. BTW, this piece is part of a series of commissions from Anna Nguyen, a.k.a. Anna's Handmade. She seems to commission songs for her original characters rather consistently, and involved artists include Aka Kyuketsuki and Yoiyami (also Janitogloy and Enzaki Roka, but they're new names to me).
  12. So I've covered CotND's OST, it's official variants, and some ambitious fan projects. It is the versatility of the music that has held my interest in it. But there was a special aspect to the soundtrack, a bonus feature of sorts, that had initially caught my attention. The game uses a artificial vocal accompaniment as a game mechanic, resulting in secondary versions for most tracks. This mechanic is known as "The Shopkeeper." Just to clarify, this is not a real person's voice. The effect this accompaniment has on the soundtrack as a whole is difficult to articulate. I suspect it was con
  13. I actually discovered this track on Bandcamp. The artist has only posted two of their remixes on Youtube that I can find, but they've done others.
  14. Continuing the month's theme: Outside of the game, there have been a number of soundtrack variant projects attempted, with varying levels of success. To date, there have been three completed projects, one more prospective completion on the way, and two significantly progressed projects which are likely to remain unfinished. None of these are in the game, but are still of professional quality for the most part and worth a listen. Additionally, there have been a number of soundtrack variant overlay projects for Crypt of the Necrodancer. Because all of the remixes have to maintain the
  15. This isn't part of my weekly posts, I just felt like sharing it. Here's to a game who's legacy is truly beyond words. Happy 5th.
  16. LOL indeed. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of jssf's first Remix Tournament. In commemoration (and in case there's anyone who hasn't seen it yet), here's one of the pieces that was featured. The original thread is linked in the first post of this thread. Also, a CROW'SCLAW piece for no particular reason. I've been holding on to some discoveries in anticipation of another tournament in the future. We'll see how long I hold out, eh?
  17. Continuing from last week: On release, Crypt of the Necrodancer had two alternate soundtracks which played for different playable characters. These were variant soundtracks which remixed the original pieces. After release, there were four more variants added into the game for a total of seven. There were also two substitute soundtracks in the themes of Danganronpa and Groove Coaster, respectively. The latter was a Switch exclusive, and is unavailable on Youtube to my knowledge. Also happy Cirno day!
  18. Beat me to it; I'd been holding onto this one for the past month. Well planned, sir.
  19. I stumbled across this recently. My initial assumption was "the world's longest Touhou remix," but it's actually closer to a concert than a medley. If you're willing to watch it with the captions on for the full three hours, there might be a vague story going on. Either that or it's just game dialogue. Regardless: the visuals are nice, the music is pretty good, and even a few of the transitions are noteworthy. If nothing else, it makes a good substitute for a playlist while studying or something.
  20. I'm going to experiment with a themed month. Some soundtracks are difficult to adequately advertise with just 2-4 examples; this has less to do with size and more with style. I don't intend to do it often, but I'd like to try it at least once and see how it goes. Crypt of the Necrodancer has one of the most intricate legacies of any soundtrack I've come across (though nowhere close to Touhou, of course). Each track carries the signature heavy beats of rhythm game music woven into a strong melody. For the most part, there is a consistent atmosphere to the pieces in keeping with the theme.
  21. @keo star I don't use the Discord, but from what I've seen of it I presume you might have more success with your inquires there (I unfortunately have no solution to your problem). If all else fails, the Touhou games are slowing being added to Steam; I'd estimate the remaining Window's era titles will be available within a year-and-a-half's time. I know that's not the most encouraging prediction, but hopefully it's better than nothing. Edit: In regards to the "possibly more," currently Steam releases are from Touhou 10 and onward.
  22. It would be cool if Akatsuki Records did something similar. My apologies to Drunken Flower for a posting a U.N. Owen remix this week. This is from the group buskerdog posted about back in April.
  23. Came across this randomly. Being that I'm in the fandom primarily for the music, it was the BGM that caught my attention. I'm hoping this project is followed through with.
  24. I don't know, I found it fascinating. Speedrunning is usually about skill and creativity, and certain games just don't have that kind of applicability. The fact that some of the Touhou games can be spedrun at all is impressive to me.
  25. I don't know how many people even heard of Junkbot back when it was still around, and it isn't even playable anymore. The only preservation of its music I can find is some in-game recordings, but that will have to do.
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