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  1. i downloaded the files and it gave me a 001 file and a 002 file i tried extracting them but it didnt work how do i use the files to make the game work?
  2. well depends on what kind of villain if I was a villain in one game but a playable in others why not if im a villain in every game no way but I would say unknown hero because incidents would go away but nobody knows who solved it
  3. simply by deleting the score file and re-opening the game it will make a new score file for you
  4. serve as a servant for doremy because I don't wanna have to relive my worst nightmares (aka my hard and lunatic runs being ruined by sakuya and remilia)
  5. in the challenge arena somebody will give you a challenge and you have to try to complete it (example: beat SA on normal no bombs) its okay if more than one person beats the challenge here is my challenge: 1cc Hidden Star on hard mode without releasing
  6. 1 horn because if you have 2 horns you would become a drunk horse looking girl would you rather be able to beat any extra stage but not able to 1cc lunatic or be able to 1cc any lunatic but not be able to beat extra
  7. all of DDC because I hate working out its so dumb would you rather have the 2 billion score ransomware in UFO or have the 3 billion score ransomware in PCB (I forgot the exact amount)
  8. so I captured a picture right when I died from a fairy and like that's why SA is bad
  9. well you know what they say if it aint flashy it aint magic so mini-hakkero would you rather 1cc TD on hard mode without trancing or 1cc UFO on normal mode without touching any UFOs
  10. I didn't bomb spam but I did bomb like 3 times on the last stage so it still counts
  11. also i wanted to give my opinion on the updated version 1. the font is sooooo wonky and some of the words dont match the old english patch 2. there are lunatic clears in this game already on the score file i mean, i know i can just delete it but its a bit crazy for a starter (not saying im a starter) to do lunatic straight away 3. noticed some of the files have changed too
  12. you must have been looking at the hard or lunatic continues on normal mode you only get 3 because its an easier mode but on hard i think thats where you saw you get 5 continues because its a bit harder im not sure all i know is i can probably 1cc hard mode with sakuyaA
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