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  1. oof things getting really busy lately *cough* inktober *cough* + my pc ded so... imma make this monthly
  2. Uploaded all 3 album from Miskyworks a disbanded(?), On indefinite hiatus circle. Great musics, Focused on Instrumental, Acoustic and Ambient Musics. why i upload this one? absolutely nothing related to the last remix tournament.
  3. 12 downloads

    Circle: Miskyworks Release: 2012-08-11 (C82) Track Count: 5 Track List: パンザマスト asia 流体、ライフサイクル パンザマスト (instrumental) 流体、ライフサイクル (instrumental)
  4. 9 downloads

    Circle: Miskyworks Release: 2010-08-13 (C78) Track Count: 6 Track List: lycorias lumica daisy strategy aqua quartz familiar
  5. while recording only? u sure your Spec aint too low? also check your recording options.
  6. Version 󠂪


    Circle: Miskyworks Release: 2009-12-31 (C77) Track Count: 4 Track List: Photoshop CS⑨ モミジチル 離床 Nightwish '09
  7. Heya there Welcome to the community.
  8. Basically a topic where i post music i found each week has it's own topic/theme/genre my priority is to cover a lot of genres and discovering obscure circles other members allowed to post their own music respecting the week theme also feel free to comment and rate and maybe request. although the name is "Weekly" most likely i will do it each 2 weeks or so and yeah... im bad with naming genres so... yeah... yeah. First Week Touhou Angelic(???) Vocal it mainly focused on the Vocal quality and Lyrics meaning im not crying...
  9. Let's keep reviewin TPW Evo+ - Awakening Illuision heh TPW eh? took me a month to finish that game, recommended if you wanna destroy your life. about the remix, yes i love shinki so does the theme. the one you posted is fitting for a battle theme indeed, high energy and whatnot but i don't think it's fitting for casual listening... at least for me. plz help 7/10 U.N Owen Piano uguu~~ another U.N Owen, im really tired listening to that song, like 20% of 2hu remixes is that song. but imma try to throw away that thinking. as always, piano remixes is nice, simple yet fulfilling and.. soothing(?). not bad though. 6.5/10 Kitsune Workshops - Necrofantasia Oho? Orchestral? really well made one also Fox Factory eh? i heard they are awesome but havent listen to them yet. really worth checking i guess. 9/10
  10. can't dive to my deep abyss of my mind out of a sudden this what came out quickly.
  11. Shinra-Bansho - Unconsious Requiem Hartmann Youkai Girl... Cute. not much to say and review from me. but i like it. 7.5/10 Fun Fact: Felt - Puppet in the dark as usual from Felt, the opening is too long. good lyrics, nice voice. but the... (what the word for it?) Rock Metal Vocal? (im bad at pointing out genres) makes it sound like those common Anime/Jrock music. 6/10 Lost Dream Remix welp... so far there's 2 song that i haven't listened before in this tournament... this one of em there's too much goin on and the use of the Touhou Instruments(?) makes it... common(?) generic(?) But bonus point for Kana Theme 4/10 need more question mark.
  12. wew... not much to say but here Norowareta Night - Miss Divine Electro Swing! 8/10 Akatsuki Records - Shout It Out Loud!! Stack, sorry but... i listen to it too much, i got tired of it it's my fault in general. but still nice. 6/10 Minami - Homicide Moon yes Minami is great, good thing ARM didnt take part in that song. same reason as the previous.... 6/10 plz kill me
  13. oof, seems he can't join us all the times. maybe just skip him and let him review all of em in the end?
  14. wew... y'all reviewin fast today Sleeping Terror talk about bringin the big guns. the beginning sound very nice, but then more and more instruments kickin in... yeah, lost my interest 3/10 HOTTER HOTTER it's Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land, PoFVYuuka theme. well... yeah, Jungle Terror is not everyone taste by the looks of it. that thing is so rare, there's like 1 person making Toho Jungle Terror. i put too many obscure songs eh? let's see if any of you can guess the other 2 i submit the whole tournament. New World i like the voice 6/10
  15. well.... imma start. (i forgot to ask this but i already write a long review below and realized... what happen if your submission is in the list? should we keep reviewing it anonymously? or just the submitter score doesn't count?) i made a spoiler drop down because i go overboard again.
  16. what? i checked and there's no virus in it. please explain the virus details.
  17. ohoho, ill spread this post when this starts?
  18. Added thonly.cc music albums in Spinoff Music Section Updated Album Catalogue Page Added Fan Print Works Life at the Shrine + the Kitty by Personal Colors 30 by Wi-z Garage Rumia vs. Yuka by Fuantei
  19. 6 downloads

    Artist: Fuantei Release Date: unknown Synopsis: Rumia vs. Yuuka yea.
  20. 4 downloads

    Artist: Wi-z Garage Release Date: May 2008 Synopsis: alternative story for MoF with a lot some "300" reference and other references as well.
  21. 8 downloads

    Artist: Personal Color Release Date: 2011-12-30(Comic Market 81) Synopsis: One day Reimu decides to adopt a little kitten, and from then on the daily life at the Hakurei Shrine was changed. litte kitten day to day interaction with the resident of Gensokyo.
  22. 40 downloads

    Circle: thonly.cc Release: 2018-08-18 (第九届上海THONLY 东方萤灯筏~ほたるびにいかだ) Track Count: 13 Track List: 蛍灯筏 ポラリス Mebius 永夜紅蓮 フォービドゥンサイダー No grave kiRa☆rhyTHm 星色夜空 紫花之原 Scream out! 待チ人ハ来ズ。 東方人 -TOHO BEAT- まつりまつられ
  23. 27 downloads

    Circle: thonly.cc Release: 2017-08-19 (第八届上海THONLY 东方蝉时歌~せみときのうた) Track Count: 11 Track List: せみときのうた 星を廻せ月より速く 浮き世タンゴ 高速メリーゴーランド 宿命のプロミネンス キスと安楽死(ユーサネシア) 穢れなき君と共に 春酔い花唄 Artificial Eden Finale 蝉时歌
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