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  1. what? probably your antivirus and windows defender blocked it. all patches are seen as virus. they need to replace the data in the game, that's what triggering the false alarm. just disable them.
  2. well... i attend some of Moriya Shrine History Class in Discord (AKA some random conversation that turned into story time) The first admin is Ace of Arrows, second is Craftymage and now is Cirno. i don't know much about Ace, since not many that survived from that era. apparently there's a Skype group back then. and again i don't know much. Discord came in, and i guess that marks the end of Skype. from what i know, there's the old Server and then Crafty (or Cirno) made a new one in May 2017. the old one still there but it's empty. then there's Crafty. he still quite often seen in the server. pro at Tetris and Fighters. and there was the Moriyashrine.weebly.com (then renamed to HakureiShrineRedandWhite.weebly.com after the creation of this site) which run by Crafty. but recently it died. i don't know anything about moriyashrineextend.proboards.com. then i guess we're here where Cirno is the admin. (was) Pro at bullethells, now re-training. and pro at throwing stuffs, especially mugs. The oldest active member is Jmonkey and Cejic. all the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube account is dead since the operator is missing. we don't actually know who hold the accounts. i guess that's all i can tell. most of the Moriya Shrine History Class just talks about certain individual, quite uncommon to talk about the server itself though.
  3. well... what have you played so far? i coulda recommend something that you have played. imma just post what i can rember right now. there's Touhou Chronicles ~ Tales of the Two Immortals, it still under translation, well... yeah if you can read Chinese then you can play the full game right away. Shameless self advertisement. There's the Moriya Saga. it's still being made right now. basically a game about this community. and it's made by Sci, one of the Site Editor. and there's the Moriya FE. still being made. also about this community. made by Cirno, the admin Cirno.
  4. i honesty don't know how RP thread looks like. i never been in any or saw one before. and im kinda planning to wait "The Pilot" topic fills more (which a long wait). Since my english is limiting me and i dont wanna ruin the play. but yeah... a Touhou RP is usually nice, the characters are usually already been set. just how we play it. but that seems too much limitation to this situation. so yeah.. i guess let the story flow this time, get more crowd and attention. another thing is... i dont really know what is happening, where the setting and where will we go. there's no topic set. so i dont know what my role is.
  5. Yeah, i guess i'm the most active in both area beside the staffs. *cough* which mostly just Maden and Torm *cough*. other than me i guess is Haruto, maybe Icey and Mirrakh as well as certain useless jutsu seller (last 3 just lurk here i guess). Q: what do you think about article 13? will it spread or die? will it kill the Touhou community? or even will it kill the internet itself?
  6. y'all might guess that i'll kill Mokou? NO!! i'll marry her, we kinda share the same personality and fate (except the elixir), fyi i might became like her if i take the elixir. and she ranked 3rd place in my favorite list. Date Yuugi because ? and i guess i'll kill Shou, honesty i don't really trust the Myourenjis. Next list: Watatsuki no Yorihime Watatsuki no Toyohime Yasaka Kanako
  7. what a choice... i'd kill Kourin, not because i hate him or what, in fact one of my fav char. i just don't want to date or marry him. i'd date Junko so we can kill Chang'e together. and i'd marry Enma because she's cute, and it might increase my chance of getting into heaven but in other hand if she's find out that i date Junko then... yeah... at least i can marry her. Next list: Kagiyama Hina Kurodani Yamame Sakata Nemuno
  8. and this too the topic posted buskerdog instead of "buskerdog posted a topic"
  9. oh nonono, that one no. i prefer Fires of Hokkai than that one. so yeah... if i must pick one and only one since it's my habit to pick all the music. i think i will go with Pristine Beat for now. but uh... it's an Extra boss theme.... if it's actual Final Boss then it's the Egoistic Flower. oh hey look!! i pick 2 when i said i will pick one!!
  10. basically, all Final Boss theme is hype.
  11. I main Reimu because she's also poor.

    1. silly_suwako


      i main anybody who has a wide shot bc homing is stupid and lasers are good but not good enough

    2. Drunken_Flower
    3. silly_suwako



  12. wait wait wait isn't it still wrong? shouldn't it be like "Buskerdog replied to Dreamleaf's topic" (or my English fools me again)
  13. it seems to happen to all. the problem is not the file, it's the transfer i guess. dunno what caused that. but after a few retries it works.
  14. You all remember Osana Reimu? if not, you probably haven't watched it yet, i recommend watching Osana Reimu first before continuing in this topic.
  15. FIRST ONE!! Here's my submission: Title : Beloved Noukarin Author : Hasegawa Keita / Vitamin Rice (Circle) https://bato.to/series/60079
  16. and not only that, all posts that use spoiler now deleted. and one more, i can't edit my post in the chatbox.
  17. i usually see the eye icon that creates spoiler drop down in the text editing box. now it isn't there anymore. is it intentional?
  18. Well... for me, i read from the oldest first. but some people read differently. wew... a wall of texts.. AND take note that the music CDs have stories in them So yeah... if you want to start with date, there it is if you want to start from popularity, it's either The Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth, Wild and Horned Hermit or Forbidden Scrollery.
  19. weird, really weird that game is also weird, i don't recommend putting much effort to that game. but if you still want to get that game, maybe try this. get FreeDownloadManager, that what i mostly use, install and add link manually. that link is what written in that screenshot you took.
  20. oh yeah, one more question. should the "daily life" considered canon? like, Kaguya is not considered a total NEET from the canon point of view. hands off the IoM&IoE since there's too many joke. i prefer to see the Kaguya from CiLR.
  21. heh... seems nice, i already got some in mind. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!? so where we submit it? in what format, a link or uploaded directly?
  22. huh.. it seems you tried to open the file directly instead of downloading it. i see you using Edge, Edge having problem that saves download files as ".txt" file. dunno about this one, but i recommend to move to another browser. maybe add Download Manager for extra touch. and about that signature, open your account drop down menu which located at the top right edge of the website > account settings > signature
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